Google I/O 2012 - Behind the Scenes: Glass Demo Day 2

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 29.06.2012

Hey, everybody. Welcome here to a beautiful day in San Francisco.
We're on the roof of the Moscone center. I know we showed you something really special
And we got so much interest that we wanted to show you how we put it all together.
And, actually, we wanted to show you some of the pretty same exciting action that you
saw, but from a new perspective this time.
So you can see, this is the roof. Some of our bikers are warming up out there.
And they're doing some of their cool tricks, getting ready for their part of this demonstration.
You can also see that the airship is actually overhead. You might be able to see it through
my view through my Glass in the Hangout.
And we actually have a number of the jumpers in the Hangout now.
Now, as I walk over here, you'll see that it's actually tricky to keep them in the Hangout
because of the really challenging wireless environment.
>>Sergey Brin: And if I can show you all on here, we're pointing each of these dishes,
using different kinds of RF technology for redundancy.
Each jumper has a different piece of technology coming down.
And that's how we felt comfortable that we could maintain at least a couple of them in
the Hangout.
I'm also, by the way, testing out a new kind of iteration of Glass with these shade clip-ins
here right now.
And they're -- definitely makes it better out here in the bright sun.
So we're going to have -- we've worked, you know, with a lot of people around here, with
the City of San Francisco, the FAA, and the municipal offices of Oakland and San Jose
to make this happen.
But the coordination is pretty tricky, as you might imagine. Let’s see. Our jump master
is here. This is Marshal. Marshal, how far out are we?
>>> We’re under two minutes from the wing suits being in the air.
>>Sergey Brin: We’re under two minutes? Ok. That's super exciting.
And you guys might be able to see their perspectives right now in the Hangout live. This is pretty
exciting to me.
How's -- have you heard from J.T.? How are they doing up there?
>>> They're in position right now. They're going to hover a little while, open the door,
they're going to fly in their wing suits northwest of us here, deploy their parachutes.
And then you and I will be out here and it will be high fives and smiles when they land.
>>Sergey Brin: Alright awesome. Since we only have a couple minutes, why don't you guys
walk with me. I want to get closer to their landing zone.
And, you know, as we go here, I can just point out, I mean, it's just stunning here.
But if you look over there, as we walk toward the landing zone, you can see a fog bank right
over there.
And that fog bank is actually very scary to us. It seems to be clearing out, so we feel
good about the jump today. But there was no guarantee.
And, in fact, I should note that skydiving, you know, there's no such thing as instrument
skydiving. You actually have to see your landing.
Though I guess, conceivably, with Glass, you could make an instrument version. You have
a nice heads-up display where you're going.
>>Sergey Brin: But, anyway, we'll have to try that another time. I know, I'm scaring
my jump master.
Today, we have sunny skies. You can see -- there's the airship pretty much straight overhead.
I don't know if we can get -- maybe we'll get another shot of that. We have a few cameras
scattered here that can show you that.
And let's keep walking here. A lot of exciting action.
Now, I don't want to -- I don't want to block your view. Hopefully, the audience is seeing
right now -- how is our Hangout going?
>>> We're ready to go up to the airship. >>> Okay.
>>Sergey Brin: Okay. They're ready to jump. Cool. How's our view in the Hangout coming
>>> I think J.T. is ready. Go up to J.T. >>Sergey Brin: Okay. That's so cool.
Why don't we throw it up to J.T. and he can take it away.
And, hopefully, this Hangout will go as well as yesterday did. But, you know, you never
know. A million things can go wrong.
Okay, take it away, J.T.
>>> Yeah. Good to be here, Terry. Yeah, lucky with that fog. Good job calling ahead on that
one, Sergey.
And Marshal, who's going to run the countdown? Neal, on the airship is going to be counting
The door is open.
>>> Good morning, San Francisco! Hey, how are the winds doing down there?
All right. Well, we're going for it.
>>Sergey Brin: Okay. We've got 30 seconds, everyone. I'm super excited about this.
>>> See you in a few.
>>Sergey Brin: Airship is almost straight overhead. It's a beautiful day. We're really
lucking out that the fog is holding back.
Door is open. Pretty much standing still right now.
>>> Just going that way. God, that -- >>Sergey Brin: That must be a beautiful feeling
to just fly right out of there.
>>> Five, four, three, two, one! >>> Jumping away.
>>Sergey Brin: There they are! There they are!
You can see them flying.
>>Sergey Brin: They're soaring across the sky.
Look at that. They're weaving closely in and out of each other. The Hangout footage, I'm
sorry, I don't have it. It must be beautiful.
Their chutes are opening. We've got two chutes open. And the third one, with a puff of smoke,
just opened.
If you're wondering why, we had to put one of them with a puff of smoke so the radio-aiming
folks could know which skydiver was theirs.
>>> Walk over here and -- we'll try to give them high fives as they land.
>>Sergey Brin: Yes, if we can get over this way pretty quick, and, hopefully, you guys
can tag along.
Okay, bikers ready. You can see we're getting ready. Skydivers coming down.
All right. Where should I stand here?
>>> Going to land right -- >>Sergey Brin: Okay. You can see them clearly.
You can now --
>>> Give us 30 meters out. >>Sergey Brin: All right.
>>> Step right over here. They're going to be landing, coming towards us.
>>> Here comes J.T. right here.
>>> All right. >>Sergey Brin: Woo-hoo!
[ Cheers and applause ]
>>> Yeah, buddy. Yeah, all right! [ Applause ]
>>Sergey Brin: Incoming. >>> Whoa all right! Nice!
>>Sergey Brin: That was awesome. >>> Thanks for having us.
>>Sergey Brin: Thanks for coming down. All right. That was amazing.
>>> Good job. >>Sergey Brin: All of our jumpers are down.
And they make it look so easy.
All right. Don't get blown away here. Hey, hey, that was great.
Thanks, again. Amazing jump. Thanks, guys.
>>> That was awesome.
>>Sergey Brin: Great job.
All right, thanks, guys, so much.
Now, don't forget, we tested -- that was an amazing jump. We have more in store to show
you just how did we do the rest of it.
We have our excellent bikers here. And this is a really fun area here. There are a few
kind of natural blocks and things.
But the killer thing that we put in there, because the roof goes up and down, there's
a really great ramp that we put in there.
And that was where you saw that magical moment. So maybe we can actually get a chance to see
the bikers -- let's see what you guys got!
All right. And we're going to try to make our way so we can first of all watch this.
Watch this. Yeah! Whoa, another back flip. That was amazing.
All right. We're going to head over now and try to catch them on the other side. The roof
goes, actually, up, and then there's the giant dropoff on the other side.
So here we are. And -- actually, it's kind of cool, because I don't know if you guys
can see me right now.
I'm now in a Hangout. Back on the other side, had a little bit of issues keeping me in the
Hangout. But here it's working nicely.
And it's a -- I mean, I know they make it look easy. But they're probably, what, 15
feet up there? And they're going to just show us how they get down off that big ramp.
All right, guys. Let's see you go.
>>> Go, go, go! >>> They're hitting the drop.
>>> All right. See you down there.
>>Sergey Brin: You can see that they're -- we've got three, actually. And it's a long way down.
It's a long way down. I'm actually going to take off my Glass so you can see this.
Okay. Now, hopefully, they've made it down safe and sound.
Thank you, all, for watching. I know we have a lot of interest.
And we just wanted to show for the people who just, you know, heard about it just yesterday,
want to show you about something that it took and actually show you some of that amazing
action again.
All right.
Well, we'll keep you abreast of our progress on Glass.
This is just one of the exciting things that we've had the privilege of working on and
that -- I'm hoping this is going to lead to something really exciting going forward.