Is speed more important than relevance?

Uploaded by GoogleWebmasterHelp on 01.02.2010

>> CUTTS: Lumenbeing in Los Angeles asks since we're hearing a lot of talk about the implications
of Page Speed, I wonder if Google still cares as much about relevancy? Or are recentness
and page load time more important? Now, relevancy is the most important. If you have two sites
that are equally relevant same back links, everything else is the same, you'd probably
prefer the one that's a little bit faster. So Page Speed can, in theory, be an interesting
idea to try out for a factoring and scoring different websites. But absolutely, relevance
is the primary component and we have over 200 signals in our scoring to try to return
the most relevant, the most useful, the most accurate search results that we can find.
So, that's not going to change. Our philosophy will always try to be "Try to return the best
page to users." Try to give them information about what they typed in. But if you can speed
your site up, it's really good for users as well as, potentially down the road, being
good for search engines. So, it's something that people within Google have thought about.
Wouldn't it be great if we could find a way where sites that are especially fast, or sites
that are really, really, really bad experience for users. It would be only one of over 200
different factors, but still could be a small factor in saying, "Yeah, you know what? This
person's worked hard to deliver a really good user experience in addition to be in relevant."
So, let's show that to users.