Lindsey Williams Update - Feb 25, 2010 on Alex Jones (The Elite Speak DVDs / To Seduce a Nation)

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[Alex:] Lindsey Williams.
[Lindsey:] Thank you Alex for allowing me the privilege of being on your show today.
Because yesterday, Wednesday the 24th of this month of February, I was on the phone with the
elitist who over the years has given me so much information.
In the course of our conversation I was so startled by what he told me that the elitists have in
store for every American this year, 2010.
I immediately called up Jaron, your producer, and I said please Alex's audience needs to know this.
It's so important.
And Alex I feel it a privilege that the very next day you let me be on your show.
[Alex:] So this is the first time this info is being revealed?
[Lindsey:] Yes.
This is the first show that I have given his conversation on yesterday just yesterday with.
I've been on nobody else's show since then.
And this gentleman told me something so startling I said I've got to tell people as fast as I can.
[Alex:] Okay let's break it down and then we'll go back through each point in detail.
[Lindsey:] Okay first of all let me tell you.
I'll give them to you as you said and break them down.
First of all he said how much the dollar is going to change in value in the next 12 months, 2010.
He said that 30 to 50% and he elaborated it and went on.
Second thing he talked about was Dubai city compared to Dubai world.
Oh, he said Chaplain, make a distinction between the two because he said Dubai world's default on
$80 billion he said it has literally because they are the number one promoter of derivatives in the
world today, it has caused the entire world banking system to be on the verge of collapse.
Then he went to on to talk about gasoline prices.
Crude oil compared to where prices are going to go in relation to the dollar.
I was amazed.
Here almost laughed at me on the phone when I asked one particular question.
He talked about the elections in November.
Oh my goodness he was very emphatic about it.
And Alex I am still standing here dumbfounded about what he said over Israel invading Hamas and he
knew it before it ever happened.
I mean these elitists plan everything.
Then he went into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen and had some very definite words about this.
And he knew it all the time.
He said Israel sent their Mossad into other countries outside of Israel.
They had forged passports.
Everything was secretive.
And they went after some leaders of Hamas and assassinated them.
You know when this man was telling me this I was sitting here almost with my mouth open and
said, Wait a minute -- I didn't ask him this -- I said you knew about this before it happened?
He did.
He knew every bit of this was going to happen.
Well he said first of all there's going to be some major upsets in the elections.
Of course that's nothing new.
You all knew that.
You're going to see some other OPEC oil producing countries, now that includes more than just the
Middle East, that includes Nigeria that includes Mexico.
Oh this brings up a whole different world.
All these countries that are oil producing that are a part of the OPEC arm, he said, you're going
to see one after the other have financial problems and do the same thing that Dubai world did.
[Caller:] Hi, how are you?
I don't want to be controversial but I have a problem with something that you said at the beginning
of this show.
Alex had asked you about had you talked about with anybody else about this situation.
And it's just not true that you didn't because I heard you on Dr.
Stan over a month ago.
[Lindsey:] The information that I received on yesterday I am backing up some of it with the things he said a
month ago because in order to understand the things he said yesterday,
I have to know what he said back then --
[Alex:] Yeah, Jim, we went back to two years ago, and to a year ago too.
And I'm sorry if that got confusing but no, I know that Lindsey called me a month ago.
I meant to get him on.
It just fell through the cracks.
But no he called us yesterday and talked to him again.
[Caller:] You know maybe I'm misunderstanding this, but basically what he's saying today is what he said
on Monteith a month ago.
Anybody can go to Radio Liberty and listen and see the date.
It's not a problem.
[Lindsey:] Ok, but look at Israel, Hamas, Mossad. [Caller:] Oh, that just happened.
[Lindsey:] All of these things are brand new that he had never mentioned to me before.
[Next Caller:] My question regards gold and silver seizures as possible in the coming years because it's possible
that we're going to have new fiat currencies replace the dollar and maybe other currencies.
[Alex:] We know it happened in 33, anything is possible with these crooks.
[Lindsey:] He has talked about gold at length.
And one of the things he said was, it is the currency of the elite.
And he said, Therefore it is not going to be bothered.
Now you can take that at face value I think in the fact that there's not going to be any
confiscation of gold and silver because they aren't going to touch the one thing that they trust.
And he made it very plain.
He said, I'm going quote his exact words.
And Alex, and our caller in, please understand, that the only way that I can understand the elite
is sometimes to go back to things that these people have said in the past.
So you out in the listening audience, don't get upset just merely because I relate to something
that this person said in the past.
You've got to put all this together as one big jigsaw puzzle to get the picture.
And he said to me, he said, Don't trust any financial instrument that is written on paper.
[Lindsey:] Yeah, this gentleman has let me know in no uncertain terms
all of the details that surround all of this.
But for him to actually answer a question about the police state, he's never been willing to.
But he's given me everything all the way around it.
In fact when he talked about the health care bill he was talking about the chip that they can put
into a hypodermic needle by way of the vaccination that they are going to give you.
And he said every bit of this is in the health care bill.
[Next Caller:] Yes, how are you doing?
I wanted to know if there was any Achilles Heel that he indicated that these people have that might
be a way that we can organize and take them down before they take us down.
[Lindsey:] You sure can.
And I am so glad you asked that.
Oh my goodness, thank you so much.
When I lived with the elite, I found there's only one thing that scares them to death.
That's the masses of people waking up and learning the truth.
They are scared to death of you waking up.
As a result, I mentioned, I think when I was on Alex Jones show last, that they have extended their
timeline because you gave them 2.5 trillion dollars back in the last two months of the Bush
And they do not want you to wake up.
They are scared to death.
In fact that's the reason, I asked him this, Oh thank you for bringing this up, I asked him, I
said why are you going to diminish the dollar by 50% this year?
He doesn't want you to wake up!
He wants you to keep on like a frog boiling in the pot.
And instead of completely collapsing the dollar overnight, they are not going to do that by the
way, this is a prediction. They are not going to collapse the dollar overnight.
[Alex:] That's what the G20 has said publicly, coordinated devaluation. Incremental.