March 2010 Healthcare: Quiet! Promoting Healing and Patient Satisfaction

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Noise is any unwanted or undesired sound.
The source may be human or mechanical.
And the study of noise is an area in which further research is needed.
Being in a very noisy environment, negatively effects patients
and staff, both physically and emotionally.
It greatly increases the risk for medical errors, as well as nursing errors.
In addition, excessive noise is very stressful for staff.
Although patients and staff have complained about excessive noise for years,
few effective measures have been put in place to reduce noise levels in healthcare facilities.
In this activity, Quiet, Promoting Healing and Patient Satisfaction,
you will get an understanding of how nursing staff throughout the United States are
voluntarily taking measures to reduce noise in their workplace.
You will also learn how nurses are systematically supporting noise reduction
efforts in their facilities and seeing results.
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Available on CINet Healthcare Learning.
It can be difficult to be a new employee at a facility.
This difficulty can be eased if each new employee is assigned to a good preceptor.
This activity addresses the question of, what does it take to be a good preceptor.
The role of preceptor can be a very rewarding opportunity, by impacting the experience
and the training of a new employee.
A good preceptor can play an important role in the comfort level for a new employee.
In fact, a preceptor can make or break the experience for a new employee.
This activity will discuss the role of a good preceptor, the qualities needed
to become a good preceptor and the impact a good precepting experience can have
on a new employee.