RomaHeta 6 - part 2 [English sub]

Uploaded by SotetAG on 15.04.2010

Roderich has been defeated? How disappointing.
However, the 3Ds are coming down here. This is only the first one.
So you're the Error! What are you going to do to Roderich?!
Vash, please step aside. I have no use for you at the moment.
Don't make me laugh!!
Healing Potion
Chaotic Flowerfall
You can't get past here.
You're here!!
Likewise, you can't move from here, Ivan!!
I'll leave you to that, Kiku!!
Can you see from the corner of your eye?
I'm going to fire my cheat code!!!
... Well?
... If you want to pass, go ahead.
I am my brother's ally, not your enemy.
Hmm. You don't have to help Ivan?
... Go.
You got past Ivan? These 3Ds really are a pain.
Hahahahaha! You may have made it here, but this place is going to be your graveyard, you bastards!
Wow! I wish I'd said that line.
Is IS pretty good, isn't it? It seems so authentic.
Hey, you generals of evil! Get ready!
Look, can you guys take this seriously?!
Everyone is getting infected right and left...
Herbal Medicine (Blue)
Herbal Medicine (Blue)
Herbal Medicine (Blue)
Medical Heal
Medicinal Wine
German Thumbing
Medical Heal
Being Alone Is Too Fun!
Medical Heal
Being Alone Is Too Fun!
Medical Heal
Medical Heal
Beer Thumbing
El Wind
Herbal Medicine (Red)
Chavalier de Rosé
Beer Thumbing
El Wind
Medical Heal
Beer Thumbing
El Wind
Hah...! Not bad! Hey, West, don't lower your guard!
... Likewise, Gilbert.
*sigh* They really are strong!
I think now is a good time...
Kiku! Can you hear me?
"Yes, I'm fine! ... I'm coming!"
Hey, what are you muttering over there?!
Hurry, Kiku!!
Sorry for making you wait! Now Ivan, Ludwig, and Gilbert are temporarily paralysed!
We don't have much time, so we can't use the patch.
Please knock them out and carry them!
No hard feelings!
Obtained Dungeons Key!
The temporary paralysis is over!
It looks like Ivan's ability to teleport will still be disabled for a while, so let's get out of here!
Got it!
Obtained Katzbalger!
Obtained Zweihänder!
Whoa! That's the—
We're carrying these two, and we don't have time to fight!
Someone will have to stay behind to stop it...
Wow! Is that Hatsune Miku?!
Master, I'll take care of this!!
No! It's dangerous! Too dangerous!
Protecting my master is my duty! You can count on Mika!
I-I don't really understand what's going on, but... we've got to go, now!
Mika... I'm sorry!!!
Get ready! HOACHAAAAAAA!!!
What the—What happened?!
Wait, um, isn't this place—?
Looks like they're back to normal!
*sigh* I'm so relieved!
Um, what's that "Death Ruler" that Kiku was talking about?
It's when you die on purpose and go back to the place where you last saved!
Since he came here as a player, he went back to the real world when he died on purpose.
That's—that's a great ability...
Thanks to that, we were able to stop Ludwig, Gilbert, and Ivan!
... What happened? Hey, what about Feliciano and his brother?
Oh, don't worry. They're probably the safest of all.
We're the ones who are in danger of being targeted, since we're worn out. Oh, and don't leave this hut.
Why not?
Kiku built us this room with protective walls from the real world!
Even the Error can't get in!
So, what the hell? My head hurts, and my stomach, too...
Ah, sorry about that, Gilbert! I dropped you on your head when I was carrying you.
So it's your fault?!
Still... I'm really tired.
I think I'm going to pass out from exhaustion.
The Error can't get in, so why don't we take a rest?
And... Roderich?
Hey, you fool, I told you to let go me!
It seems that this idiot has also been infected. I tied him up and brought him here.
How did you know about this place?
Honda contacted us through the PHS...
We encountered the Error, but Honda attacked it from the real world. I also retrieved all the weapons.
Hahahahaha! You're looking good, rich boy!
Ugh... I won't forget this humiliation!
He's talking just like you, Princess Peach.
Stop calling me Princess Peach! I mean, you got caught, too!
But Ludwig and I were only caught once! So we're more like Princess Daisy.
Can't you two shut up?!
Vash, you hold Roderich! Wang Yao, you use the patch to cure him! Gilbert and Antonio, you get the weapons!
The rest of you, stand by and wait for further orders! Everyone, move, now!!
See what you did? It's your fault that Ludwig went into drill sergeant mode!
My fault?!
Side talking is strictly forbidden!!
... I failed again.
The 3Ds have stranger powers than I thought...
I didn't expect them to work together, either.
Oh, do not worry.
My power keeps amplifying. Sooner or later, even if they do not cooperate,
I should be able to establish them into this world.
... Yes.
... That's right.
Someday, that world will be—