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>>> Jeff Morad is not going to be the executive officer, he's not severing his relationship
with the team but he's going to continue to negotiate a lucrative contract with fox sports
a television deal that the Padres have been working on but he will not be in charge of
the day to day operations, an executive from inside the office will take that role.
>> DWANE: What does that say about the future of his role with the Padres?
>> It raises questions. Morad has been trying to buy the team, and he withdrew an application to
complete the sale that was supposed to go before baseball owners this month.
They weren't sure whether there was uncertainty over the financial details or he didn't have
the 22 votes of support that he needed. There are unanswereded questions out there
and Jeff has not been talking publically about it.
>> DWANE: KPBS Reporter Erik Anderson. >> AMITA: Staff Sergeant Gary Stein said he
wouldn't follow orders from President Obama, and changed the post to say he wouldn't follow
illegal orders. He created a Facebook page called "armed forces
Tea party" earlier this included a "no Obama" graphic.
The service says' Sergeant can express personal views about the politics but not as a member
of the armed forces. On Facebook he says "now that I have been
given a desk job with no computer access I will have more time to study the Constitution"
he faces a discharge for "other than honorable conditions" and could be ordered to apay backbone
in yous money and education fees. >> DWANE: People on shelter island may have
been startled this morning by a Navy drill. They staged an attack on the USS Princeton
as part of an institutional test. >> AMITA: If the San Onofri plant stays off,
San Diego could suffer, it supplies 20% of San Diego's energy and without it officials
say we would face reliability issues when demand goes up in hot weather.
>> DWANE: A community clean up and repsych cling eventÊ recycling event will be held
this week. It's spring cleaning time and if you've been
storing up items such as tires, household batteries, light bulbs, electronics and furniture
now is the time to get rid of it for free. City councilman Todd Gloria says this saves
the city money. >>> The city has to pick up things people
dump so if we can divert those elsewhere, and take care of things proactively, that's
a big plus for the city. >> DWANE: It's to keep things like this out
of landfill. >>> Waste tires are a blight on the community,
they can create mosquito breeding habitats and other issues.
>> DWANE: The last event was held at qualcom, Lisa Poston with environmental services says
they will have trucks on hand and recycle as much as possible.
>>> The trash goes in the landfill but we try to separate out as much as we can, electronics,
TVs, goes to a recycling center. >> DWANE: It's from 8 to 1 in the afternoon
Saturday, this is only for San Diego city residents so no businesses or commercial waste
will be accepted. A battle is brewing over a proposed power
plant in Santee. Amita is talk bug that at the round table.
>> AMITA: This evening state officials are holding a public workshop on a proposed power
plant in San Diego. Not everyone is in favor of the so called
"Quail brush generation" project. Robin Kedward joins me, Robin, even though
Santee is in the title of your project, this is a project located in San Diego.
Why are you opposed to this proposal? >> First of all, thanks so much for letting
us come here and put the stuff out in the public.
We're opposed because it doesn't seem like it's being done right.
You know, the zoning of this plant and the zoning of the land where this plant has to
go are completely at odds. When they began to set up San Diego 50 years
ago they set out areas for various things to be built and San Diego ended up being a
beautiful city of villages connected by freeways. So the zoning is the fabric of the ground
that makes San Diego. Now the big request is to change the zoning
in this place from residential which is one house per every 20 acres down to an industrial
one in order to put that plant in and that doesn't make sense.
>> AMITA: And what are some of your other concerns?
>> DWANE: We do have concerns about the pollution side and the noise side of it.
Santee is a bedroom community, most of the people that live in Santee work around or
work over in San Diego. Santee itself is a place where people come
at night. NowÊ
>> AMITA: So we've got a graphic here. This shows noise associated with this project.
Explain what we're seeing now. >>> You're looking at a picture that shows
the amount of noise that will be produced by this plant measured in a thing called decibels,
and 80 decibellike a motorcycle running outside of your house 24 hours a day.
If you look at the map, and it says "80 DB" that's what it would be like.
>> AMITA: Unmitigated? >> That's what it would be like unmitigated.
These generators make a "deep" sound, similar in frequency to that used by whales to communicate
and they communicate over hundreds of miles using low frequencies, so whether the map
shows it or not everybody in mission trails regional park will be affected by this sound
from the power plant. >> AMITA: How close is the project to schools
and homes? >> I measured it on Google earth and it's
660 yards from the power plant down to the high school, that seems to be close and I
can't find any precedent where that may have been done before.
It's only 400 yards down to the place where the children play Little League baseball and
it's only 200 yards down to the edge of mission trails regional park which is the jewel in
the crown of the park system here in San Diego. >> AMITA: How has the California energy commission
and cogentrics the company behind this proposal responded so far?
>> Not very well, they just seemed to be turning out the same speeches and platitudes that
we have seen from them time and, again. What we need is assurances that this plant
will be done right. We're not cowling it what people call a "NIMBE"
we recognize there is a need for the power plant but let's do it in the proper place
at the proper time with the proper way of doing things.
>> AMITA: We requested representatives from co Gentrics come on the show and they could
not but they did appear on our radio show earlier today, here is what they said.
"The quail brush project is designed for rapid capability when renewable energy resources
are not available it's primary purpose is to provide electricity quick and when needed
providing support to the transmission system and maintaining the overall liability.
It's still in the early stages of the environmental review process.
We are committed to working with the community and responding to any issues that may arise."
What about this argument, Robin, that, look, it's only going to be used during peak demand
and to supplement energy sources. >>> That seems to be the basis of their argument,
but I can't see at all where a temporary power station is going to be there for 30 years
is going to be called "temporary" and secondly, I can't see where the boardroom controlling
the investment that some of these people made in this thing they're going to spend $180
million to build this, they are going to want to want a full return on their money, they're
not going to say goodbye to 48 million in profits.
>> AMITA: At what stage is this process? >> Right now we're in the talking stage, the
land is still there, green, blowing in the wind and looking very beautiful.
It needs to remain that way. >> AMITA: Robin Kedward, thank you.
>>> Thank you. >> DWANE: We will show you advances in aviation
and how it could affect the future of San Diego's Lingburgh field.
If you haven't done your taxes, we have advise from the IRS.
Evening Edition. >> DWANE: It's tax season and it looks like
you have more breathing room before the deadline, Amita is getting tax tips from her guest at
the evening edition round table. >> AMITA: Figuring out your taxes can be "taxing"
but this year the tax deadline is AprilÊ17 so taxpayers have an extra two days to sort
through what they owe or what they are owed by uncle Sam.
IRS spokesperson, Raphael Tulino joins me. The economy is still sputtering, what if you
find out you owe the IRS money but you don't have a lump sum available.
Will the IRS accept a payment plan? >> Yes as a matter of fact we began a posture
this year, we realizes taxpayers are struggling, they have a balance due and they can't pay
it. File the return, okay, then do pay something
and let the IRS know that you can't full pay what you owe and then we can enter into an
installment agreement plan. The installment agreement plan is for most
a chance to pay per month, based on what you have as a tax obligation to make it easier
for you and the agency. That said, real quick, recently we increased
the threshold for the online plan which you can qualify for, if it's under $25,000 in
debt, we doubled it to under $50,000, in debt and that's part of our fresh start program
which we began to help taxpayers in that situation. >> AMITA: Are there special fees or extra
documentation that you have to provide? >> There is a fee forÊ depending on the plan,
the stallment agreement you get involved in but bottom line is do pay something, be proactive
and let us know that you can't full pay, let's work together.
We want to help and not hinder those folks that have balances due.
>> AMITA: What about people that are unemployed, is the IRS cutting them slack?
>> Same thing with the doubling of the installment agreement was a benefit for those on unemployment,
if you are unemployed there is a chance we will wave a little bit for six months of your
taxes the penalties which could be less that you might owe and that was in the fresh start
program. The bottom line is unemployment is taxable,
generally so you want to keep that in mind. Folks get unemployment and they don't realize
they have to pay taxes on it but do let us know.
>> AMITA: You've got the military, San Diego is home to a lot of military personnel.
Are there any special rules that apply to them?
And college graduates who are paying off loans. Any special rules apply to them?
>> Student loan interest is deductible, you can deduct that on your tax return as a student
and going over to the military there are dozens and dozens of laws that exist for military
personnel, and the IRS if you key word search IRS publication three which is the armed forces
tax guide it is full of all the special laws that exist just for military personnel and
he their families. >> AMITA: Are there any really good free IRS
online programs helping people do their taxes? >> You can get free at free file program which
is generally free tax preparation for a federal income tax return, the key there is $57,000
or less of income, so link into our site, choose the software provider that we are in
partner with, and file for free, the key is $57,000 or less, and sites which are up and
running throughout the county through AprilÊ17th, generally simple returns, $50,000 or less,
and you can find these at 211 or the >> AMITA: Tax season seems to bring out scam
artists. Tell us about these.
>>> Okay, the most pervasive and the most common is phishing.
We don't initiate taxpayers through your email inbox.
With tax season come scammer and they're look to go use the IRS as a lure through PHISHing.
We see promoters promoting to you as a senior citizen who has no filing requirement or little
income to file this return a physical return for a tax credit that exists but based on
your situation you're going to get it, they're trying to peddle a bogus refund to you.
If it seems to good to be true, chances are it probably is.
>> AMITA: Where can people get information on this?
>> A wealth of tax information.
>> AMITA: Thanks for speaking to us. >>> Thank you.
>> San Diego's Lingburgh field will offer a nonstop flight to Tokyo, possible because
of a new Boeing 747 has the ability to make it all the way across the ocean.
>>> Boeing calls the 787 the "dreamliner" and it paid a visit to San Diego last week.
The Boeing spokesperson says it it uses 20 percent less fuel than other airplanes of
equal size due to a bonding technique that doesn't require rivets through the fuselage.
>>> It saves you in fatigue life, corrosion, and arrow dynamic efficiency because those
rivets will protrude out of the skin of the airplane.
>>> The fuel efficiency creates new opportunities for San Diegans to fly to Asia either nonstop
or with only one connection instead of two. That's great.
But the need for the dreamliner draws attention to the limitations of Lind burg and it's short
runway. >>> The problem with Lingburgh field is not
just the runway, the problem is it sits in the bottom of a bowl or cup and no matter
if you're taking off east or west you have the terrain that begins to rise.
>>> And clearing that terrain off a short runway means you can't carry much fuel because
that weighs down the plane so there is then a limit to how far you can fly.
The other well known problem with Lingburgh field is it has only one runway severely limiting
the number of planes that can take off and land.
Joe Kramer was president of the San Diego runway authority when it asked residents if
it should move the airport to the Miramar base.
>>> If the citizens would have approved that, it would allow the city to begin an expansion
of Miramar that would bring in 10,000 feet long, four runways to take San Diego into
the next century. >>> Some of the assumption about the growth
of air travel we made six years ago have changededed. Not long ago it seemed like air travel was
becoming just another middle class entitlement. Everybody flu.
If you had a week off you might as well go visit your brother Bob in Fort Lauderdale.
But about four years ago something happened, a recession.
Since 2008 the pass zero count at Lingburgh has dropped by well over a million people.
Seems like a strong contradiction to the claims made in '06 that Lingburgh would "maximum
out" in 20 years and if the recession weren't enough more recently something else happened
that you probably noticed at the gas pump, fuel prices went up dramatically.
Steve van Beak is an airport consultant based in Washington, D.C.
He says fuel is an airline's greatest expense. He ads that the prices combined with slow
economy may be bad news for airlines, in a way it's good news for Lingburgh field.
>>> So planes are fuller and that extends the life of an airport like Lingburgh probably
10, 15 maybe more years. >>> Among the pass engineers who useÊ passengers
who use Lingburgh, views are mixed. >>> I fly to hundreds of airports in the country
and Lingburgh is one of my favorites, small airport, in and out, easy.
>>> But visit the commuter terminal and you will hear from passengers who are frustrated
with the lack of direct flights, carston Smithed is ready to jump on a flight to L.A. but no
direct flight to Germany. >>> For me it would be a great idea if we
had the ability to promote this a little bit. I know my colleagues who have business connections
with Germany and Europe would really like that.
>>> But for now he has to transfer at LAX. >>> I take the puddle jump everer and my flightÊ
puddle jumper and my flight leaves at 3. >>> The ability to fly to Frankfurt or Paris
doesn't rely on airplane technology, van Beak says it depends on the airlines having enough
business, he refers to the Tokyo flight. >>> The key will be supporting the new 787
flight so business travellers need to fly nonstop and buy in the premium section of
the cabin and make it profitable. >>> Today flights like the dreamliner are
improving the international service at Lingburgh. The runway, well, we're stuck with with it,
even if the marines left Miramar next week there is no telling that San Diegans would
want that to become a home to a four runway airport.
>> DWANE: That's KPBS Reporter Tom fudge. Experts say high speed rail could take the
place of northern California routes. This is KPBS Evening Edition.
>> AMITA: We will back to the public square on KPBS Evening Edition.
We have reaction to the case of a camp peddle ton marine who says he's being discharged
for criticizing President Obama online. Earlier this month Gary Stein challenged the
president's birth certificate and called the president a liar.
These came on the Tea party's Facebook page and Stein says he was relieved of duty.
He says he will fight an ouster. Manufacture you felt strong that for those
who believe the Sergeant should blindly follow orders would have made good natzi's "I was
only following orders" defense. Obama would not know the Constitution if it
ran over him. I believe our job is to President Clinton
the Constitution Obama is trying to destroy both.
President Obama was a constitutional law professor. Michael had this to say.
The marine Sergeant I'm sure repeated the same oath that I had when I enlisted.
That solemn oath states that one will defend the U.S. from enemies foreign and domestic.
One will reflect honor on himself and to one's country and always respect and follow the
orders of your superiors from the commander in chief on dawn.
He gave up his right to bad mouth the president as soon as he signed his enlistment papers
and raised his right hand. You can weigh in on the conversation by following
us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook and of course you can email us.
Now Dwane has a recap of tonight's top stories. >> DWANE: The CEO of the Padres is stepping
down, Jeff Morad will remain and develop fox sports San Diego.
And state power officials say they have plans if the San Onofri power plant is not back
on line by summer. You can watch any of our stories on our web
site, edition. Thanks for joining us, have a great night.
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