HetaHazard 22 [ENG subs]

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I locked that door over there. I don't want any more enemies coming from behind us.
Yeah, we don't know when we might get attacked, so we should do whatever we can to prevent it.
Kumajirou, please show us the way.
Okay. *sniff, sniff*
Kumajirou is amazing. Canada raised him well.
*sniff, sniff* (Canada...)
Huh? There's some kind of screen there...
Romano! His head is bandaged... Is he hurt?
He seems to be fine, though. If this is a real time video, I mean.
Romano... Is he locked up somewhere? If he is, we have to save him...
I wonder where he is... I can't tell if he's in the mansion...
If I know his scent, maybe I can find him.
That tomato we found earlier is Romano's...
Kumajirou, does the scent on this tomato only belong to Spain?
Hold on... *sniff, sniff*
Wait, what? Kumajirou? And isn't that one of my tomatoes?
I smell Spain and someone inept. And there's another scent that I've smelled before, but I don't know who it is.
Someone inept? That must be Romano.
Romano is just a little cowardly; he's not inept... I think.
So, if we follow his scent, we'll be able to find Romano.
Kumajirou, I know it's hard, but we're counting on you.
Oh well, I'll do my best.
Thank you, Kumajirou...
Vaccine DEVIL? I think I've heard that somewhere...
If I remember correctly, it's the vaccine you use when you're infected by a virus.
Infected by a virus? You mean like the flu?
Since both are catching, I guess that's close enough. Should we take this with us?
I don't know if this vaccine would work, but Germany and Japan need a vaccine, so I guess we should take it.
It's been a while. I'm worried.
Yeah... Germany... Japan...
Vaccine DEVIL obtained.
It's a little too dangerous to keep going this way. We should check out this room first.
What is this room? I hope it's safe...
Hmm... I don't really feel anyone's presence in it... and there's no strange smell.
I think it's safe, too, but just to be sure, let's go in carefully.
Shelves with alcohol and a counter. Is this a bar or something like that?
Maybe. But as long as it's safe, it doesn't matter.
It's not strange that there's a room like this in such a big mansion.
Kumajirou, does this room seem safe to you?
There's no one here, nor has there been anyone, so I think it's safe.
There are no windows or hiding places, either, so it should be safe if we lock the door, right?
Shall we barricade the door, just in case? That piano, for example, is easy to move, so what else can we use?
You're scarier than you look, Finland~ But I don't think that will be necessary.
Why don't we discuss our situation now that we're in a quiet place? We don't have much time.
Yeah, you're right. We have to... save my brother...
No matter how I look at them, they're not artificial...
I can't believe it. How could this...?
I have to find out the truth. I'll find him and have a few words...
... Daddy...
Ugh... ngh...
Th-there's someone there!
It's Prussia!
Long time no see...
Are you okay? You look like you're in a lot of pain.
It's nothing. My head was just hurting a little.
Ugh! (That voice... in my head again...)
S-stop... (Damn it... I feel faint...)
A-are you okay?
Hey! Don't pull my arm like that all of a sudden; that's dangerous!
(Ugh, what strength! Even when I try to resist, he doesn't give an inch...)
Please, not so hard! That really hurts... Are you listening to me, Prussia?!
What the—?! Are you going to hit me with that hammer? Th-that's not funny, you know!
...! (He IS going to hit me!)
Stop, Prussia!
Oww, my hand is throbbing. My divine hand is covered in bruises... Le sigh.
Were you actually going to hit him with such a dangerous thing? Really, what's got into you, Prussia?
It's not like you to be so quiet. Say something!
Prussia... Where were you trying to take me? Did my boss tell you to do it?
Everyone is worried about you! Germany believes in you and is coming after you. You shouldn't worry him any more...
... We...st...
Ugh... my head... hurts...
Huh... What am I... doing...? France...? How long... have you... been there...?
What? What do you mean? I've been here for a while.
Prussia, can you explain? Answer us!
Huh? Explain... what?
Hang in there, Prussia! What on Earth happened to you?
Prussia! Wait!
Hey! America!
Oh, great! Why me? Americaaa!
Why are they sleeping here of all places?
You kinda gotta respect someone who can actually sleep on that high speed train.
I don't think they would fall asleep now, even if they could afford to... Maybe they simply fainted?
Incidentally... America and France are nowhere to be found.
That's weird... Hong Kong, bring me those papers.
Roger that.
Perhaps they felt ill due to the speed of the cart?
And they are both injured. They probably weren't feeling well from the start.
But where did America and France go, and why did they leave these two here?
Master, are they gonna be alright?
They just fainted... but I'm worried about Yīngguó's condition.
His... condition? You think he has been infected by the virus?!
He's not showing symptoms of a virus infection. I think he's been poisoned.
Poisoned?! When did he...? Oh, the wound in his arm...
If the symptoms have started showing only now, it must be a late-onset poison... Still, it is very dangerous to leave him in this condition.
China, is there a treatment available?
I can treat him with a serum.
Dude, where are we gonna get serum?
If the poison is from one of those creatures that live here, there must be a serum somewhere!
We have no time to talk here. Let's just look for that serum.
You're right. Let's move. We also need to find America and France and let them know about this situation...
What's that noise?
It is coming from the same direction we did...
It's growing near...
Something is coming this way.
Aiyaa!! A really weird creature is coming right at us really fast!
If it runs into us at that speed, this is not going to end well for us!
We must get England and Canada somewhere safe!
Dude, I don't think we have time for that. Just leave this to me.
Hong Kong?
Hong Kong! What are you going to do?!
I'm gonna release my max power skyrockets and cool things down. You guys, take cover and stay out of this.
Skyrockets?! You promised me you wouldn't use those dangerous things again! Have you forgotten already?!
There's no time. You can scold me later.
Let's trust Hong Kong and ensure the safety of these two who are injured.
F-fine... Hong Kong, don't do anything stupid!
I'm getting sick and tired of these hyperactive enemies.
What a blast! The gust of wind is going to blow me off the ground!
Take cover and hold on!
Ugh... the blast... was stronger than I thought... Oh...
Ugh! Hong Kong!
Mr. Germany... You were there to catch me? Thanks, man...
Yes, because there was a significant chance that you'd be blown backwards. Besides, watching quietly isn't my style.
The spirit of cooperation is serious business, huh?
I guess we're gonna have to fight it to the death. I was so confident about my skyrockets, though...
I don't know what that thing is, but we're going to kick its ass!
Its movements have become slower after it was hit by the skyrockets. We should take this chance to attack.
Hong Kong, are you all right?
I'm peachy, thanks to you.
Guys, here it comes! Get ready!
T-Creature has appeared!
How on Earth did that thing even come into being?
If we weren't in such a dire situation, I would have liked to do some careful analysis of this life form's physiology.
I'll make it look like Swiss cheese! Let's fight!
Just don't strain yourself, master, or else your backache will get worse and Taiwan and Korea will treat you like an old man.
I'll have you know, I've still got spunk in me!
Repeat Strike
How Regrettable
Rapid Fire
Repeat Strike
How Regrettable
Rapid Fire
Repeat Strike
How Regrettable
Rapid Fire
Repeat Strike
How Regrettable
Rapid Fire
Repeat Strike
How Regrettable
Repeat Strike
Rapid Fire
Continuous Attack
Japanese Scones
Rapid Fire
How Regrettable
Repeat Strike
Rapid Fire
How Regrettable
China's party wins! 150 EXP gained!
Disinfectant Spray obtained.
Japan is now Level 6!
Germany is now Level 6!
M-maybe I tried a little too hard... I'm so tired...
Told ya.
Hm, oh... Where am I?
... I feel ill...
Oh, are you two all right?
Is there anything wrong with you? If there is, you must tell me now!
I felt sick from the jolting of the cart, but I'm fine now.
Same here... I'm much better now... Bloody hell, this is all America's fault.
Er, speaking of America, where is he? I don't see the Frog, either.
When we got here, we found only you.
What?! They just left us here and went on their way?! Why...?
America thinks he can do everything by himself... And that Frog, too, what's he thinking?
There seems to be only one door here. Shall we go ahead? We have no time to waste here.
Can you two walk? If it's too hard, just tell me straight away. You can lean on me.
I'm fine, thank you.
Me, too. Let's just look for America already.
Yeah, we can't afford to take our time now.
(Isn't he going to tell England about the poison? ... Maybe he's better off not knowing about it?)
Should I offer him the "dolce" I brought? There isn't really anything else here.
Thank you... for letting me use the bathroom...
I have made some tea. Take a seat. I'll bring you some dolce, as well.
Yeah, okay...
It looks delicious.
Is the tea to your taste? Here, have some dolce as well.
Yeah, it's very good. Um... thanks...
So, what is your business here?
Oh... I heard Fin was here...
(He may know Finland was coming here, but he doesn't know he never made it here...)
So, Svíi told me to come here, because he himself couldn't come...
(That means he doesn't know what's going on. Spain told me to keep quiet about it, so I have to give him an excuse and make him leave.)
And then I asked Puffin to fill in for me as a tour guide...
(But he will get suspicious if he doesn't see Finland... I can't make him go anywhere if he's feeling suspicious...)
So, where's Fin?
Umm, well, you see... Finland is...
(Oh, Lord, what should I tell him?! Come on, Spain, call me already!)