HetaHazard 1 - Part 2/2 [ENG / FRA / GER / ITA / POR subs]

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Mwa? Where am I? Wait, there was a meeting at America's place today and then there was suddenly an earthquake...
That's right! There was suddenly an earthquake at the meeting place and then everything got dark! So, what happened to the others?!
A-are you guys all right?!
They're fine. They're just unconscious.
I-I see. What a scare.
Oh, you're awake, England. Excuse me, but now that you're awake, could you please help me carry Germany?
We can't do it just the two of us...
All right. And you, Russia, why don't you help, too?!
Aww, that's too much trouble. It's more fun to just watch.
You little... At least wake up those who are passed out! You can do that much, can't you?!
If you insist... That's a lot of trouble, but I'll do it.
Let's see, how am I going to wake them up~? Huhuhuhuhuh!
I'm telling you now, wake them up in a normal way!
I'll ask again, where are we?
I think I remember falling. I daresay we're underground, below the meeting room.
Is that so, America?
Hmm, probably.
How can you not know for sure?! It's part of your house, and it's below your meeting room!
Captain! I'm trying to look up at the ceiling, but it's pitch dark and I can't see a thing, sir!
We fell straight through it and yet we can't see the ceiling? Just how deep underground are we?
Well, it was a while until we landed, you know. It's a miracle we're not hurt.
Russia, were you conscious all along? I was unconscious until I landed.
When we landed, I was surprised to see that you were all unconscious.
You really are impressive, Russia... Huh?
By the way, where's my brother? Is he wandering around on his own again?
Well, we haven't found him. According to Russia, he was falling with us until halfway down. Then, he took his eyes off him for a moment and he was gone.
So, we've lost him. I think my brother can take care of himself, though...
Still, I think we should go look for him soon.
Yeah, he never shuts up when he's left alone.
He's really annoying.
Hey, America, do you remember where we are now?
Hold on! I'm almost there! Under the meeting room, under the meeting room...
There's something that looks like a journal here. Maybe if you read it, you'll actually remember something and be useful for once?
That's rude, man!
There, there, America, please calm down. Anyway, let's try reading it, shall we?
Research Log March 10 Today I decided to administer the new virus. The results so far have been unsatisfactory,
so this time I want to get good results. Also, I want to research with the others again.
March 11 The effects have been swift. I am amazed by its growth speed. I want to test its strength as soon as possible.
March 12 Amazing! It has grown so much in only one day! I wonder what would happen if I administered even more of the virus?
I am sure it will grow even more.
March 20 I have been so busy with the experiment that I forgot to write on the journal. I have administered the virus several times since last time. It was just as I thought.
I tried making it fight Experiment Rank A. It's strong. No, it's not that it's strong. It also seems to be intelligent. It is really wonderful.
March 22 Something bad happened. I accidentally dropped the forbidden virus in the water depository. It has come into direct contact with the drinking fountain in the cells.
This is really bad.
March 24 What am I going to do? Those in the cells are going berserk. Some of them can even open the locked cells.
Their appearance has also turned terrifying. I'm so scared, what am I going to do? Oh, I know! I'll barricade the door.
I'm the only one who knows about this blessed experiment. Maybe they will quiet down after a while. Until that happens, I can't turn off the security lock.
The height from here up to the ceiling is equivalent to four storeys. It's definitely impossible to break through the ceiling. That said, I have to get out of here as soon as possible. And it's probably a good idea to stay away from here until this blows over.
Wh-what the hell is this? Who or what is he talking about and what's this virus?
Maybe it's a made-up story? It could be a novel or something.
I remember now! It was quite a long time ago, but I remember something about the underground space below the meeting room being used and the construction of a research facility with the latest equipments at the time.
How could you forget something so big?
I knew there was an experiment installation underground, but the experiments were suspended quite some time before that, and this place was shut down, too. That's why I'd completely forgotten about it.
What kind of experiments were being conducted here? Did they get suspended because they were dangerous, like in the journal?
I heard it was an experiment with selective breeding of plants and animals, I think. But they didn't get results, as you can guess, so the experiments got suspended.
And then, they let a researcher use the facility on his own because he claimed that shutting the place down was a waste. I wasn't really interested in it, so I don't remember anything else!
So, the person who wrote that journal was that researcher who continued the research, and he got involved with a new virus in order to obtain results. Is that it?
Hmm, that must be it, right?
Well, it looks like he was doing it in secret. Isn't it obvious that no one else knew about it?
Anyway, what are we going to do now? There could be those strange things around; it's dangerous! We have to get out of here as quickly as possible!
I kind of want to see them, but it does sound like they're kind of dangerous. We should get out quickly.
I'm scared! Let's go home now, Germany!
Of course. As soon as we find my brother, we'll go home. America, do you know where the exit is?
I don't know.
I only know what my boss told me. I've never actually been here.
Oh, God, you... What are we going to do now?
No one knows about this place. We can't just wait to be rescued...
But the people who work at the building will figure it out, right? Even though I didn't see any of them today.
That's right! There was that earthquake, and the floor collapsed! Someone is bound to notice it!
We can't count on it.
Why not?!
This meeting was a few days long, right? So, all employees were given long-term vacations starting on the last day.
My boss also granted me long-term vacations. Wasn't it the same for you guys?
Now that you mention it, my boss told me I could go on vacations after the meeting, too...
Same for me and Italy. I think we were all told to go on holidays.
So, that means they won't realize we're gone for a long time?!
Hasn't anyone here promised to meet someone during the holidays? Maybe they will notice you're missing.
I was going to visit China. And then Japan.
You never told me anything about that! I was going to do some secret training to become a Hong Kong Star!
I had plans for the summer comic market, so I was going to lock myself up in my room. So, even if you came to visit, Russia, you wouldn't get through to me.
What?! I was going to visit you to play that new game with you, Japan!
I was going to the convention, too, so I also had plans to go to your place, Japan...
I was going to play with Germany and Prussia at my place! Isn't that right, Germany?
Yes, that's right. My brother kept bothering us because he wanted to camp at your place.
I've been very busy, so I was just going to chill at home or something. What about you, England? What plans did you have for your holidays?
What, me? Well, I was going to have a tea party with the fairies and the unicorns. I haven't been giving them much attention lately and they've been sulking about it.
...? What?
... So, everyone only had plans with those who are here?
L-listen, u-um, maybe those fairies will realize you're gone and come save us?
D-don't be absurd, Japan.
When I'm not home, they gladly assume I'm with someone else. They will just think I had other plans for my holidays this time and will patiently wait for me to come home...
In short, no one will notice we're gone.
Veeeh! What is gonna happen to us, Germany? Germany!
We have to find my brother quickly! He may be strong, but it's dangerous to be alone!
Please calm down, you two! Let's look for clues! We also need to come up with a counter-plan.
Yeah, freaking out won't solve anything.