Sweden At War 1/6 War for Peace (Krig för Fred)

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In 2001 American troops removed Taliban from power in Kabul.
Sweden have for the past ten years participated in the international security force ISAF.
500 Swedish soldiers have responsibility for peace and security in an area the size of Portugal.
The vehicles behind us are starting to fall behind. Over.
Copy that. Over.
Alpha Sierra. Wait, hold 30 and maintain contact with me.
Now we are going through a pass where our units have had contact with the enemy earlier.
We're going to fly over the tops with a small remote controlled airplane first to see if there are enemies.
If the enemy is there we hope to bomb them.
War for Peace
Battle by Nghala
This will be tight.
The Afghan Security Police have reported disturbances in the southern Swedish security zone.
A 150 man troop arrives in the village Jarghan.
The operation involves Afghan military and police together with Swedish soldiers.
Their mission is to search and arrest Taliban in the area.
They came and demanded every foreigner leave the area.
We told them no when they were here.
There were two Taliban's here. They had meetings twice.
The second time the people told them they didn't want Taliban here.
So they were here until yesterday.
Earlier there were rumors that when Taliban were here, -
- their demands were the same as the peoples.
I went to the different villages he mentioned.
Nobody made the same demands as Taliban.
Under a firefight his shop burned down. He is broke. Now the poor man has nothing.
Safe it can't be. As soon as you leave they come back.
What will the poor people then do?
In Afghanistan about 500 Swedish soldiers serve 6 months at a time.
The majority is stationed at Camp Northern Lights in Mazar-e Sharif.
During 2010 three Swedish soldiers died.
16th October gunner platoon Alpha Quebec lost their friend and colleague Kenneth.
During combat they hit a road mine.
It's a solid plate.
-They drove into the explosion. -There you can see the rear hatch.
-How big was the pressure. -Shaft, plain off.
It went up quite a bit. Here is from the site.
You have some rebar that pokes up by the debris.
-Hell of a blast. -And you were taking fire?
-Yes, we returned fire for some time. -200 meters? -300 meter, maybe 400.
Very hectic at the moment.
Kenneth Wallin was my responsibility, it was my decision to advance as we did.
He was my responsibility and I have to live with that for the rest of my life.
That's the chief's lottery, that's how it is to be in the military.
It feels unreal when you see it.
Kenneth and I lived together. Since his death I have been living alone.
They wanted someone to live with me, but after thinking over it, -
- I felt ok with living alone. To continue, it felt right to do.
This was our room.
We were five onboard.
-Six with the priest. -Seven with Kenneth.
He got his own seat.
We are not complete when we return home. We are missing an important piece.
We don't have Kenneth with us, simple as that.
I feel grief and loss after him. It's also a reminder of the seriousness we meet here.
Johan and Gunner fell in February. Kenneth in October.
It's not over yet, more will die.
Combat contact.
I can take that one in my hand.
At least you managed to dodge your head.
The Afghan Security Police, NDS have given information that -
- makes the forces search for Taliban's in the area.
NDS have reported a number of insurgents that have been in this village, -
- have moved out to another village where there is a ... stronghold as they call it.
They leave Jarghan to get closer to the Taliban's.
They move towards a height close to Nghala.
Alpha Sierra. This is Sierra Lima. Orientation.
ANP have detained a civilian in ANA uniform.
They are just going to drive him back.
We have seen eight insurgents up here 2000 meters from the village Nghala.
What's happened so far, we have the village there.
From northern direction we have received fine caliber fire, long distance.
No enemy activity seen, only heard fine caliber fire.
On the top there sits a man in a trench keeping overlook.
And he was shooting from there.
-Eight enemies? -Yes. No, one.
One enemy there.
-Eight enemy there. -Ok.
If I interpret right we have one enemy up on the height and eight further down.
So far we have had no combat contact.
So we'll see what plan the platoon chief and mentor cooks up.
It pops in the air. We have small caliber fire in the air.
Let them shoot. Take cover.
Is it that mountain? Fuck if I know, just heard the shots.
There is a brave fellow up on the top here.
Almost 3000 meter up there.
The bullets don't reach that far, they can't fight us.
Brave fellow but not very intelligent. He probably doesn't know he can't affect us.
Shots coming.
Good. Shoot more.
Gentleman war this ... We can stand and smoke and drink coffee with the enemy over there.
What are we really doing? What will come out of it?
Or are we dumb naive Swedes that think we are accomplishing something?
First time I was here in 04-05 I could walk around unhindered.
Unhindered in all of northern Afghanistan.
We went around in unarmored civilian Toyota.
It's not exactly like that today. Feels like it has gone in the wrong direction.
The least they could do at home is to present an accurate picture.
Since they actually send people here they should take the responsibility to give an accurate picture as well.
Because right now I don't think the government is taking their full responsibility.
When you don't give the correct picture ...the people will not understand.
The focus is completely elsewhere on what's important.
So fucking much ... soft values and nonsense.
It's about time ...
What's not reported home is that we actually kill people on the other side.
Usually it's half a line, "Swedish troops attacked, no friendly casualties". That's it.
This actually isn't a game. This is real, this is serious.
Another thing they don't talk much about at home. Everyone wants to be in combat, -
- but when you talk about it in gatherings, schools and such it's treated like ... something filthy.
It's like: "Nobody wants to be a part of that".
Sure as hell you want to be a part of it. You want to be put to the test.
Nothing weird, everyone wants that. No fireman goes around wanting to put out training fires forever.
He wants to put out a house.
I have talked to the platoon chief about the mission goals and that -
- is to arrest or kill the enemy.
So since we have them here now we should apply more pressure.
We did some nice shooting but the platoon chief wants us to shoot some more.
Are we in agreement now? We will bomb the top.
They are shooting towards us and our advancement is limited so we -
- will bomb because they have shown they want a fight. -I think so as well
By shooting at us they show "hostile intent" as it's called.
If we get jets here we can bomb the top.
Shoot more.
Good. Shoot more. Shoot more.
We have observed enemy fire.
We have difficulties observing the target because of the long distance.
We gather they are trying to shoot at us, totally ineffective but nonetheless with hostile intent.
This is Sierra Lima. Requesting air support. Over.
Jet has been arranged.
In this case the enemy has not understood our system.
They shoot at us. They thus show hostile intent.
We are then in our full right to bomb them. According to me.
We have placed order, currently no delivery time.
Observation top left, minimum one shooter.
If they see the enemy and place a bomb on them they will be knocked out.
Nothing left.
The enemy is the enemy, they are not people, who are concerned about the future.
It's easier to think of the enemy as an opponent you fight instead of somebody with family.
I won't go mixing too many personal feelings into my job.
Especially since it's ... harshly put about killing people.
Because I don't kill people, I do my mission and that might involve fighting or defeating enemies.
I won't stand here and say I kill people. I complete missions.
I have fought enemies because that was what it took to do my mission.
Somebody probably takes it heavy not knowing who they are.
It could be a family father ... with children to support.
Someone that has ...
Been given a few dollars to shoot at us.
That didn't have anything to do with the case but just needed the money for his family.
Could also be the case.
One is not unaffected by taking another man's life.
Someone else will be grieving.
Even when he had bad intentions, according to us.
One ton bombs
Up in the mountain the Swedish and Afghan troops wait for air support.
An American bomber is in the air and closing.
They are about to fire the mortar, to see if he returns fire, -
- so the jet can see him and bomb.
Just fire. Let's get some pause music.
Pause music.
Now they fire again.
This is our reality. We know people die in war.
We get rather pleased when the right people die.
And sad when our people die.
We make no separation between our brothers in ANA and our own.
We view it as success each time we take out somebody that shoots on our own.
And we hope not to lose any of our own in ANA or ISAF.
Top on the left, one shooter at least.
They have themselves chosen, they know the risk.
They are the enemy simply put.
Guess we take lunch now.
30-50 shots in total.
You are supposed to maintain security.
There are women and children here. People are at work ... you can't do this.
For fuck's sake don't hit the trees if you open fire.