Vector Cross Product | Calculus Calculator | TI-89 | Every Step Calculus

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 14.11.2012

this is a calculus calculator program or App
for vector cross product using the TI-89 calculator
to get to my main menu you press second alpha to enter the letters i_n_d_e_x
and then press alpha again to enter the 8 and open and close parentheses
press enter
and you into my menu
you have many choices in this menu
difference quotient dot product
eliminating the parameter
equation of a line
all kinds of choices for calculus one two and three
here's e to the ex derivative
we're gonna demonstrate the cross product here so we're gonna scroll up to
cross product
press enter
and were going to enter our
two vectors
you have to
press alpha
before you enter
any variables
in this calculus calculator program
enter 8
minus 9
here is the B vector
alpha five
alpha seven
i'll show you what you've entered
you can change it if you want
and we have another menu comes up which is all you can do with these vectors
B minus A
A times dot product
or A times B dot product
equation of a plane
component of A direction of U
i'm gonna do
you can do AB cross product or BA
cross product
lets do AB
and here's the
vectors that your
multiplying time its a matrix multiplication
when you write everything down in your paper in this
calculus calculator program
just as you see it on the screen here to get an A on this problem
pretty neat huh, goto my site enjoy my
programs and pass calculus