How to Make African Crafts : Finishing Your African-Themed Shaker

Uploaded by expertvillage on 24.10.2008

Hello, my name is Denise Robinson, and I'm a set designer for television and film. And,
I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Then, we're going to take the edges and fold them
in. And, I'm going to put some glue on the edges on the inside to hold that inside piece.
Another fold, and another fold there. Press that. And again, you might want to let it
sit so that it can dry properly. Once that's done, I'm going to take some twine and just cut a little piece. I'm going to
double it. And, on this one, I'm just going to wrap the ends. Tie a knot. Bring it over
and tie another knot. And, tie a knot. There. So, this is just the beginning of our first