Mike's Great Weight Loss Advice

Uploaded by beforeitspublished on 20.08.2012

Hey - my name is James and my stomach went from looking like this to...
I lost 20 pounds and over two years later I've kept it off.
Now your first question will be did I starve myself?
And the answer's definitely not! I love food and I love beer!
Your second question is probably did I run, swim, lift weights to burn off the fat?
No! I hate exercise. I really, really I hate exercise.
So how did I lose the weight: genuinely, it was easy.
My good luck was to I asked a friend of mine called Mike for advice.
Mike had lost weight in his 40s (which we all know is a difficult time to lose weight)
and he's kept it off close to 20 years.
Mike is now 64 and he looks great
he's slim, he's healthy and he's full of energy.
What Mike taught me helped me to lose weight easily.
I'm a really good weight and I feel so much better than before.
Have I got a six-pack? Well - no - but I'm not a six-pack kind of person.
I just wanted to lose enough weight to feel good about myself.
So would you like to hear what Mike that told me?
Well you can. I've got a recording of Mike giving me his advice.
I also have a written version if you're the sort of person who prefers to read.
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This is the end of the video so I'd like to wish you every success with your weight loss goals.
Thank you for listening and have a great day.
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