TRX workout routine

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bjbjLULU Hey guys, this is Naudi at and today I'm going to be covering an upper
body and core routine with the TRX. The first exercise were going to cover is a T-row next
we're going to go into an I-row, the third exercise is going to be called a TRX plyo-pushpull.
First exercise were going to cover is a T-row. Were going to lean back we've got to make
sure we have a good trust within ourselves that we're not going to fall from here. We
make sure that the spine is nice and neutral, after that we want to incorporate an inhale
before we actually bring ourselves upward. The T-row is actually going to look like this.
So what we want to watch out for is that we get proper thoracic spine function, that means
that our mid back is functioning while doing this so we always want to lead with the inhale
to help open up our posture and allow our scapulae to take over and allow our thoracic
spine, that mid back to really get a lot of power. So were going to be going here. Inhaling
first. Exhaling as you release. so my posture is closed off, as my posture gets bigger I
inhale, I release. Same concepts going to be for the I-row. We're going to be covering
the same primary mechanics with that thoracic spine. We're going to inhale and then go straight
up, exhale release. Inhale, straight up. exhale release. This is going to be real good for
those posterior chain deltoid muscles, for that thoracic spine, for that scapulae. It
really hits those delts well. Again, inhaling before we exert, exhaling as we release. The
last one is going to be definitely the most challenging, definitely the most dynamic.
We just want to be very certain that we have our abdominals very very tight while doing
this. If we don't then that could potentially compromise the lumbar and we don't want that.
So we have to raise this just a little bit higher. This is going to be at about waste
level. If you're at a lower level you make want to bring this a little higher, but for
me I think that's going to be about right. So this exercise is going to look like this.
We're going to extend the body out, then you're going to develop enough momentum to bring
yourself back into a rowing position. So you row, build momentum and then go into the extension.
And you kind of just go back and forth from here. Once you finally get this down and you
feel like your abdominals are engaging, is when we can get a little more explosive and
that will look like this. Ok? so now I'm going to do this in real time. Ok. oh crap. That's
a TRX circuit for you guys, you can go through that circuit about 3 different times and that
should really get your upper body and core muscles firing on all cylinders. If you'd
like to learn more information about what I do, visit or subscribe
to my channel and I'll have plenty more workouts for you. Take care. Hey guys, this is Naudi
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