Nero Inferno Parte 3/6 (ENG SUB)

Uploaded by jeffri000 on 01.04.2009

My standard way is to write single letters in the most original, dynamic and stylish way I can think, ok?
So, I don't prefer a single letter, of course i write my name more often than other names,
and maybe this is the reason I came up with so many different aliases over the years,
because I felt the need to write every single letter, in every single context, in every single style,
linking it to previous and following letters,
and in this way I can set up new linking loops.
and there are diferent techniques to do so:
you can start from the "soft" style, which was taught to us by our teachers,
or, better, by our only teacher, which is new york city, where the style is softer.
And from there you can go and create: a very peculiar style that CKC crew made up
startin from SPIDER's styles is called BARZEN [?] ARROWS, aka STICK,
in which you use very narrow sticks linked toghether with arrows and so on.
However, you can't stop there in your research, that's why I tend to go even further,
using different techniques, and if I can draw the most original panel, I do so,
and by "most original" I mean:
"ah, so that guy write R in this way?"
well, maybe I write R in the same way, but then I cut it here, here and there
and I draw a loop behind it,
in a way that when the first guy sees it, he's gonna think "oh fuck,
he wrote R exactly the way I do, but he got me 'cause it is much more stylish!"
got it?
And so on, maybe one time when I write RAE I start from R, then i write E in the end
and only now I put an A in the middle, building a certain style of loop;
another time I put A first, then R and E.
"practice" - you need to practice.
my need has always been to dig different techniques,
to write ten panels making people think those panels were wrote by ten different writers,
when of course it is me all the time. One undred styles, how many fucking styles you want.
exaggerate, you can not perpetruate the same thing over and over.
of course you can write your name in a way you like the most,
and you can do this for a hundred times,
but you can't tell that you don't even think to another way to write it.
Of course I can agree with you when you say "I write my name hundreds times in the same way
because I want to learn how to write it perfectly in that way,
and then when I have perfected that way I want to further improve it".
And in this case I agree with you.
And don't tell me it's not that way! hehe
In my opinion, the wonderful thing about trains is their value as roots.
Trains are the most truthful thing.
If you have never painted on a train,
you can call yourself a...decorator? an artist?
you're not a writer.
If you're trained, if you have balls as a writer, you should do your best on a train,
if you don't have the right skills to do your best while writing on a train,
it's only your fault, because you don't have skills.
In my case, my standard has always been to do my best on a train.
I've done my best panels on trains, not on walls.
About's the same thing, there is of course the lettering side
which should be howsoever developed.
Of course there are more limitation, because you don't have a vast colour choiche and the space is cramped,
but the more those limitation are tight, the more you can be stylish
if you manage to put a stilish tag in there.
I believe that everyone is the best self teacher.
People gave me advice when I started,
but, trust me, they were told me in a certain way,
I mean, nobody ever told me to do certain things,
I understood those things by myself.
In fact, it was easier that one from my "fathers" told me
"oh fuck man what a shitty tag you've done! you're an asshole!".
And so next time I must have done it better to save my face.
And I did undertstand all those things by myself, I became able to judge my own work,
tags, panels, throw-ups, and so on.
I'm telling you to judge what you are doing if you care a little, and if you don't, amen.
Well...this fucking war with ATM [the public transport company here in milan] is still open.
And writers are those who make the rules.
Writing makes you feel good, it makes you move for something right, authentic,
it makes you able to express yourself,
so, I mean, if you're a writer, you write even if people call you miserable and criminal,
and in my opinion most of those people talk shit,
because what I do, what other writers like me do, is a mean to express ourselves and so it is always right.
Writing, exactly as culture, keeps you...
I mean, many people, if it wasn't for writing or breakdancing,
you couldn't tell what they would have become without them.
If you can write in a different way than other do, just do it.
There are no reason for you to do a panel exactly like others do.
Here is the beautiful side of writing, just like in spotting your panel on a train,
or spotting a panel someone else did and not being able to regognize the signature,
but anyway being able to recognize him through his style, because a style is a trademark, got it?
And so you have to set apart you own style and build up a reputaion for you and your style.
It's new york's mentality back in mid-70's:
that guy wrote a letter, and next day that other guy wanted to write it in a more stylish and peculiar way.
It's a fight, it's a war, a postitive war, got it?