BEST iOS 5 Jailbreak Tweaks (Ep. 3)

Uploaded by TechTechManTV on 20.11.2011

Hey guys, Adam here back with episode 3
of my best iOS 5 jailbreak tweaks.
So for this video I have 4 jailbreak tweaks
and all of them are pretty decent
there really hasn't been that many great iOS 5
jailbreak tweaks out in the last couple of weeks.
But the first one is a really useful tweak,
it's called Lockscreen Multitasking and it does
exactly what you would think. It allows you guys to
access your multitasking bar from your lock screen,
so pretty much once you install the tweak, which
is free in the BigBoss Repo, you double click your
home button from the lock screen, and it will
simply open up your multitasking tray where you can
now access all of your applications very easily,
so for example if I click on settings it will bring me
to settings as well as unlock the phone.
Next up is a tweak called BlurriedNCBackground.
This is a really useful tweak and I guarantee it
won't look that great from the camera, through the video and all,
and what it does is it allows you to blur the background
on your notification center. So there it is and I'm
not sure how great it will come through the camera,
but this looks absolutely sweet, I have it as
blurred as it can be and of course you can lower
the blurriness. But I think this is a really
awesome tweak that adds a lot of cool look to
notification center. Next up is a tweak called
NCQuickDismiss, this does two things, number one
it allows you to add this little "X" right there
to quickly dismiss Notification Center. And it also
allows you to quickly dismiss all of your
notifications, so let me demo this right now.
So let me send myself a text message. So I have a
lot of those there, so Hi, send. And quickly exit out.
And you guys will now see we have that little X there
and you tap on that and it quickly dismisses
your notification and that is NCQuickDismiss and it's
free in the Big Boss Repo. Next up we have a tweak
called ClearLockNotifications. Let me send myself
a couple of text messages to show you how this works.
So as you can see here I now have two notifications
on my lock screen and what ClearNotifications does is
it allows you to tap on the icon for the application
and quickly dismiss all of the notifications.
So I'll tap on it, and now we have that little 2X,
so I click on that, and now all of my notifications
were dismissed for that application. So guys that
was best iOS 5 jailbreak tweaks episode 3. If
you enjoyed be sure to leave a like rating below
and comment what your favorite iOS 5 jailbreak tweak is.
Anyways guys thanks a lot for watching.