H+ Episode 34: Endure

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GURVEER: Right after the event,
survivors rushed to collect as many goods as possible.
Retail businesses were looted.
Now, a makeshift economy is forming, uh,
distributing those goods.
But of course, it's brought about a lot of violence.
LEENA: Ritu. Let him sleep.
GURVEER: There isn't much clean water.
There's still too many corpses. Disease.
Those first few months, all I did was fight the disease.
But it was too much to control.
MRS. PARAM: I can only imagine it was carnage in Mumbai.
But here, we had to deal with many bodies too.
A lot of the city had to be burned.
Some areas cleaned up better than others.
That's really the most dangerous part right now.
The violence, the sickness,
is just a response to the conditions there.
We have purifiers for water here.
Will they come for it?
GURVEER: Eventually.
You have many resources in these rural communities.
We also have weapons. And we will use them.
GURVEER: And you should.
And also be prepared to leave if you have to.
There's value in combining your numbers
and your resources with other communities.
MRS. PARAM: Why have you come, doctor?
To warn us, or scare us?
I've come to take the child.
To reunite him with his parents.
Absolutely not.
LEENA: Ritu.
LEENA: It's been hell for my mother.
Working harder than she ever has.
All of our men.
My father went to work and never came back.
And although she won't admit it, she's in mourning.
GURVEER: I lost friends and colleagues too.
I watched it happen.
I could hear my brother and his friends talking outside.
Then silence.
You're lucky.
Your body's intolerance to HPlus saved you.
I wonder what saved me.
Do you know what saved me, doctor?
But the child is special.
That is why I have to take him.
There's a facility in Europe.
He's meant to be there.
I believe his parents are still--
I spoke to Conall after the event.
You did?
The day after.
It was brief.
He sounded strange.
He said he would call me back, but he never did.
You can take the child, doctor.
You can take him tonight, when everyone's sleeping.
But I'm coming with you.