Fake Food Japan - 食品サンプル Handmade Plastic Food Lineup Showcase 1

Uploaded by FakeFoodJapan on 06.06.2012

Fake Food Japan - 食品サンプル Handmade Plastic Food Lineup Showcase 1
Man this Japanese food looks good to eat! But wait a minute! This isn't real food. Yes,
this is fake food! Hello everybody and maido from Osaka! My name is Justin and I'm the
creator of Fake Food Japan. And in this video, I just want to give you a brief introduction
into some of the products that are available for purchase online at our store fakefoodjapan.com.
So starting off here, we have a cucumber sushi roll. Yes, this is a magnet as you can see
from the back side of a cucumber sushi roll. And just to show you the strength of this,
here you go, here is the magnet in action. Yes, and there you have it, the cucumber sushi
Next up here, we have a USB flash drive. Yes, this is a takoyaki (fried octopus) USB flash
drive. This is perfect for any of your friends that are into transporting their data back
and forth.
And then next up here, we have a salmon sushi keychain. Yes, of course everyone loves keychains.
This is perfect for the sushi lover in your family.
And then next up here, we have a giant shrimp tempura zipper pull or cell phone charm. Yes,
you can put this on your cell phone but also on your luggage.
And then last but not least, we have an ear pick everybody. Yes, this is a yakitori (grilled
chicken) skewer ear pick. Of course we normally eat this but no no no. This is actually used
in Asia for cleaning out your ears like such. So this is another product that we have available
at our online store.
So there you have it folks! This is Justin signing off from Osaka with a BIG Oo-kini!
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