Saturday Night Fever (5/9) Movie CLIP - Nothing Personal (1977) HD

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But that's it. We could just dance together and nothing more.
Nothing personal. I don't want you coming on to me. Why not?
Because I don't date guys like you anymore for one thing.
You're too young, you haven't got any class, and, yeah,
I'm sick of jerk-off guys ain't got their shit together!
Oh, come on. It's easy to get your shit together.
All you need is a salad bowl, a potato masher--
Get your shit together.
Would you like to know what I do? It's not necessary.
I'll tell you what I do. I work in a paint store, and I got a raise this week.
Right. You work in a paint store, right? You live with your family,
You hang out with your buddies and on Saturday night you go, you blow it off at 2001, right?
That's right. You're a clichĂŠ.
You're nowhere. On your way to no place.
What do you got? A fuckin' stairway to the stars, or what?
Yeah, maybe. I'm taking a course nights at the new school.
Next semester, I'm gonna take two.
Now, you, you probably didn't get no college, did you? No, I did not.
Well, did you ever think about going to college? No.
Not ever? No. Did you?
Not back then-- then what you bugging me about it for?
Why didn't you ever want to go?
Just fuck off, will ya? Well, tell me, why not?
Jesus christ! I didn't.
The thing is, the high I get at 2001 is just dancin'.
It's not being the best or nothing like that.
The only thing is that I-I would like to get that high someplace else in my life.
You know? Like where?
I don't know where. I don't know. Someplace.
You see, dancin', it can't last forever. It's a short-lived thing.
But, I'm getting older, you know.
You know, I feel like-- I feel like, so what, I'm gettin' older.
Does that mean, like, I can't feel that way about nothin' left in my life?
Is that it? Listen, uh, we gotta split here.
No, I'll walk you the rest of the way.
No, I'll meet you at the dance studio, just like we said.
Stephanie, I can walk you home. Look, nothing personal, right?
Oh, come on, stephanie. I could walk you.
Aw, jesus christ! You know?