Rock Contest #1 - Milkie LifeStyle

Uploaded by milkieTV on 27.08.2012

We're here in Nova Trento in Santa Catarina
together with all our friends for the First Milkie Rock Contest,
which will be a Trick Bike competition with the band playing and good times all around.
Everything is ready for the start of the race.
There will be 16 athletes, competing in four rounds with four competitors each.
First and second place from each round move on to the semifinals.
So, let's begin the first round!
Replay that!
Here we have the eight semifinalists,
so we're moving on to the next round. Let's go!
If any of those bastards pass through here, I'm gonna get them.
Good afternoon.
I've noticed your dog in the back seat isn't wearing a seat belt.
I'm going to have to give him a ticket.
Let's have a look here. Ideally, you would want to put some newspaper on the seat here in case anything happens. Right, little buddy?
I was going to give you a fine, but your dog is too cute.
I'll let this one slide.
I'm even going to give you a sticker.
Thanks bro. Here's one for her too.
Give 'em to the kids. It's Father's Day tomorrow.
Thanks a lot man. Take it easy.
Now we'll move on to the Freestyle round
There will be 3 judges to decide who wins
and athletes will be judged based on the noise from the crowd.
So, let's go!
We're here now with the 4 winners from the semifinals and let's move on to the final round.
Here we have Fritz, Pirate, Witch, and Samurai.
Let's begin!
And that was the First Milkie Rock Contest!