Sara and Lucas 101 (English Subbed)

Uploaded by Mosstracer on 17.10.2012

So you were going to cut open your stomach to save my life?
What are you talking about?
Look, I was going to stitch up the wound then just fall on the floor from the dizziness.
Besides, it would have only left a scar that would look dreadful at the beach.
You're dreadful.
You know what's going to happen now, right, Sara?
I'm going to sit your father and your grandfather down...
and I'm going to tell them everything.
About what happened with Salazar, with my sister...
about the double infiltration... everything.
For the moment, they're going to skin me alive...
but I'm going to have to grit my teeth.
Well, if you grit your teeth, I will too.
- Lucas, relax, okay? I'm sorry. - What the fuck is this!?
Calm down.
What is this?
Gentlemen, I don't think this is necessary. He's only going to be questioned, right?
You are under arrest.
Let's go.
Don Lorenzo...
I admit to all charges.
I cooperated with the Kaiser.
I've given him information, weapons...
All that is true...
but I was being threatened by vultures.
I had no other option, Don Lorenzo.
You murdered Smith.
You murdered Smith.
I didn't kill anyone, Don Lorenzo, no one.
Fuck, Paco!
- This has to have an explanation. - Yes, but what explanation is Lucas going to give?
That he met up with Smith at the<i> Faro de Moncloa</i> to look up at the stars, Paco?
What is he going to say!?
This video is fake. It's incomplete.
Salazar wants me out of the game, Don Lorenzo.
One hour.
One hour, and I'll bring you the full video.
- I only need one hour. - What you need, Fernandez, is a good lawyer.
Who the hell do you think you're playing with?
Look who's in there...
tied up like a dog. It's Lucas, our friend.
Grandpa must have his reasons for arresting him, right?
Yes, Curtis?
You cooperated with the Kaiser, you gave him privileged information,
- Let's go, Mariano. - ...and not only that....
but you probably also convinced Paco Miranda to swallow Smith's cell phone card
because it incriminated you.
Sweetie, for God's sake!
Go bring a towel, please.
I'm sorry.
For God's sake, don't make things more difficult!
Tell us what you know.
I have the right to a lawyer, right?
I mean...
I'm allowed to speak to my lawyer, right?
Don Lorenzo...
Mr. lawyer,
I'm calling to let you know that I am very unhappy with your services.
You're not?
Well, get yourself another one. The yellow pages are full of lawyers.
Although, I don't think any other can offer you the services I provide.
You got me there.
I've never met a lawyer who could get his clients out so quick.
How should I declare myself at the interrogation?
Or guilty?
Tell the truth.
Declare yourself in love.
I'm sorry, Don Lorenzo.
- What? - This.
Lucas, don't move!
Don't move!
Don't move!
- Don't move! - Stop!
Don't force us to shoot!
<i>There are animals that are unable to live in captivity.</i>
<i>When they find themselves enclosed within four walls</i>
<i>they become rigid.</i>
<i>They stop eating,</i>
<i>and they die.</i>
<i>No one can explain why.</i>
<i>It's as if something in their nature,</i>
<i>in the depths of their being,</i>
<i>told them that it is preferable to die</i>
<i>than to live without freedom.</i>
- Don't lose control! - Stop, nobody shoot!
Everyone calm down!
If you leave now, you're on your own, Lucas.
You know that.
Trust me.
I'm not letting you leave.
Look at me. Look at me!
- Paco! - Lucas!