Bruce Almighty (7/9) Movie CLIP - Bruce Answers Prayers (2003) HD

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[ Girl's Voice ] Seeing him smile would make me so happy.
Prayers, prayers. Okay, prayers. Oh!
[ Overlapping Voices ]
Organization and management is what l need.
l need a system. Something concrete.
Let all prayers be organized into files.
[Voices Stop]
Well, that takes care ofthe voices.
Not exactly a space saver though.
Grace might notice.
l know. Prayer Post-lts!
[ Dog Barks ]
Okay, l need something with a lock, security, combination, a password.
A password.
[ Man ] #Yahweh ##
[ ComputerVoice ] You've got prayers.
Welcome to the revelation superhighway.
We bless. No mess. Downloading now.
[ Laughs ] It's good. It's good.
This is gonna take a while.
[ Birds Chirping ]
[ Grunts, Groans ]
1 ,527,503 prayer requests?
l'd better manifest some coffee.
- [ Knocking ] - Hola,Juan Valdez.
Buenos días. Buenos días.
Disfrute un buen café. Gracias, se\code(0144)or.
Adiós. [ Burro Brays ]
- Adiós. - [ Barks ]
Ah! Now, that's fresh mountain-grown coffee from the hills ofColombia.
[ Beeping ]
[ Burps ] It's good.
lt's good!
Okay, l had to have made some kind ofa dent by now.
Oh, come on! [ Sighs ]
What a bunch ofwhiners. This is gonna suck up my whole life.
[ Sighs ] You knowwhat?
Yes to all! [ Laughs ]
Yeah, thereya go.
Now eveybody's happy.