BRCA Mutations, Mastectomies and Comment Trolls

Uploaded by JessicaGottlieb on 02.10.2012

some of y'all are crazy
bat shit crazy
sorry it has to be said
my friend and allison gilbert wrote amazing piece for CNN health
and it kick started breast cancer month she wrote about her double mastectomy
the double mastectomy that she had because her BRCA tests came back
because so many women in her family had died of breast cancer
let that sink in
my friend
have her breasts amputated
so that she would be alive to raise her children
pretty reasonable right?
and you know what this stuff
is part of parenting
this is part of mothering
i had a BRCA test
and I had a BRCA test after I had my kids. Well
it kind of existed after I had my kids
but I had the BRCA test in the time of my life when I knew I would do something about it
mine came back negative
but I knew
when i took that test if that thing came back positive and i was destined to have
breast or ovarian cancer
that my breasts and my ovaries needed to
be taken off of my body
so that i could be alive to raise my children
And no mistake
there's not a small decision for women this is not a small surgery
the family is
deeply deeply impacted anytime that somebody's not well if they're not
well for three months or six weeks after one of the surgeries
how would you like them to be ill for for six months
currently one of the women closest to me
at the exact midway point in her chemotherapy
if she could have had her mastectomy... if she had a crystal ball
i believe
that i can speak for her and say that she would have had this
uh, a mastectomy
so that she would not have had
the cancer
you guys
are absolutely not gonna believe this
i want you to hear some of the comments
this is from Lieutenant Colonel Jesus
Jesus is proud of you right now.
Isn't it nice to have these options oh so brave oh so strong
spare me
many women you know the ones who live on twenty thousand dollars a year and less
and don't have any kind of medical care except a clinic and who die at thirty
forty fifty
will never get anything even close to this kind of medical care why don't you
spare us the self congratulatory bs articles and do something for them
pretty sure
we're all trying to get universal health care
here's another one
I would hope that Mrs Gilbert would take this lesson and share with her daughter
I would hope that she would have her daughter tested for this genetic defect
and if positive implore her daughter to never have any children as this defect
in the human organism would be passed along creating a sort of chain of
suffering and despair for further generations
i'm not talking about old-fashioned eugenics
just making the human race safe from the genetic defects that the b_r_c_a_ genes
are an indicator of
and the related genetic defects known and unknown. she took the right step in
not having her family suffer for now
i think she should be convincing her defected progeny to discontinue to
people are lovely
though it's october is breast cancer awareness month
I could not be more aware
because I have my bald friend running around
so I am aware
do your breast exams
get your mamograms
do yourself a favor also
before you go giving money to some bullshit foundation like the susan g
blah blah blah
whatever it is
let's stop buying things like Doritos with pink ribbons on them. I mean
they're really a step away from like putting pink ribbons on Marlboros now
enjoy your cigarette enjoy your big mac whatever it is but let's not pretend
like it's all about breast health
let's be good to ourselves
if you have if you fall into one of these very high risk groups

BRCA might be a good idea. Testing for
i don't know. I can't answer for you
but I can tell you don't be an asshole online