Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye

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Good morning, Mr. Verma! - Good morning!
Greetings, Mr. Verma! - Greetings!
Greetings sir! - Thank you!
Greetings, Mr. Verma!
Mr. Verma! - Yes.
I have signed all the papers and the cheques. - Yes.
Mr. Verma, this time you tell Subramaniam..
..to give the speech on Exporters Annual Conference.
And whatever advice you want regarding..
..Overseas construction project..
..that you take from Sallawali.
I would say that you take all the work to the head office..
..and you look after it yourself.
But sir, you will at least come for the annual meeting, isn't it?
Have you seen this guard of Mr. Farid?
It is the order of Doctor Farid, that go for a walk..
..morning and evening, rest in the afternoon.
And these two hours that I come here..
..that is only for you.
Sir, you think of a plan to make Prem work.
Pillu, get me Prem! - Yes, sir!
You too think of something!
Why don't you get him married?
After marriage he will automatically understand..
..the meaning of responsibility.
But he should select some girl.
Oh! Bloody hell.
Sir, he is on the line.
Hello Prem! - Oh Greetings, grandpa!
God bless you, my child! Have you woken up?
I have woken up a long time back.
I read the paper, I shaved and now I am just going for my bath.
He is lying! - I know!
Okay, my dear after your bath please come down..
..in the hall as soon as possible.
Today I have asked them to make..
..your favorite breakfast.
But grandpa, today I am going out for breakfast.
My dear, you eat out everyday. One day you can have it with me.
Come down, my son! Come down!
But grandpa..
Sir, you! Greetings, sir!
Last night what did I tell you?
Yes, that carrot sweet! But sir, Prem never eats at home..
..and you are advised not to eat, isn't it?
Do you want to keep your job or not?
Sir, I have already made the carrot sweet.
It is ready and it is delicious.
So, then keep it on the table.
Yes, sir, I will keep it immediately.
Shut up!
Hey! Hey! You are eating a cigar?
I am not eating eat, I am smoking it.
Doctor will get very angry!
You are my servant or the doctor's?
Doctor sir will throw me out of the job.
Okay! And listen! - Yes!
Tell younger sir to come to the dining hall. - Okay!
Hey Shambhu! - Yes, Mr. Das!
Tell younger sir to come to come for breakfast.
To eat food! - Yes!
And take this away! - What should I do with this?
Throw it away! Throw it away! - Throw it?
Hey! You are again smoking a cigar?
I am not smoking, I am eating it!
Yes, eating it! Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir! Sir! Listen!
Sir, give me that cigar! Give me that cigar!
Sir, listen to me! Give me that cigar! Sir, listen!
Prem? - Oh! Hi Rita darling!
Darling, last night you were looking ravishing.
Oh, you were looking terrific! - That I know!
How? Last night I did not say anything to you?
Oh! Your eyes and your breath told me everything.
Now come soon! Till you don't come I..
Younger, sir! Sir has called you downstairs.
Okay darling, I am coming just now!
Okay, younger sir!
You are eating sweet?
I am not eating it, I am just tasting it for Prem.
That too you are tasting for Prem? - Yes!
Sir, I tell you! Sir, give that to me! Sir! Sir! Sir, give it to me.
Sir, give it to me! Doctor will be angry..
..he will throw me out of the job.
The doctor eats, you too eat, it is very nice. - I don't want to eat it.
Sir, younger sir says that darling, I am just coming.
Darling? - Yes!
He is talking to some girl on the telephone.
He is calling her a darling!
Eat! Eat! The doctor will see! Throw it!
Senior sir! Senior sir! Senior sir! - What is it, Sukhiya?
Doctor, sir! - Oh! I am finished!
You have the guts!
You stand in front of me smoking a cigar?
Shameless fellow! Are you not ashamed?
See Farid! Did you see? You have kept him to look after me.
And he is standing behind me smoking a cigar.
He does not have any shame.
God knows haw many bad habits he has?
Shall I throw this cigar?
Hey! Take it away! Take it away!
I am going! I am going! - Get out! Get out! - I am going!
Come on all of you! Come on!
All of you get out! - Come on all of you out!
Did you see! My times are bad!
Great! Great! Great! Harkishen if you would not have been..
..a businessman that you would definitely..
..have been a very good actor.
Thank you! Thank you! - Thank you?
What else should I call you other than shameless?
You can say what you want, but I am innocent.
I swear on God, Harkishen, if you do not leave your habits..
..then I will not treat you.
Look here! The servants make mistakes..
..and I get the brunt of it.
This is the reason for all your ailments.
You run after food that you are not supposed to eat.
What have I done? All the members in this house..
..are always after me.
Greetings, doctor uncle! - God bless you son!
Greetings, grandpa!
Grandpa! What happened to grandpa?
I will shave off my head and go to Haridwar.
No one is bothered about me over here!
Hey Harkishen! - You do not want to treat me, don't treat. I am going!
Oh! Harkishen, if you go to Haridwar..
..then whom will his wife serve?
Who will play with his children?
But Farid how will all this happen?
That is when he gets married, isn't it? - He will get married!
Okay grandpa, I am going. I am getting late.
Did you hear? When you talk of work..
..this prince just walks away!
Son, whom are you going to meet early in the morning?
Yes, I have to go and meet my friend, he is waiting for me.
Is a girl waiting for you or a boy? - What? - Yes!
This boy was talking to some girl on the telephone in the morning..
..darling, I am coming!
Great! Great! Great! Then when are you getting married?
Doctor uncle, what is the hurry?
Again the same answer!
My son, till today you did not like any girl that we selected.
Now at least marry some girl of your choice.
My son, is there any girl like that..
..whom you want to marry? Tell me! Tell me!
Do not feel shy! Speak up!
Yes! Yes!
Great! Great! Who is she? Where is she?
Harkishen, did you hear? - I heard!
Great! When are you going to bring her here?
Just in 2-4 days! - Promise? Great! What is her name?
Rita! - Lovely! The name Rita is very nice.
How does she look?
Okay, grandpa, I am going!
Did you see, Harkishen? Till you were handling the matter..
..the result was zero.
Today, I handled the matter, the result was instant.
The matter was solved immediately!
As it is you are an old doctor and a bachelor too.
What do you know what is the meaning of a wife?
If you allow him to bring the girl of his choice.
God knows what type of a girl will he bring?
Harkishen.. a bride is the one whom the groom likes. Yes!
Hey Kammo! The customer has come!
Oh my God!
Hey Kammo! He is coming back again! - Oh my God!
Oh hi, Hans! - Hi!
How are you? - Fine!
Light! Steady! - Hey wait, there is a fly!
Wait! Now take it! - Steady! Thank you!
If you click such photographs and if that sir sees them..
..then my daughter will not be allowed to get married in that house.
Don't worry, madam! I am an AD man, I am not a mad man.
Look here.. - From where have these flies come?
Hi everybody! - Hi boss!
Hello baby! - Hi! - For you!
Come! - What happened?
Excuse us, folks! What is it?
What nonsense is this? - Love! Love! Love!
Oh! I am so happy, Prem! I am so happy!
Are you telling the truth?
Yes, the truth! Absolutely the truth.
Today grandpa has given his consent!
Oh darling! I am so happy! - Yes!
Oh Aunt! - What happened, baby?
Aunt, we are getting married! - Really?
Sir has agreed?
Aunt, what will he give his consent?
It was all because of doctor Farid that this has happened.
Congratulations, baby! - Thank you, mummy!
Congratulations, boss! Come on, let us celebrate!
Congratulations, my son! - Thank you!
Come aunt! - No, my son! What will an old woman like me..
..do in between you youngsters?
And she has to go to Shrinagar too.
I will do the packing! - Okay, aunt! See you!
I want to change! - Come on!
I need you! - A fly!
Who is this doctor Farid?
Farid! He is sir's very close friend. A fly!
Sorry! - Whenever I see, you keep saying sorry..
..while coming and going?
Why? Can't you drive past without splashing mud?
What is my fault if there is water on the road?
Drive from the other side!
Can't you sit on the other side?
Just see who is talking!
Now I should change my place? - Yes!
Sir, listen to me carefully! If you do this again..
..then I will puncture all the four tyres of your car.
Shut up! - You, shut up!
Hey, sister Kammo, what are you doing? What are you doing?
Brother Jagdish, still I have not done anything..
..but now I will do. - But why? Why?
This man said shut up to me!
The meaning of shut up means he says you are nice.
But who is he, to call me nice?
That is also correct! Who are you? - Shut up!
Oh Prem, why do you want to argue with these..
..roadside people?
Look at this! This stupid girl calls me roadside? - Shut up!
What? She is abusing me?
Yes, that is abuse! - Hey! No scissors! No, scissors!
Where are you going? I will teach her a lesson!
I would have taught him a lesson.
I would not have spared him! But what to do, he is my boss!
He may be! What has it got to do with me?
What has it got to do with me? - Why did you allow her to abuse me?
Sister Kammo, how was your father's photo..
..which I had enlarged and brought?
That was very nice! - It was very nice, isn't it?
I will make one bigger than that!
Bigger than that? - Yes, bigger than that!
Very big! Big! Big!
You are coming to the airport in the morning?
Yes, sharp at six. Okay! - Okay!
Good night! - Good night! Sweet dreams! - Bye! - Miss me!
Prem, you have come! Sir, suddenly fell seriously ill.
He is very serious!
Doctor Farid says that the next forty eight hours are very critical.
God alone knows what will happen?
If nothing untoward happens then all will be well.
Let's hope so!
Ventricular Fabrication! Bring it fast! Hurry up!
Harkishen! Harkishen!
Give me the injection! Quick!
Harkishen! Harkishen!
Harkishen! Harkishen.
Farid! - Yes, tell me!
Prem.. you have come?
Yes, grandpa!
Hey silly boy, now at least call her!
Who grandpa?
Daughter-in-law! Your, Rita..
I would like to see her once before I go.
Then I can rest in peace.
You fool! I am all right!
I am absolutely fine!
Listen! Just once get the daughter-in-law!
Go Prem, go bring Rita! Quickly!
Mister, the Shrinagar flight took off just now. - Oh no!
Now what shall I do?
Hello! - 205! - Yes!
Call from Mumbai! - Hello! Yes!
Call from Mumbai, please!
Call from Mumbai? - Yes!
Put him on! - Speak here!
Prem! Hi! First tell me why didn't you come to the..
..airport in the morning?
Yes! Yes! Give me all the excuses! Make more!
Come on, I have forgiven you. At least you called me up.
Prem, I swear, the moment I got down at the airport..
..I remembered you a lot!
Oh! Why don't you listen to me?
Grandpa has suffered a sever heart attack.
And he is on Oxygen! - Oh God! Prem, I am so sorry!
He has only one wish, that he should see his..
..future daughter-in-law. So that he can bless her.
Don't worry, Prem! I will cancel all my programs..
..and I am coming back by the next flight. Okay! Have courage!
Okay! Bye!
Yes, madam! - Operator, get me airport! Hurry up! - Okay!
Younger sir, there is a call for you.
Farid uncle, Rita must have come.
Hello! Prem here! Rita, you have come?
No! - What? You are still there?
I said that the climate here is very bad.
There is heavy snowfall!
It is impossible to come out from here!
I don't know what to do?
Harkishen, now how do you feel?
Looks like my time has come.
No! No! Why do you talk like this?
Hey! Doctor!
You being a doctor, you have tears in your eyes?
Keep quiet! You are not supposed to talk.
Buddy, at least now don't scold me when I am dying!
Harkishen, please!
Has Prem come? - Yes!
He did not bring the daughter-in-law?
She must be on the way!
Why are you giving me false hopes?
Looks like my wish will not be fulfilled!
My wish!
Farid, you get Prem married..
..with a lot of splendor.
Harkishen, please for God's sake keep quiet! Keep quiet!
Harkishen, keep quiet! Keep quiet!
Oh Lord! Oh Lord!
Where is Prem?
Yes, doctor uncle? Yes!
You are not at all bothered about your grandfather?
You cannot fulfill his one wish?
The moment Rita arrives, she will directly come here.
Yes, she will arrive and will directly come here.
I have heard this many times!
Shame! Such carelessness! When.. when he is struggling..
..between life and death.
No! No! Doctor uncle, don't say that!
Say that grandpa will be fine! He will definitely get well.
If you are so concerned about your grandpa..
..then before something happens to your grandpa..
..bring Rita over here!
Even I want to see when this grandpa's favorite..
..fulfills his grandpa's wishes.
Do something before he dies!
Jagdish, please help me. - Help me?
Boss, what is the matter? You sound very scared?
Grandpa is very serious! - Oh my God!
I will come there immediately!
But at least listen to me! Grandpa wants to see..
..his future daughter-in-law. Rita can't come..
..as there is heavy snowfall in Shrinagar.
This snowfall had to happen just now in Shrinagar..
..when there is a fire burning here?
Jagdish, do anything! But get someone here temporarily..
..to pose as a daughter-in-law.
Then what is there to be so scared of?
I will do one thing! I will bring one of the models..
..as the daughter-in-law.
Come! - Brother Jagdish, is this the daughter-in-law?
Yes! Yes!
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law has come!
Hey aunt! - Please, come.
Oh he is very well, thank you!
This is the doctors.. - Hey aunt, the daughter-in-law has come.
Aunt, the daughter-in-law has come!
Aunt, the daughter-in-law has come!
What? The daughter-in-law has come? - Yes, aunt!
My dear, Prem! The daughter-in-law has come.
Jagdish, this is the daughter-in-law, isn't it?
Yes! Yes! Mr. Verma!
Prem.. - Yes, grandpa..
Tell the daughter-in-law to come near me.
My dear, come near grandpa!
You found this time to make fun like this?
Boss, what do you mean?
You did not find anyone else so you decked up that..
..flower vendor and brought her over here?
Oh boss, I am an AD man!
You are not an AD man, but you are a mad man. A mad man.
No! No! I know what my client wants!
Did you see how happy Grandpa was?
And you too wanted this!
And boss, where do you have to get married to her?
Let grandpa be happy, boss! Let him be happy! Let him be happy!
Daughter-in-law, come closer!
Take care of Prem!
I had this last wish to see you, that is fulfilled.
My dear, he needs to take rest.
Prem, take the daughter-in-law out.
My sister, at least listen to me!
If I would have known that this house belongs to that man..
..who always splashes mud on me.
Then I would never have come here with you.
Please, it is the question of my prestige!
Why did you lie to me? - But what will the people say?
His pressure has come down. But that does not mean..
..that he is out of danger.
Jagdish! - Yes!
For at least.. - Is the daughter-in-law going? - Yes!
There was an urgent call from home.
There is urgent work. I will just be back! - I see!
He is talking with his future daughter-in-law!
Farid, now you do this, you call her parents and..
My friend, I will do as you say.
Not just her parents, but I will call her entire family.
But now you go to sleep. - Okay.
Sister Kammo, please forgive me!
Thank you very much! - Yes, thank you!
Greetings, sister! - Greetings, Kammo!
Forgive me father, I have come late.
Still the light has not been switched on.
Father, I will come just now! I will start the stove and come.
Father, shall I tell you what happened today?
That brother Jagdish, he dressed me up..
..and took me to someone's place.
I will tell you whose house? That egoistic man!
The same one who splashes mud!
If I would have known earlier, would I have gone there?
I would never go there!
But father, his grandfather is very nice.
That poor man is very sick.
May God make him better quickly!
He should get well soon!
Father, after seeing him, I remembered you a lot.
Father, at times this loneliness eats me up.
I want to know, why did she go away?
Oh! She will come back! You wait!
Call her! Call her quickly, otherwise I will get up.
Harkishen, what are you doing?
I told you she will come.
Just see your pulse in the monitor!
Let your monitor go to hell! I will break your machine.
Call that Prem and tell him to quickly bring her.
Prem must be coming, Harkishen, for Gods sake keep quiet!
See he has come! For God's sake go and get the..
..daughter-in-law! He has created a commotion over here!
Daughter-in-law? - Yes!
But she has gone home! To Pune!
She has only gone to Pune and not to London?
You call her up! She will come here in two hours.
Look here, do not make it late.
Farid, tell him! If I die then I am not responsible.
Grandpa. Please, don't say like this. I will immediately go.
Farid! - Yes!
Yesterday I saw daughter-in-law.
I slept very peacefully at night.
I saw in my dreams that daughter-in-law is serving me.
Hello! I am Prem speaking! - Good morning, sir!
Please, give the phone to Jagdish.
Sir, he has gone out in the morning for out door shooting.
Where has he gone?
Beyond Shirdi, somewhere on the Ahmednagar road.
Darn it!
Today you did not splash mud?
Kammo.. The thing is, Kammo.. Kammo, my grandpa's health..
..is just the same.
The moment he got up in the morning, he remembered you.
I have come to take you.
Now look at this! Today you need the help of this roadside girl?
Kammo, my grandpa's life is in danger. Please, do not refuse.
I will pay you as much as you want for this work.
Again money? Sir, all poor people cannot be bribed with money.
And why should I have the greed for money..
..when I don't want to buy a bungalow or a car.
Kammo, the thing is.. - Oh no! Sir, you go away from here.
Please, don't waste my time. I have still not sold anything.
Okay! As you wish! I am going!
Oh yes! For how much are all these flowers?
Now you are talking business! All these flowers must be..
..around 200 rupees.
Take! Keep them in the car! - Okay!
Hey, not in front! Keep them at the back!
Come on, get in and keep them at the back.
Carefully! Yes.
Hey! What is this? Sir, I say stop the car!
Otherwise it will be very bad for you, sir.
I am taking you so that nothing bad happens.
Look here, sir, you cannot pressurize me.
Stop the car and let me get down.
Sit quietly in the car.
Help me! Someone help me! Someone help me!
Oh Pandu! Someone is taking Kammo away!
Help me! Someone help me! Someone help me!
See, he has kidnapped her! Save that girl! Save her!
Inspector sir, go quickly!
Save me! Save me! Save me!
Help me! Someone help me! Someone help me!
Save me! Save me!
Stop the car! I say Mr. Prem! Stop the car!
Mr. Prem, stop the car!
Kammo, I know that what I have done is wrong.
But I did all this because of my grandpa.
This is the first time that he has asked something from me.
And that too I could not fulfill. Shame on me!
Kammo, what would you have done..
..if you would have been in my place?
Mr. Prem, you are under arrest!
You come with me to the police station.
Come with me just now to the police station.
Nothing has happened!
You have kidnapped a girl in front of everyone?
Inspector sir, what will he carry me off, I was taking him away.
What? - Yes!
That is why I was shouting.. drive fast! Drive fast!
But you were shouting.. help! Help!
Oh Inspector. Sir! That I was praying to God to save his grandpa.
Sir, come on from here! If we lock horns with these policemen..
..then we will be in trouble.
Inspector.. - Yes!
Can I go? - Were you really crying out to God?
I am telling you the truth!
Okay then, you can go!
Come on, sir! Inspector, please leave our way.
Let us go! - Yes! Yes! You go!
Now come on, sir! What are you watching?
You will come with me home? - Yes!
You will become the daughter-in-law of my grandpa? - Yes!
Grandpa, I have brought Rita!
Farid, give my glasses.
Come my dear, come! Come near grandpa!
Prem.. - Yes? - Is this your Rita?
Farid, can this happen?
Since last night I too am thinking the same thing.
Grandpa, she is Rita! Hundred percent she is Rita!
You only tell him that you are Rita! Tell him!
No.. I cannot believe.. that this can be your future wife.
Grandpa, I have done all this.. all this for your happiness.
Very good, my dear! Did you see, Wasn't I telling you that Prem..
..will always think about the family prestige.
Farid, you were right..
My dear, I was asking all this because I was thinking that..
..how did he become so sensible to select a girl like you.
I was under the impression that he would bring..
..some fashionable girl.
Grandpa, I have done all this for your happiness.
Prem dear, today I am very happy!
Sir! - Come, Sukhiya!
Did you see, sir! I was waiting outside..
..and Prem came in with the daughter-in-law.
Hey daughter-in-law, cover your head with the veil..
..I will welcome you.
What is the need of all this, aunt?
Is she a Goddess or something?
She is a Goddess, who has helped me to regain my life back.
Who is she if not a Goddess?
The one who has given me a new life..
..who else is she if not a Goddess?
My son, when the daughter-in-law enters the house..
..then she is a Goddess.
Come on Sukhiya, welcome the bride.
Daughter-in-law, cover your head with the veil, my dear.
Today is an auspicious day! Yes!
My dear, now put the bindi. Take! God bless you, my dear!
Always be happily married.
Daughter-in-law, touch this money.
This has to be distributed amongst the poor.
My dear, touch it!
Shambhu! - Yes aunt, give it!
Come my dear, touch your grandpa's feet and take his blessings.
God bless you, my child! God bless you!
Come! Come, near me!
My dear! God bless you! Always be happily married.
Always be happily married. Come! God bless you!
God bless you!
My dear, this is your younger grandpa!
He is not only my friend but he is more to me than my brother.
Take his blessings! Touch his feet. Go!
God bless you, my dear! May God always bless you!
Come, take the blessings of aunt Sukhiya!
She has looked after Prem since his childhood.
My dear, be very happy! May God give you all the happiness!
Today God has filled this lonely house with happiness.
Today if your grandma would be alive.
If all the other family members would be there..
..then they all would have been very happy to see you.
They would be very happy!
Prem, I too am very restless to come to you.
So that I can at least serve grandpa.
But Prem what can I do? Here all around me is snow.
Looks like there will be a storm.
There is a storm and tempest here! - How?
When you will come here you will come to know.
Whatever happens, come as soon as possible.
Prem, you don't worry! The moment the roads are open..
..I will come by the first flight. Okay! Bye!
Grandpa, what is the matter? Why are you laughing so loudly?
My son, I was showing your photos to daughter-in-law.
Move away, beware if you touch the album.
It is the limit, grandpa! It is necessary to show..
..everything to everyone?
Everyone? You fool, you are including your wife with everyone?
I mean.. - What do you mean?
I mean.. Rita, you had to go home, isn't it?
No! No! She will not go anywhere! She will sit with me.
And listen, if there is a call from her house..
..then you give it to me.
And my dear, I have just shown her your photos.
I have to still tell her your history!
Grandpa. I know a little of it too.
What? - What did you say?
The same thing that he used to go around with girls in his car.
What rubbish are you talking?
I am talking rubbish?
She is lying! - Now look at this! Now I am telling lies? - Yes!
My dear, at that time where were you?
Opposite Holiday Inn.
What were you doing there?
I was standing o the footpath.
And what was he doing?
Sitting in the car he was putting a flower in the girl's hair.
Grandpa, she is lying! - Shut up!
Daughter-in-law, it is all your fault.
You should have caught hold of that girls plait..
..and should have thrown her out of the car.
And you should have caught hold of this fools ear..
..and you should have brought him to me.
But at that time I did not know you.
Yes, you did not know me.
You shameless, good for nothing!
You have still not stopped your deeds?
Sir! Please, sir!
What is the matter? You want to give me medicine?
You want to check the temperature? - No, sir.
You want to check the blood pressure? - Not at all, sir.
Then you go! Go!
Sir, do not get excited otherwise again..
..you may fall sick.
I am absolutely fine! You don't worry! You go and sit on that chair.
Go! Go! Go!
Grandpa! The girl who was sitting in the car. - Yes!
In whose hair he was pinning the flower. - Yes, my dear.
That.. that girl was I, grandpa! - What?
I was just teasing him.
You were teasing him! - Yes, grandpa!
That means both of you were trying to make me a fool!
That is it! - What do you mean, that is it
Grandpa that is it! - That is it?
Oh! Now I got it! That is it! Yes! Yes!
Since the daughter-in-law has come, he is very happy!
He is so very happy!
But unfortunately he did not sleep a wink last night.
He could not sleep today afternoon too.
That is the point of worry!
Yes, daughter-in-law, what were your subjects in college?
Yes, social studies, History, Geography, home science.
Who is asking you?
Who told you to ask him? Nurse, put a tape on his mouth.
No! No! - Okay then lie down! Lie down and keep quiet!
Okay! - Try and go to sleep! - I will keep quiet!
What is this happening? What is this?
I was asking for the newspaper!
You will read the newspaper?
No! No! She will read it!
Oh! Nurse! - Yes, sir! - Bring the newspaper.
Yes, my dear, read it! Read it!
Read out the news to me.
Prem, what is the matter?
She looks somewhere else and she thinks of something else.
Now just see, she has caught the newspaper upside down.
Madam, it is written in English! In English!
Even I know that it is not in Sanskrit!
Okay my dear, page number 14, column number 4.
Okay! So under the pretext of reading the newspaper..
..you want the information about Share Bazaar!
Did you see, my dear! He does not even give me a tablet..
..and I can't even get sleep.
Now what should I do?
Doctor uncle, shall I tell you a solution for grandpa to sleep?
I am not going to give him any sleeping tablet.
Doctor uncle, there is no need to take any tablet.
Then tell me..
"The wind blows softly."
"The wind blows softly."
"They bring the fragrance of the sandalwood garden with them."
"Far away the slumber smiles."
"If you close your eyes then she will come into your eyes."
"The wind blows softly."
"The bride of slumber is very coy."
"She does not come in brightness."
"If anyone stops her or says anything..
..she returns back from her path."
"If you off the lights then she will immediately come."
"If you close your eyes then she will come into your eyes."
"The wind blows softly."
I cannot sleep.. - Try to sleep.
"The one who stays awake with the worry of sleep."
That one will never get sleep."
"The one who sleeps with a pure heart..
..only he can sleep peacefully."
"If you leave your worries aside..
..then you will immediately sleep."
"If you close your eyes then she will come into your eyes."
"The wind blows softly."
"They bring the fragrance of the sandalwood garden with them."
"If you close your eyes then she will come into your eyes."
Now can I go home?
Prem! - Yes, doctor uncle?
Prem.. I am proud of your choice.
My dear, may God bless you!
Prem, the daughter-in-law will stay here for a few days.
What? - How can this be possible? - Why?
You only tell him!
Then what? How can I stay here?
Why, why can't you stay here?
Is there no place over here? This house is so big.
Why don't you understand? How can she stay here?
At night she here.. - Oh! I understood!
That is what I was saying!
Still the ceremony is not done, is it?
How can the future bride stay with you under one roof? Isn't it?
That is what!
You do one thing! You make arrangements..
..for daughter-in-law to stay in the cottage.
But.. doctor uncle.. she wants to go home. Her house.
No, my dear! If she goes away and if your grandpa..
..calls out to her, then?
No! Now she has many responsibilities.
It is necessary that she stays here!
Go! Take her to the cottage! And.. if you have to call her daddy..
..then tell me.. - No! No! I will call them up myself.
Carefully! There are stairs here.
And this is your bedroom.
What is it? - Your sleeping room. - Okay! Okay!
This is the bathroom. You always get cold and hot water here.
There is a tap of hot water too? - Yes!
There is a geyser there! If you on that the water gets heated..
..in just two minutes.
If you want to send any message home then tell me.
Whom should I send the message to?
What do you mean?
I am an orphan! I have no one!
Oh! I am sorry!
Kammo, I once more want to thank you.
You have done a great favor on me by coming here.
The truth is that you have done a favor on me..
..by bringing me here!
When I was just born, I lost my mother!
I was small when I lost my father too.
I am an orphan who has no one of her own.
I had never thought that I would get so much love..
..so much affection from anyone..
..that I have got from your house.
I will go away from here in a few days.
But.. I will carry these beautiful memories with me.
At times I will remember then and laugh and cry.
I will never be able to forget this affection all my life.
Kammo, you are a very nice person! God bless you!
And yes! If you need anything then just press this button..
..number 2. The connection of which is straight in my room.
Okay, Kammo. - Okay.
It is quite late, you rest, I will go.
This necklace! - Keep this with you.
I will not be able to look after such an expensive thing.
Take this! Who is this?
This is my mother's photograph.
Okay, Kammo..
I have never seen my mother! Maybe my mother too was like this.
Kammo, why are you thinking so much?
Today you have got the opportunity.
So why not have a bath with the hot water from the machine?
Yes! - By pressing which button, the water gets heated?
I beg your pardon?
What did you say? - Who are you?
It is I! Greetings!
Oh You! Tell me, what is it?
I want to have a bath! - Then have a bath!
Why do you ask me?
Oh my God! Why are you boring me in the night?
Just look at this! Is this night? It is morning! Morning!
All the birds have woken up and you are saying..
..that it is night!
Now I was asking you this.. by pressing which button..
..you get hot water?
I explained so much to you, even then..
You can see that shower! - What?
That thing like a horn! Horn! - Yes!
There is a belt next to it! - Yes, it is there, what should I do?
There is a button on that! - Yes, it is there!
You on that! The water will be hot in two minutes!
One minute, do not disconnect!
I will on it and see, otherwise you will say..
..that I am troubling you a lot. Okay?
What happened? Hello! Hello! Kammo! Hello!
Kammo! Kammo! Kammo!
Oh my God, Prem! What happened to daughter-in-law?
She got an electric shock, aunt!
Oh my God! I will immediately get the doctor.
Kammo! Kammo! Kammo!
Kammo! Kammo! Kammo!
Kammo, don't cry, you are all right!
You are absolutely fine!
Thank God that nothing happened to you.
Kammo, if anything would have happened to you today..
..then I would have never forgiven myself all my life.
It was good that I did not disconnect the phone.
Otherwise God knows what would have happened today!
'Really, Kammo, today if something would have..
..happened to you, then I would not been able to..
..face the world.
He came running! He even broke the door.'
'If he wouldn't have come today..'
I made your plait.. - 'I wouldn't forget his
..favor for lifetime.'
I shall leave now.
Thank God! Otherwise I was very scared!
Grandpa, nothing has happened to me.
But my dear, you have to take rest.
Grandpa, you are unnecessarily getting worried.
I told you that I am absolutely fine!
Here, my breakfast has come!
Greetings! - Greetings!
Take this! - Sister give it! I will feed grandpa!
Grandpa.. - Yes.. - Is this your breakfast? - Yes!
What is here to eat?
These tablets.. - Only that? - Yes..
Grandpa! - Yes! - If you eat like this.. then how will you be okay?
How will you get strength?
This is what doctor Farid does not understand?!
I pray to God that no one should ever fall sick.
And especially someone like me who has a doctor friend.
Grandpa, shall I prepare food and feed you?
Say that once again?
Shall I prepare food and feed you? - Really? - Yes!
But who will allow me to eat?
I! I will quietly bring it and feed you.
But what about this guard?
Grandpa, you do not worry about her, I will explain to her.
That's it! So, now whatever you want to feed me..
..bring it before Farid comes here.
Grandpa, what shall I make?
Whatever you wish! - Okay..
Listen, daughter-in-law.. - Yes..
Come here, sit!
My dear, I want to tell you about that shameless fellow.
Grandpa, whom are you talking about?
That Prem..
Now just see, it is only one day that you have come here.
And you will say that grandpa is complaining.
Daughter-in-law, if not with you then with whom..
..shall I talk about this?
But grandpa, he is ready to fulfill all your wishes..
That is what you think! He does not do that!
I, Farid, Mr. Verma, we all have told him many times..
..to sometimes go to the office.
But.. he listens from one ear and removes it from the other.
If you wish then you can explain to him.
Grandpa, with your blessings, this work can be done in minutes.
That is fine! Then do it!
If he tries to complain then do not interfere.
Look here! Why will I interfere between the two of you?
Then think that the work is done.
Then good luck! Start immediately!
Thank you, grandpa!
Whatever you say buddy! The girl is really very nice!
Whatever work Jagdish does, it is always excellent!
Okay, fine! Listen!
She is going to stay here for a few days.
Make arrangements for her clothes.
I will do it just now! - And along with that..
You have still not had your bath?
I beg your pardon!
Greetings, brother Jagdish. - Greetings..
You have your bath and get dressed quickly.
Mr. Verma is waiting for you.
What did you say?
I said that have your bath and get ready and go to office.
Mr. Verma is waiting for you. Understood!
Who are you to tell me this?
Who am I? That you know and brother Jagdish too knows.
If you wish then we can tell grandpa too.
Jagdish, did you hear.. This is absolutely.. blackmail!
You can think whatever you want! You will have to go to office.
Grandpa is not well.. otherwise..
You get ready soon!
She is trying to dominate over everyone..
Why did Rita go? And why did she get caught up in that snow?
That I have to suffer at the hands of this flower vendor.
I just don't know what to do?
Boss, till Rita does not return, and till grandpa..
..does not get well, it is better that you listen to her.
It is better? It is better.
My son, you? You are going to work in this office?
You all used to always complain that I..
..do not take interest in the office work.
From today I will start working here.
Oh! Congratulations! - My dear, I am very happy today.
It is wonderful! - I am very happy!
Sit down, my child! Sit! Sit! God bless you. My dear!
Have a seat, dear. - Very good, dear.
God bless you! - Sit down, my child! Neelam!
Brother, he has come! He has come!
Younger sir has come to office.
What did you say? - Really?
He came? - Yes, daughter-in-law!
Daughter-in-law, all this is because of you.
Cook, is the tea ready for the staff?
Brother Shambhu, it is ready! Take it! - Give!
Brother Shambhu! - Yes!
I will take the tea to the office.
You will take the tea?
You! - Oh!
I have brought tea for everyone!
Why did you bring it? Shambhu, Jagan, where are they?
If you can come to office and work..
..then can't I bring tea?
Hey dear, she is absolutely right!
Aunt, you don't understand what is right and..
I want to tell you something..
What is it, tell me!
Okay, daughter-in-law, you both talk, we will go.
Yes! Yes! Of course!
Uncle, you.. - It is all right!
Come along! Come along! - Come on!
What is it?
I have come to say this that today morning the shock that I got.
And you saved me, I am thankful about it.
What worthless things you are talking about in the office hours?
They all are standing outside.
Why are you getting so annoyed?
I am going away.
Thank you. - It is all right, my dear.
I am sorry!
My dear, why do you want to say sorry?
These small love scenes inspire your work. Am I right?
Please. Please, sit down.
Grandpa, he has gone to office!
What? Prem has gone to office? - Yes!
Really? - Yes!
My dear daughter-in-law, you have some magic with you.
Grandpa, I told him about your order and he obeyed.
My order? - Yes. - Okay, accepted!
Okay daughter-in-law, you do one more thing that I tell you.
Tell me, grandpa.
Teach him how to eat food at home.
That means he does not eat food at home?
Don't you know? - No!
God knows what rubbish he eats in the hotels.
Why? Why does he not like food prepared at home?
If he eats at home then only we will know whether he likes..
..it or not?
Is it? Okay! Today I will feed him at home.
Daughter-in-law, if this happens then it will be a miracle.
Grandpa. - Yes? - If you want to do any more miracles..
..then do them in one or two days.
What do you mean? - Now what should I explain to you, grandpa?
I understood! - What grandpa?
You are scared! What if he does not listen to you after marriage?
This is what happens between husband and wife.
The one who pulls the reins only that one can dominate.
That's it! Now you will be able to dominate! Go!
Sandawala is right, but what will we do about that..
..expensive machine after the project is complete?
Oh God. Now what is it?
Excuse me, Pillu aunt, I want to talk something..
..private with him.
Yes, my dear! You talk to him nicely! Talk as much as you want.
Come on! Come on! What are you looking at my face? Come along.
Come on, gentlemen! Come on!
Come! Come! Come!
I am telling you that.. - I am telling you that I had to come..
..to ask you what will you have for lunch?
I beg your pardon! - What did you say?
You are crossing your limits!
That is there, but what will you have for lunch?
You stay within your limits or else I will throw you out.
Okay! Do you have the guts?
Do you have the guts?
I am tolerating this for grandpa's sake.
Otherwise, I would have..
Just look at that!
Today I remembered the time 21 years back.
When madam used to come frequently to sir..
..and used to discuss family matters.
You are so right! Oh, she was such a great lady!
I can see the reflection of our madam in our daughter-in-law.
Absolutely! Look, look, daughter-in-law has gone.
Sir, please don't move!
We should.. - Verma uncle, today stop all office work.
You don't have to stop the work.
I just came to tell you that the nurse troubles grandpa a lot.
So, throw her out.
I cannot do that. - So should I pick her up and throw her out?
Why do you want to throw her out? You call her here!
As you say. Here, isn't it?
In the office. Yes, I am coming just now.
Wow! What aroma! You very nicely sent her away!
Grandpa, start your breakfast, I will get water for you. - Okay!
My dear, today if Prem's grandma would have been alive..
..then she would have been very happy.
She would have pampered you a lot!
She would not have allowed you to even pick up a glass of water.
Grandpa, it is nothing like that!
My life will be blessed by serving you!
Daughter-in-law, get my bag from the car.
Doctor uncle?
Where to keep it? Where to keep it?
Greetings, doctor uncle! - God bless you, my child.
Harkishen, how are you?
Where is the nurse?
Nurse has gone down to make a phone call.
Didn't she meet you on the way? - No!
Great! Your health seems to be very good today.
You seem to be very happy today!
Grandpa, it is an occasion to be happy. - Why? What happened?
Prem has gone to office today! - What? Office? - Yes!
Did you hear? He has gone to office!
He is sitting with Mr. Verma and is going through the files.
He is going through the files too? - Yes!
Wow! Wow! He is going through the files.
Great! Very good! From where has the sun risen today?
Grandpa, from the same place from where it rises everyday.
Harkishen, what is the matter?
Today is such a happy day and you are very quiet?
Grandpa, his mouth is shut today.
Yes, that I can see, but why?
He is not talking at all, grandpa!
But why, what happened?
Grandpa, he is so happy today that he cannot speak today.
His mouth is shut! - Yes!
Because he is very happy! - Yes!
Farid, do not touch the food..
..otherwise your fast will break.
Aren't you ashamed? - What did I do?
You were eating food!
Hey! I did not even touch the food!
Then what is this?
This is the offering.
Daughter-in-law was feeding me with her own hands.
I was just eating!
Daughter-in-law said that she will prepare the food and feed me.
And I could not refuse!
How was the food? - It was nice!
Daughter-in-law really cooks well?
She cooks very well!
Then I will tell her to prepare the sweet for ID.
I will also eat! - Of course! Definitely!
Not there! Here!
I told you once that I will not eat, not eat, not eat!
You had told me about your favorite dishes?
That I told you so that you would go away from the office.
Okay! Even then I listened to you.
So, now you must listen to me.
I told you that I will not eat! Oh!
These threats will not do every time.
Once grandpa is fine then I will again put you there on that footpath.
Otherwise I will change my name from Prem.
That I know! You eat food!
Eat food!
Just call Jagan! - Do you want something else?
Shall I get it for you?
I do not want anything! I just want to reward him.
If I would have known that he cooks such good food..
..then I would never eat outside.
You will give a reward to Jagan!
As if Jagan has prepared this food!
Your fiancé who is standing here has prepared this for you.
Understood? - Isn't it, my dear!
Where has she gone? Tell her also to eat food.
"You have brought me to this wonderland."
"You have brought me to this wonderland."
"You keep me in your shade of love."
"Oh my beloved, Oh my beloved!"
"Oh my beloved, Oh my beloved!"
"When you touched me my heart stirred."
"I will stay as you want me to be."
"My story begins and ends with you."
"My story begins and ends with you."
"No one else will ever enter my heart."
"You have brought me to this wonderland."
"You keep me in your shade of love."
"Oh my beloved, Oh my beloved!"
"Oh my beloved, Oh my beloved!"
"We should have a small house and our own love filled world."
"No one should separate from each other."
"I have no other wish than this now."
"I have no other wish than this now."
"We both should always keep laughing in this wonderland."
"You have brought me to this wonderland."
"You keep me in your shade of love."
"Oh my beloved, Oh my beloved!"
"Oh my beloved, Oh my beloved!"
Mother, I had come here to act a drama.
But now I am getting involved in it myself.
Even though I wish I cannot achieve this beautiful dream..
..then why should I crave for it?
Kammo.. I have brought some clothes for you.
Today you had prepared very good food.
After my grandma expired, this is the first time..
..that I got good food to eat. Really!
Everyone was saying that.
Okay! Shall I go?
Are you all right?
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
Hello! Yes, I am Rita! Hello! - Rita! - Hello! Prem!
There is some good news! I have started attending office.
What? You started going to office? - Yes!
Operator, what happened?
Sorry madam, your line from Mumbai has got disconnected.
Please, try again!
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
Daughter-in-law, give the offering to sir.
My dear, go and take the offering!
Hey! My son, at least remove your slippers and then go in.
Oh.. Yes..
Hail Lord Ram.
Daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, sir has called for you.
Take this. The tradition of this house is that..
..the keys of the cupboards should be with the daughter-in-law.
And my dear, these are the keys of the safe.
Look here. This is number one, number two, and number three.
First insert number one key then take the knob to number nine.
Then insert number two and then take the knob to seven.
Grandpa, what is this you are doing?
My son, I am explaining the method of opening the safe..
..to daughter-in-law.
Yes, daughter-in-law, this key number two that is there..
Grandpa, what is this you are doing? - You keep quiet..
..otherwise I will forget.
Yes, what was I saying my dear?
Yes, the number two keys.. - You are opening out..
..such a big secret in front of strangers?
Stranger! Who is a stranger over here?
Harkishen, I am going? - Farid!
Doctor uncle! - Now, I have become a stranger! - No!
Do you think that I am hearing these numbers for the first time?
By God's grace I have enough!
And if I ever need then I will never come to you for help.
Thinking it my right I will ask from my friend, understood?
Doctor uncle, please! Please! Doctor uncle!
I beg of you! Please don't misunderstand me.
I am just trying to warn grandpa that..
..she has come here just two days back..
..and to have so much faith on her..
..that he told her the number of the safe?
What? - Yes!
You called her a stranger? Daughter-in-law?
You called her a stranger who is going to be your wife?
Harkishen, I am asking you! How did this worthless fellow..
..call our daughter-in-law a stranger?
Why did you call her a stranger?
Oh my God! At least listen to me! Who is she after all!
I mean.. - Grandpa, what he is saying is right! - Yes!
You keep quiet! What do you mean?
So soon.. I mean what is the necessity to..
..tell her all this so soon?
Soon? - Oh! I understood! - That is what!
What did you understand?
They have still not got engaged, isn't it?
That is what.. that is what..
Yes, yes! The engagement is still not done. - Yes!
Then okay! Call her father and make arrangements..
..for the engagement ceremony.
Engagement! But.. but.. what is the necessity?
It is necessary!
No! I cannot become the father!
Boss, you make me your son! Make me your son!
What about you, even your father will have to become a father.
Oh boss, why don't you understand my helplessness?
I have never become a father before.
But now you will have to become.
Now I will have to become? - Yes!
I am finished! Boss, if sir recognizes then..
..I will have to come out on the footpath.
Okay! Your wish! I will throw you out just now.
Oh, thank you! Oh! No! No!
Boss! Boss! I am ready to do as you say.
But I hope that I do not have to go behind bear.
I am very much fear the police.
My friend, you don't worry! I am there! - You are there, isn't it?
Yes! - Then I am ready to become your father-in-law!
Not my father-in-law! But Kammo's father.
This is my grandpa! And this is my younger grandpa, doctor Farid!
Greetings! - Greetings!
I am very happy after meeting you great people.
And he is.. - Doctor Dwarkaprasad from Kashi.
A doctor of Ayurveda!
A doctorate in Ayurveda!
Where do I sit? - Please, sit here!
Are you daughter-in-law's father?
Daughter-in-law? My dear, who is this daughter-in-law?
Daughter-in-law, that means Rita!
Guardian.. that means you.. the father!
Definitely! It is the truth!
But do they have any doubt?
No! No! In fact, we want to talk about alliance.
Alliance! That means.. relation!
The thing is.. story, love, life and death..
.success and failure, it is all destined.
Then who are we? We are just a reason!
Great! Doctor, you really have great thinking.
If you want then I can bring my thoughts a little down.
Differentiation in our family? God forbid!
Sir, we believe that if the hearts meet, then we achieve everything.
But the question of wealth.. that too is important. Sir!
Looks like, sir wants to discuss about dowry.
Dowry? Oh no! According to me dowry is a sin, doctor!
Very nice! Very nice! You are really a very great personality.
And I am a poor and simple father of the girl.
A daughter is a Goddess, she is a priceless gem, doctor.
I am sorry that because of my health..
..I had to call you here, otherwise I would have myself..
..come to your doorstep and asked for your..
..beautiful, virtuous and cultured daughter's hand.
Now she is yours! She is yours!
My dear! My dear! You are very fortunate! Really fortunate!
Does any ordinary girl get such a family and such a husband?
Your beard is coming down! - My beard is coming down!
It is very nice! It is very nice! I am going! I am going!
Father, it is all right! - Just see!
She has agreed!
My dear, definitely in your last birth you must have..
..done good deeds. She is very fortunate!
Doctor, we are fortunate!
Sir! - Come, Sukhiya, come! Bring it! Bring it!
Sir, according to the customs, put the dot!
Customs! Customs! It is the custom! Custom!
Doctor! What is this you are doing?
The dot is to be put to the groom.
Oh my God! I was so impressed by talking to you..
..that I forgot everything. What I should do..
..and what I should not do?
I forgot all that! Forgive me! Come here, my son!
Grandpa! Grandpa, now what is the necessity for all this?
Yes, we will have to first ask the priest about all this.
Am I anything less than a priest?
And it is.. whatever you do tomorrow, do it today.
And what you want to do today, do it just now.
If everything is in front of you then why do you want to delay?
When can be a better time than this?
You are absolutely right! My son, put the dot!
Grandpa, you get well first!
I am absolutely fine for this auspicious ceremony.
My son this is just a ritual! We will have the engagement ceremony..
..with a lot of splendor.
Oh.. So the engagement ceremony will be later? - Yes!
Sir, please..
Touch his feet! - I will touch!
Sir, not you! My son!
Oh my God! The thing is that my honor is in your hands.
My honor is in your hands.
Oh! Prem! Touch your father-in-law's feet!
Doctor uncle, what is the necessity for that?
It is necessary! Boys nowadays don't understand..
..the customs at all.
Come on, touch his feet! Come on! - Oh my God!
What happened? What happened?
This is the happiness! Happiness!
Okay then! Okay then.. son-in-law! Let me go!
Listen, doctor! - Yes!
Farid, take him down and treat him properly. - Treat him.
Come! Come with me! Come, come!
Thank God, I am saved!
Oh! - I am falling on the staircase. What is it?
Your beard was going to come off!
But Kammo was amazing! Thank you, Kammo!
Thank you very much!
Really Kammo, you have saved the situation!
Really, thank you very much!
Kammo, I cannot forget your favor all my life.
You have done a lot for me! Really!
Hi, Prem! - Rita!
Oh God!
But Rita, what is there to laugh so much about?
You did not find anyone else in this big city to pose as me?
That you brought this road side girl?
I told you that sir was very sick, and it was necessary..
..to give him some happiness.
Now how was I supposed to know that sir..
..would like Kammo so much?
What nonsense! Prem, looks like your grandpa is a simpleton.
I beg your pardon! - I mean, he is very innocent.
I am surprised that he liked this girl?
That means she is a very fine artist!
Prem, now you have to be very alert!
Because these roadside people really know how to blackmail.
Rita! Kammo has not done this because of money.
Oh no. Leave all these worthless talks.
Rita, come we will go to your hotel. Come on.
I am sure, baby.
Sister Kammo, think of this drama as a drama only.
Kammo? You? You have not yet slept?
I want to say something! Shall I say it? - Tell me!
Now Rita madam too has come! So, can I go tomorrow morning?
No! No! You cannot go! Grandpa is still not well.
It will be a problem if the secret is out.
He is your grandfather, he will forgive you.
What about me?
But Kammo, there is no other way!
I just don't understand, how will I make grandpa and Rita meet?
You do not worry! I have thought of everything!
You bring Rita tomorrow morning..
..I will look after everything!
Wow! Prem! You have a very lovely place, buddy!
Bring all these medicines! - Okay, sir!
Greetings, doctor uncle! - God bless you!
Where had you gone early in the morning?
I had gone to bring her, she is staying in a hotel.
You.. - Miss Mathur! And he is our doctor uncle, doctor Farid!
Greetings! - God bless you!
My son, you introduced me but you did not introduce her?
Doctor uncle that.. - She is my friend!
Okay! Okay! She is your friend! Very good!
Go! Go! Introduce her to grandpa! Go! Go!
Doctor uncle! - What is the matter, dear?
Are you going?
Doctor uncle.. - What is it my child?
I wanted to ask you something! - Come!
Tell me my dear, what is the matter?
Now grandpa's health is normal, isn't it?
By the grace of God it is better than before.
Then some business matter or some matter of profit and loss!
No! Not at all!
The danger is not yet over!
My dear, what is the name of your friend? - Rita!
I am not asking daughter-in-law's name.
I am asking you your name.
Yes, my name is Rita Mathur!
Okay! I understood the miss and Mathur.
But how come both your names are Rita?
Grandpa, I have got the name from her.
Okay! Okay! She is elder to you, isn't it?
Grandpa, she is very much bigger than me.
My dear! - Yes! - Where do you stay?
I stay in Pune! I have come to meet her!
Grandpa, she will stay here!
Yes, my dear! Now that she has come to meet you..
..she will stay for a few days and then go. - Yes!
Grandpa! - Yes, my dear!
Now I will go! - Go? Where will you go?
To my house! - My dear, this is also your house!
Daughter-in-law, I an observing, since yesterday..
..you look very sad.
Shall I ask you one thing? - Yes.
Did you have any argument with Prem?
No. - I understood! That means you are angry with me.
No grandpa! I can never commit such a sin..
..in my next seven births.
But now I will go! Grandpa, please allow me to go.
I will not give you the permission.
My dear, if you go away then who will look after me?
Grandpa, sister Rita will look after you!
You will not have any problem, grandpa!
But please don't stop me!
Yes grandpa, I will look after you!
Madam, there are some limits in this house.
Are the guests going to look after me?
And the daughter-in-law of the family will go..
..to her maternal house?
No, no.. This is not possible.
Grandpa, at least think! Why are you so obstinate?
Let me go! - Do not be stubborn?
When grandpa is telling you, then wait.
Go after one or two days! Is it all right?
Okay, so this was the matter.
The matter has reached this point that you both..
..decide things between yourselves?
Daughter-in-law, don't feel shy.
You make arrangements for her to stay with you in the cottage.
Not in the cottage. Make arrangements in some room..
..here up stairs.
Oh yes. Not in the cottage. Not in the cottages!
Make arrangements upstairs somewhere.
Okay. - Yes.
Listen. - Yes? - Thank you.
Your friend is so nice.
The moment she came here she won me over!
Grandpa, if you don't mind, shall I go and unpack my things?
Yes, yes, definitely.
Listen. - Yes?
Explain to your friend that she should not talk rubbish.
Now this is her house. My son. - Yes?
Leave her to her room. - Yes.
When she wanted to go, then why did you stop her?
Oh no, why don't you understand?
Grandpa's health is not yet normal.
In this condition if she stays for a few more days..
..then what is the hassle?
I don't want to take the risk! Now relax and come on!
This is your room!
Wow! Great! The clothes are already hung in the cupboard?
The things are already kept on the dressing table?
The room is really decorated well!
She is very smart. She is very good in household chores.
And food.. She prepares such tasty food. Lovely.
Then Prem, why don't wee keep her as the servant..
..after our wedding?
Hey! Will you work for us?
You will get a good salary! A room to stay, good food..
..clothes! And as it is what do you earn by selling on the road?
If you stay with us then you will be happy.
I am going now. If you need anything else then call me.
Rita, you should have not said that.
Though she is poor she has her own self-respect.
We should not hurt anyone's feelings.
Hey.. I hope you have not fallen in love with her?
Don't be silly, buddy! She is not my cup of tea!
She is not Marilyn Monroe or my.. Rita.
Nurse, your telephone has come.
In the downstairs office.
Grandpa, eat it quickly! With great difficulty..
..I have sent the nurse out.
Wow! Such tasty dishes! This food must be so tasty?
Then eat it quickly!
Grandpa, what happened? You are not going to eat food?
No. - Why, grandpa?
Now, I want to live! Daughter-in-law, this heart is so greedy.
The more it gets the more it wants.
I had one small wish that I should just once see..
..Prem's future wife.
And now I wish that you both should get married as soon as possible.
Then you should have children.
And our house should be filled with the child's laughter!
That's it! This is my wish! And this is my blessing to you.
Kammo! Kammo!
Hey, why are you sitting in the dark?
Since when I am ringing the telephone buzzer and you..
What is the matter?
You felt bad at what Rita said?
She shouldn't have said about the job.
I am sorry.
It will be my fortune if you give me a chance to serve you.
Then why are you crying?
What is the matter? You had any special work with me?
Yes, that Verma uncle has given this special file.
You keep this in the safe.
Shall I go?
Mother! It is his favor that he found me capable for this.
Hi aunt! Welcome home!
Hi mama! - Hello baby!
At night you two called up and I just came.
Oh my! This hundred rupees and this taxi..
Oh, don't worry, aunt, I will give the money.
How much? - Sir, complete fifty!
Mummy, you have again started this hundred-rupee trick?
Oh baby! When you have wealthy relatives..
..you must know how to take advantage of them.
Come! Come! - Come darling!
You know something! - Yes!
You are looking fabulous! Really, I mean it!
Shankar, bring the luggage from the car.
Yes, younger sir!
Wow! Wow! Wow! That outhouse and such a big garden!
And this looks just like a palace! A palace!
Beautiful! Beautiful! What a taste? What a taste!
Prem, this must be around ten lakhs!
No aunt! Grandpa says that this is approximately fifty lakhs.
Fifty lakhs! - Yes. - Oh my God!
My dear, that reminds me! How is your grandpa?
Much better than before. Come I will take you to meet him.
Baby, keep my luggage in my room! I will just come - Okay, mummy.
Okay, my dear! What about that girl?
Is everything all right?
Yes, aunt, don't worry. Everything is under control.
Look here darling, now you don't have to worry..
..I have come here now. Everything will be fine!
Come on, let's meet grandpa!
Is my hair proper?
Take a breath! Oh! Harkishen, breathe deeply.
Grandpa, this is elder Rita's mother.
She has come to meet you.
Greetings, sir! - Greetings!
Sit down! - Thank you!
My dear. - Yes. - What is her name? - Miss Saxsena!
Miss Saxsena? - Yes!
You are Rita's mother, isn't it? - Yes!
No! One thing I could not understand!
You are Miss Saxsena, and you daughter Miss Mathur?
Hats off! You asked me a good question!
The thing is I could not get along with Rita's father..
..professor Mathur. After Rita's birth, we both mutually..
..took a divorce.
He went to England and.. may I know your name?
He is my younger grandpa, doctor Farid!
Oh! The famous heart specialist!
Greetings! - Greetings!
My dear, just see whether my luggage has come up or not.
Okay aunt.
Actually, I got so involved in your interesting talks..
..that I forgot about my luggage.
Madam, you speak Urdu very fluently and very clearly!
Thank you! You have a minute observation!
He is a heart specialist..
..so he observes every beautiful thing minutely.
Hey, Harkishen! You are a heart patient!
Why are you fooling with the heart?
His hair has become grey, just by being with me.
Otherwise he is still a bachelor.
Okay! So, you are a chronic bachelor!
Amazing! You are very humorous!
I am a patient! I am not at all capable of anything.
Lovely! I am very happy after meeting the two of you.
Doctor Farid.. - Yes? - Where is your house? - That is..
By the way he spends most of his time here.
Very good! Then today we will have food together.
Not today! Today is his last fast!
Tomorrow you will have to go to his house for food.
Why? - Tomorrow is ID!
Lovely! I got the opportunity tomorrow itself to go to his house?
Till then good-bye!
Why the hurry? - Then let him at least take rest. Greetings!
That reminds me! He needs rest!
Okay, so I shall go! Greetings!
Tomorrow morning I will see you again.
Farid, you are trapped!
Oh my God! What a character!
And you were trying to trap me?
But you were enjoying from your heart!
What are you saying?
I have still not forgotten Shamim's story. - Leave that!
I was thinking, how simple and innocent is our..
How modern is her friend and how super modern..
..is the mother.
Greetings for Eid, doctor uncle! - God bless you!
Give me my Eid gift, doctor uncle! - Take this son.
And my gift? - Take this, my dear!
Greetings, doctor sir! Greetings for Eid!
Greetings to you too, my dear!
I said, greetings for Eid. - Greetings to you too.
Where is my gift? - Oh! Why not? Why no? Take this.
Doctor sir, even I liable for this gift.
Why not? Why not? Definitely!
I like it when you address Rita as, dear!
Thank you!
Hey daughter-in-law! - Greetings for Eid doctor uncle.
Greetings to you too, my dear! God bless you.
Gohan! - Yes, sir!
Distribute this to all the poor on my behalf. - Okay, sir!
My dear, accept this small gift of Eid from me.
Oh! You will have to take this rogues permission..
..to accept this gift from me?
No, no, doctor uncle it is nothing like that.
Doctor uncle is giving you a gift. Take it!
Yes! Yes! Come on, take it!
My dear, take, you put it around her neck. Take.
Doctor uncle, I will wear it myself.
Then wear it!
Daughter-in-law, you are the daughter of this house too.
Come, now you take care of the kitchen.
Look after the house, look after your guests. Okay?
Guests? Doctor uncle who are guests over here?
They are all our people.
Why? Daughter-in-law's friend is there, her mother is there! Come.
It is very tasty. Daughter-in-law, now you take rest.
Yes, so brother Prem, when are you getting married?
What do you mean?
Don't feign innocence! Uncle has told me everything.
Have some shame!
Look at this brother-in-law! She does not touch herself..
..nor does she allow me to touch.
When the tresses are open what else can you think of?
Great! Great! Sir! Great!
Mother is coming!
Brother-in-law, please hold this cigarette.
Salma, your husband has again started smoking?
Daughter-in-law, if you have finished with the work..
..then sit with me for sometime.
Brother was smoking! - You liar!
What is the matter? In which deep thought you are in?
Sir, she is deep in thought of her beloved.
What has she got to do with the world?
Oh! So that is the case! - Yes!
I will solve the problem.
My dear! My dear, just come here! Come!
Here, daughter-in-law! Look at him as much as you want.
What is the matter, doctor uncle?
You stupid fool! Look here daughter-in-law..
..I have done your work, now you do one work for me.
Sing one song on this auspicious occasion.
Yes, it will be fun!
Not a song, but a ghazal!
It is the occasion of doctor Farid's Eid.
It is not some ordinary occasion.
Doctor uncle, how can she sing a ghazal, doctor uncle?
It is different to sing a lullaby or a devotional song.
Daughter-in-law does not need you to tell her what to do.
Come, my dear! Come on!
Doctor Farid, I know her entire family! - Is it?
They all sing very well! - Great! Then we will enjoy.
Come! Come, my dear!
Friends! Friends, please take your seat!
Now my daughter will sing a ghazal for you.
Boss, we are caught! We are caught!
A nice one!
To sing a ghazal!
Sit down! Please sit! - My dear, sit down! Start!
Now I am finished! Now I am finished! Finished!
That person who you cannot get..
..why are you extending your hand towards him?
You will repent! When the secret will be unveiled..
..then all these people will laugh at you.
They will degrade you! And then.. there will be..
..only sorrow for you.
Not happiness!
"I do not care for sadness, happiness, spring and autumn."
"I do not care for sadness, happiness, spring and autumn."
"I think only of my beloved, I have nothing to do with the world."
Wow! Great! - "I think only of my beloved."
"I only think of him, I crave for him and I desire for him."
"I only think of him, I crave for him and I desire for him."
"The one who has this desire should ask for it."
"Why ask from God?"
Lovely! Lovely!
"I only have thoughts of my beloved!"
"I have kept the lamp in front of the storm."
"I have kept the lamp in front of the storm."
"My love will never fear any tasks!"
"I only have thoughts of my beloved!"
"If anyone accompanies me or not, I am going ahead!"
"If anyone accompanies me or not, I am going ahead!"
"The one who knows her destination.."
"..she is not worried about the path."
Wow! - Great!
"The one who knows her destination.."
Lovely! Great!
Amazing! Very nice!
"This is a thing to think about that if he falls in love with you."
"This is a thing to think about that if he falls in love with you."
"If he asks the state of my heart, then what will I be able to say?"
"I think only of my beloved, I have nothing to do with the world."
"I only think of my beloved!"
Amazing! - Lovely! - Superb!
God bless you, my dear!
Farid, greetings for Eid!
Brother, greetings to you too for Eid. Greetings!
Where is my sweet?
First my gift! - Yes, yes, definitely!
I have kept it ready! I have kept it ready!
Take this! - Thank you!
Now my sweet! - Yes! Yes! Definitely!
Here, see your sweet has come. - Thank you!
Bring it! Thank you, daughter-in-law, thank you!
The sweet is very tasty.
She has made it! And the ghazal that she sang today.
Lovely! Lovely! For that I have to thank you.
Because it was your suggestion.
Okay? - Yes!
My daughter-in-law highlighted your party.
Jagdish, now what about my birthday party?
Sir, you do not worry about the party!
I will sit with her and make all the arrangements.
You know that I am always perfect in my job. A-one!
And if I get her opinion, then it will be 2-one!
Listen! Give me the file from the safe.
Which file? - The same on that Verma uncle..
..had given to keep.
Go my child, I will eat the sweet on my own.
Listen dear. - Yes?
Give five thousand to Jagdish to make arrangements for the party.
Okay, now excuse me! Greetings!
Greetings! - You.. bloody fool, I will see you.
Santacruz police station.
Have you received any report about Kammo, the flower vendor?
Yes! Today one Pandu, tea vendor has written a report..
..that Kammo the flower vendor is missing..
..from the past few days.
You don't need to search for her.
That girl is in the custody of Mr. Jagdish..
..who is the PRO of Harkishen and company.
What? But who are you?
That scoundrel Jagdish, if I don't send him to jail..
..then I will change my name from Miss Saxsena.
Mummy! - Baby, today whatever has happened..
..is not good for you.
Now is the time to be alert!
Look here, if you do not tell me..
.. then you will be behind bars. Understood?
Understood! If I do not tell you then I will be jailed.
Sir, why don't you understand my helplessness?
But why don't you understand my duty?
I understand! I understand! I understand everything.
Why don't you understand my duty? Even I am doing my duty.
Can you do me a favor? Can I make a call? - Yes, you can!
Hello! Hello! Hello! Prem sir, I am Jagdish speaking.
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Someone picked up and then disconnected.
Can I try again? - Yes, connect it!
Please, get connected!
Hi! - Hi!
When did you come? You were so engrossed in reading..
..that you did not even know when I came?
I was reading Richie Rich comic. It is very interesting.
Shall I complete it? - Yes.
The perfume is very nice! Which one is it? - Brut!
And you have applied.. Intimate?
Hello, I am doctor Farid speaking.
Sir, I am your Jagdish speaking!
And I am speaking form Santacruz police station.
Please do me a favor and send Prem sir here!
Prem sir knows those people very well..
..who have got me caught up here.
Thos people are very strong!
If I am a quarter they are a kilo.
If I am the seed then they are the fruit.
Now just Prem sir has to come here.
If he comes here then I will be relieved from here.
I will be freed! I will be freed!
Okay, I will send him right away!
Who is that? - Prem!
I am finished! Doctor uncle!
So what happened?
Prem dear!
Dear Prem! - What are you doing?
Prem! - Aunt!
My dear, what is the matter? - Nothing, aunt!
My son, what is happening? Open the door!
Doctor uncle, I am coming. I am just coming.
Why do you want to hide from them?
If doctor uncle comes to know then we cannot get married for life.
Oh! - Idea! Linking door! Linking door!
Aunt! Aunt! The door is locked from inside.
Oh my! Mummy has taken a calm pose tablet and gone to sleep.
Prem! - Doctor uncle, I am changing clothes.
I am coming! I am coming!
Do you need so much time in changing clothes?
Hurry up! I want to tell you something important.
My dear, I was standing outside knocking at your door..
..for half an hour! What was happening inside?
Yes! That bathroom.. cupboard!
Why is this cupboard kept right in the middle?
The thing is that the cupboard for Rita.. Rita for cupboard..
..cupboard.. Rita! Oh no! Oh no!
Cupboard! What cupboard?
Doctor uncle I just want to say this that this cupboard..
..has to be sent to Rita.
My dear, your that friend.. Jagdish had called up!
Who? Jagdish? - Yes, he had called from Santacruz police station.
Police station? - Yes! God knows what he was saying.
One and a half.. seed.. constable..
..looks like it has something to do with a girl.
Female! Looks like there is some problem.
I think that I will have to go!
Yes, you have to go. He is waiting for you!
You carry on, I will just.. just.. - Yes, hurry up!
I am going! You go away! - That you do not worry about.
My dear, I will go. You first go to the police station.
That poor man must be waiting for you.
Yes! Yes! Police station! - Yes, yes, go!
"When am I going to get.."
Oh Shambhu! Come here! - Why aunt?
Go and call all the servants, fast! - Why aunt?
What do you mean, why? This cupboard has to be picked up.
'If doctor uncle comes to know, we can never get married.'
You have to take it to daughter-in-law's cottage.
To daughter-in-law's cottage? - Yes!
Come on, pick it up! Pick it up!
Pick it up with force!
Bring it out! - Hey pick it up! Oh my God, aunt, it is very heavy!
Hey, come on!
There a lot of decoration has to be done.
Daughter-in-law and Prem are getting married. Understood!
Now only the marriage ceremony is left.
When our bride will take the nuptial rounds..
..this girl will be jealous. Hey, pick up the cupboard.
Pick up the cupboard!
Yes, we will pick it up! We will pick it up!
Oh my God!
Be careful, don't drop it!
What is filled in it? It is very heavy!
There is a stone statue inside. A stone statue.
What is kept inside, it is very heavy!
Where are you taking it there? Keep it here! - Okay! Okay!
Hey, aunt! You had only told us that Prem sir had told..
..to keep the cupboard in daughter-in-law's cottage.
Shambhu, I have not become that old!
Don't you know that daughter-in-law is sleeping now?
In the morning when she gets up then ask her and then keep..
..the cupboard inside. - Okay! - Yes!
Now let this be here! Let it rot, die, and suffer in the cold.
Sister, will the cupboard die?
The full night she has troubled us!
Now it is time to sleep. - Come on, come on!
Yes, come!
Sir, this is the truth! Prem sir is telling the truth.
That girl has gone with him with her own free will.
If you wish then I can bring her here and give the testimony.
Yes. Yes. - No Mr. Prem, now that is not necessary.
You can go! - Can I go too?
Of course! Sorry for the trouble.
Thank you! - Good night!
Thank you, sir!
Where has the cupboard gone?
Open it! Fast! - Mummy! Mummy!
Oh my darling! What state you are in?
I told you get out of the cupboard.
Then why didn't you go?
Who allowed me to get out?
As soon as you went that wretched Kammo..
..called all the servants and made my this state.
Mummy, now we will not stay here anymore.
Not a single minute more! - No Rita! You will not go anywhere!
Prem, you are right. Why will she go?
The one who has made this condition of my daughter..
..she will go!
I cannot even think that she can do this with you?
She has done it.
In the morning I will tell grandpa to decide..
..and I will ask her to go.
No. Prem you have to take a decision and not grandpa.
It is now or never.
What is the matter? What happened?
Whatever you have done, it was injustice on your part.
But what have I done?
You have insulted us. You have tried to kill, Rita!
What are you saying?
Just a flower vendor! You forgot your status?
The moment you got the keys of this house in your hand..
..you started dreaming of becoming the mistress of this house?
Why are you talking like this? I don't understand anything!
What is happening? What is the matter?
What happened? She feigns to be so innocent?
Why are you quiet? It is now or never!
Kammo, you will have to leave this house just now.
Just now? - Yes! Just now and at this moment.
"With flowers in my veil I have come at your doorstep."
"You have not even heard my request.."
"..and you have not even thought over it."
"My Lord is angry with me."
"Why is my Lord angry with me?"
Take this.
This doctor uncle had given you a gift.
Not to me.. He had given it to your future wife.
Rita is the rightful owner of this.
Come, I will drop you home.
"With a lot of love I had decorated the veneration tray."
"I had made a lamp of my heart and a wick of my love."
"But my beloved did not like it!"
"But my beloved did not like it!"
"My veneration was incomplete."
"I was taken out from the temple."
"My Lord is angry with me."
"Why is my Lord angry with me?"
Kammo. - Yes?
Take this! Keep it! It will be of help to you.
Will you listen to my request! - Tell me.
When the pandal of your wedding is being decorated.
You give me the contract of the flowers and the decoration.
"If my destiny would have been written by a golden pen."
"Even I would have bought a pearl at whatever price."
"A love stricken crazy girl would never cry like this."
"A love stricken crazy girl would never cry like this."
"I would not have felt so painful if you would..
..have thrown me in the water."
"My Lord is angry with me."
"Why is my Lord angry with me?"
Daughter-in-law went away! She left the keys and went away..
..in the middle of the night?
She went away without meeting me?
I am asking you, why didn't you stop her?
Why did you allow her to go? - Sir, please don't get excited!
You shut up! Shut up! Get out! Get out! Get out!
Listen, come here, go and bring the daughter-in-law immediately.
Come on, go! - Grandpa, I will not go to bring her.
What did you say? You will not go to bring her?
You know since many days she was impatient to go.
I will not go to pacify her!
This time have you had a serious fight or what?
Nice I remembered! We are there to serve you.
Hey, why are you waiting here? Go! Go!
Nurse! Wait! Wait! Darling, it is time to give the juice.
Yes, mummy! - Come! Come, darling!
Grandpa, juice!
Sir, what I want to say is.. you should not shout at Prem..
..like this in front of the servants.
Madam, if I wish then I can undress him..
..and make him stand in the sun.
What a sense of humor!
Nurse! First tablet or juice?
First tablet! - Grandpa, tablet.
Madam, you are our guest. It is not your duty..
..but our duty to serve you.
Grandpa, what are you saying?
This is fortunate that our kin should fall sick.
Sorry! Sorry! - No problem!
Nurse, where is the napkin?
Thank you! - I am sorry!
Mummy, did you see, this is how he is looked after.
That is why grandpa is taking time to recover.
Harkishen, what is this I am hearing?
Daughter-in-law went away at night from here without informing?
Yes! Yes, she went away! And you just went off to sleep.
I do not want your treatment. And I do not even want your friendship.
Take away all your things from here!
Enough! How much I wanted to live, I lived. - Oh!
Yes, I understood! - Excuse me. Please, will you go out?
Nurse! - Yes, sir! - Blood pressure!
Dear Prem! Why are you so disturbed?
Everything will be fine.
Mummy, I will just go and change.
Have they gone? - Yes! But what is the matter?
Buddy, the daughter-in-law is angry and has gone away.
And this shameless fellow is not going to pacify her.
He is very stubborn, if he has refused then he will not go.
Even his grandpa will go!
I will not allow the grandpa to even get out of bed.
And if the grandpa again falls seriously ill, then? - What?
Prem, just see! You are unnecessarily tense!
And even you wanted this!
What about grandpa! He will be annoyed for some time..
..then he will be normal again.
Aunt, even then it is not good for grandpa to get excited like this.
Oh no! Prem, I..
Younger sir.. younger sir.. grandpa is very sick.
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law! - Hurry up! Hurry up!
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Aunt, what happened?
My dear, ask the nurse!
Yes, sir! - Nurse, quick!
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Nurse, hurry up!
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Doctor uncle, what happened?
He is in a state of shock!
All this has happened because daughter-in-law..
..has left and gone.
Harkishen! Harkishen! Harkishen! What is happening?
I don't know why the pulse is going fast?
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
What are you standing and glaring at my face?
Are you going to bring the daughter-in-law..
..or do you want to see me dead?
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law! - Prem, my dear! Go and get her!
The time is such! You have to listen to him. Go!
Farid! Prem has gone!
Harkishen, I swear on you, you made such noises..
..my palpitation has increased!
Farid, you are sick! Nurse! - Yes, sir!
Blood pressure! Blood pressure! Bring!
Farid, you lie down! Lie down! Lie down on the bed! Very good!
What happened, doctor! What happened?
Very good! Yes, start!
Farid, the pulse is very fast! What? 200..110! - Oh no!
Oh, yes! Nurse! - Yes! - Get a calm pose!
Calm pose! - Yes, sir! - Quickly! Quickly!
Look here, Farid! You must lie on the bed for six days.
And on liquid diet! One tablet in the morning..
..and one tablet in the evening! Don't move! Heard!
Don't move!
Congratulations, baby! Congratulations!
Mummy, what is the matter?
The old man is very sick! Now it is time to make..
..arrangements for the final rights. - Really? - Yes!
Where is Prem? - I have sent him to bring Kammo!
Wait! Wait! Uncle, wait!
Hey, move out of the way!
Wait! Just wait!
Our marbles! Our marbles! - Shut up!
Is this a place to play? Come on, go away from here.
Father! Father, he has come!
Father, he has come to take me.
Now I will not go! Even if he pacifies me a lot, I will not go.
Father, whatever happens, I am not going. Correct?
Kammo! Please, Kammo! Listen!
Grandpa has again fallen very sick.
He is remembering you a lot! He is calling out for you.
Kammo, at least say something!
Kammo! Kammo! At least say something!
You won't come with me? Not even for grandpa? Okay! Your wish!
Did you see, father! He went away!
He was giving me grandpa's oath!
But not once he could say that come for my sake?
Does he not have that much right on me?
Greetings, sir!
Is Jagdish there? - No, sir!
Where has he gone? - He has gone out, sir!
Oh my God!
He was acting very smart! I will not go to bring her!
Ultimately, he had to bow down.
He had to come to you.
You did a wise thing by not coming with him.
Hey now! Forget the anger! Smile, my dear! Smile!
Younger sir has come!
See, here he comes!
Grandpa, how are you feeling now?
Because the daughter-in-law came back, I am half okay!
And I will be totally fine when you both will patch up.
What do you say, Farid? - You are right.
Did you see, as soon as the daughter-in-law came..
..he too became fine.
Okay Harkishen, now I will leave! - Greetings!
You two are still angry at each other?
Smile, my dear, smile! See, he smiled!
And you are still angry!
My dear, this is what happens in marriage.
These fights before marriage are not the real fights.
This is love! Love! You know how much Prem loves you.
Hey! No, my dear! No! My dear! Don't cry! Don't cry!
I told you to laugh and you started crying?
Prem, what type of affection is this?
At times you make her laugh and at times you make her cry?
No, my dear! No! Be quiet, my dear! Be quiet!
Sukhiya, look here! Deck up my daughter very nicely for the party.
Okay dear! - The plan failed!
That old man returned from the clutches of death!
Mummy, not only the old man but even she has returned.
Don't worry, baby! Don't worry!
Now you just see what I do!
Veena, where is my bag? I to go for a party.
I have to change my clothes, it is getting late. Hurry up!
I have sent everything down, sir! - Oh I see! Thank you!
You? - Greetings! - Greetings! You?
When the heart specialist is a family friend, then I thought..
..that I should not keep any burden on my heart.
Then tell me whatever it is!
I have come very close to you now.
And you are going to be my relative too now.
I thought that I should tell you the truth about yours..
..and your sir's daughter-in-law.
Now come down soon!
Welcome, sir! Please!
Greetings, aunt! - God bless you! God bless you!
Greetings, sister-in-law! - Greetings!
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Pascha! Welcome! Welcome!
Good evening, doctor! - Good evening! Pillu, where is brother?
He is still up stairs! - I see!
I am Chudamani! - Chudamani, right?
Greetings, son!
You know Chuda! - Yes!
You know Mani! - Yes! - Chudamani! - Oh!
You did not dye your hair like Mr. Das? - Sir! - That is what!
You are looking very handsome!
Harkishen! - Yes! What is the matter?
Mr. Das, you go out! The matter is serious!
Lock the door from outside, no one should come in. - Okay, sir!
What happened? - Lily had come to my clinic today.
No pickles! Pickles!
Oh my! Someone is looking very fabulous tonight!
Thank you! - You, naughty!
Hey! Where is the young boy of tonight's party?
I don't understand? He has still not come down.
Father-in-law! - Daughter-in-law.. I mean.. madam!
You please go and bring your relatives down.
Yes! Go and bring them down!
Yes, yes, old man! Fast!
"If you tell lies, the crow bites."
Greetings, doctor! What is it? What is it?
I want to go in! - You cannot go in! - Why?
Sir and the doctor are talking something is private!
Private what? - Important talk! Important talk!
That means secret talk! - Yes!
You wait! You wait!
Greetings! Greetings!
Jagdish! How dare you? You played a drama with us..
..though you were my man?
Sister-in-law, I will just come!
Boss! Boss! We are finished! Sir has come to know..
..the real identity of Kammo! - What? - Yes.
Bearer! Cheers!
Oh! All right!
We should wish the old man.
Just come here.
Sister Kammo! The drama is over! Sir has come to know the truth!
Listen! Listen! Ladies and gentlemen!
I would like your attention please!
This day like every year is a very happy day.
Kammo. - Yes?
And this year there is more happiness that Harkishen..
You cannot go now! - Grandpa knows everything.
He has faced such a severe illness!
Now I cannot stay here!
You don't worry about that! Today he is very happy..
..today he will not say anything.
Like every year, this year too Prem will sing a beautiful song.
Prem! - Okay, grandpa!
Listen, Kammo! Today is a very happy day for me.
Please, wait for me! You have my oath!
"The one who has all the happiness in his life."
"The one who has all the happiness in his life."
"Why will that one not go crazy with happiness?"
"Oh my beloved on such an auspicious day."
"Oh my beloved on such an auspicious day."
"Why don't we give blessings as a gift?"
"The one who has all the happiness in his life."
"Why will that one not go crazy with happiness?"
"The world understood us very late."
"Thank God at least it understood us."
"The beautiful dream of living together."
"Has become the reality today."
If you tell me then I will tell everyone."
"If you tell me then I will tell everyone..
..this affair will become famous in minutes."
"The one who has all the happiness in his life."
"Why will that one not go crazy with happiness?"
"What does anyone know what all drama I played for you?"
"I have left back many destinations for you."
"Let the flower buds spread their fragrance."
"Let the flower buds spread their fragrance."
"That the lonely garden of the heart should bloom."
"The one who has all the happiness in his life."
"Why will that one not go crazy with happiness?"
"Just forget my mistake with a smile."
"I am yours, you can call me anytime."
"Now strangers are no more needed here in between kin."
"What will the world understand the..
..value of someone's love?"
"I just have this small wish!"
"I just have this small wish that I will be happy in your happiness."
"The one who has all the happiness in his life."
"Why will that one not go crazy with happiness?"
Ladies and gentlemen!
I, on this occasion when all my kin have gathered here..
..I want to make an announcement..
..of a happy occasion.
I announce my grandson Prem's engagement with Miss Rita!
Oh! Mummy!
Silence! Silence! Silence! Please!
Friends, now I will introduce you to my daughter-in-law!
Come, my dear.
Come, my dear.
Sukhiya, bring the bride.
Aunt! Aunt!
No, my dear. No. No. Look there.
Jagdish! - Yes, sir! - Go and call your boss for the photo!
Oh yes! - Listen! Listen! - Yes?
Remove your beard and moustache! - Oh yes! Yes!
Boss! Boss!
Rita, listen to me! I will..
I do not want to hear anything, Prem!
I had never thought that I would be degraded like this..
..in front of all the people.
This is grandpa's decision, not mine.
You want to get married or grandpa?
Darn it! I! I! I!
Then it is now or never! Why don't you go and tell grandpa..
..whom do you want to get married to?
Once the decision is made then come over to Jolly cottage.
Boss, do not go against what the destiny has decided.
Kammo is such a girl when she smiles..
..she will spread happiness everywhere, boss.
And this Rita is a serpent in a satin guise.
Come on, all of you! The dinner is served!
Come outside, the dinner is served!
You have deceived me!
Come on everybody! The dinner seems to be served.
You have played a trick with me.
Without asking me you announced my marriage.
You two together have played a drama with me!
My son, you have played the drama by bringing Kammo..
..to me as Rita.
I did that for your happiness.
And what I did was for your well-being.
I know what is good and what is bad for me.
My dear, if I would have been sure about that..
..then I would not have taken this decision.
Who are you to take this decision?
This is the question of my life!
Before you could take a wrong step..
..I announced your engagement.
I do not accept this engagement!
I cannot make her my wife!
My dear, a wife is not something that has to shown off.
A wife is the Goddess of the house.
The one to share your happiness and sorrow.
The one to look after your house.
I am asking you, what is lacking in Kammo!
There is nothing lacking in her.
But I cannot tie myself down in such a bond..
..which my heart does not agree with.
Prem, a wife not only has a relation with your heart..
..but she also has a relation with your life.
This decision is not taken by we humans..
..but by God, who has given us this life.
Then leave this decision to God!
Who are you to talk in the middle?
Then listen carefully!
Rita does not have anything that a daughter-in-law..
..of this house should have.
You cannot impose your liking on me.
You have become old! Your thoughts have become old!
Prem, you are crossing your limits!
Who are you to talk in the middle? - Prem!
And grandpa, you too listen!
I am willing to leave, this house, wealth, fame, relations..
..prestige, honor for Rita's sake.
Ill mannered! - Doctor uncle!
Prem! Dear, Prem! What is this?
Listen! Listen! Listen!
Listen, you don't go! Because of me you don't leave grandpa.
Don't leave this house! I beg of you! Don't go away from here!
I will go away from here! Because of me..
..you don't leave grandpa!
I beg of you! You please don't go!
Kammo, I don't have any complaint against you.
But now I cannot stay here even for a moment.
Hey! Prem! Prem! - Farid!
I told you that I would go away from here!
Why are you going? Why are you leaving the house? - Don't stop him!
I told you that I would go away from here!
Prem! What craziness is this?
He will return when he comes back to his senses!
Grandpa! Grandpa!
He is going away, stop him, grandpa!
Grandpa, he is going away, stop him! Grandpa!
At least do something!
No, my dear! Let him go!
Grandpa, you are pressurizing him!
You are saying this?
Grandpa, I am not worthy of him! I am too simple for him.
My dear, no one is small and big by wealth and beauty.
His values make him big and small!
He is unfortunate who left you and went away.
Grandpa, now even I will go!
You! No! No.
My dear! No! You will not go anywhere.
Grandpa, you have my oath if you stop me.
What is this you are saying?
Grandpa, I will go! Please, don't stop me!
I will have to go from here!
Grandpa, if I go away from here..
..then it will be very easy for him to return.
Do not say like this! Do not leave this house and go!
Aunt, don't stop me!
Brother doctor, you only stop her!
Sukhiya, don't stop her! Let her too go!
Sir! - Brother!
Farid, now this storm will not wait.
Daughter-in-law! Don't leave me and go!
My dear, don't leave me and go!
Aunt, let me go! I beg of you! Let me go!
I am obliged aunt, that you gave me so much love and affection.
I can live my entire life with these memories.
Aunt, let me go! - No! No! No!
Grandpa, you please do not worry about me.
Farid, you were right!
A bride is the one who pleases her husband.
Bravo! Hey baby, you are great! Then what did you say?
That I can leave wealth, house, fame, respect..
..honor and relations for Rita.
And I have left all that!
Prem, this what you did was not right!
What aunt?
You can break relations, you can forgo everything!
But why do you want to leave wealth?
No aunt, I do not want their wealth!
I do not want a single penny! I will myself earn..
..and stand on my own feet.
My dear, nowadays it is not easy to earn.
And then.. how will you live your life without money?
Aunt, how much do you need in life to eat and to live?
We need lots! Don't you see the inflation?
And are we going to stop giving parties?
Are we going to stop going to hotels? I cannot leave all that!
Idea! That reminds me! You make a case on your grandpa!
What? I should put up a case on grandpa?
Why not? Some property and some business are in your name.
And that you should get!
I told you, aunt, I do not want a single penny from grandpa.
Don't be silly, my child!
You will just leave your ancestral property like this?
It would have been better if that old man..
..would have died in his sickness.
I beg your pardon!
If grandpa would have died then this problem..
..would not have arisen.
My grandpa should have died? - Yes!
We would have acquired all the wealth!
'My dear, a wife is not something that has to shown off.
A wife is the Goddess of the house.
The one to share your happiness and sorrow.
The one to look after your house.
I am asking you, what is lacking in Kammo!
Every time you cannot pressurize me!
Once grandpa becomes well then If I don't again..
..put you on that same footpath.
Then I will change my name from Prem.
That I know! You eat food!
I am fortunate that you give me a chance to serve you.
When you get married, then give me the job of decorating..
..your pandal.
I will go away from here! You don't leave grandpa..
..because of me. I beg of you, you please don't go.
Prem, a wife not only has a relation with your heart..
..but she also has a relation with your life.
This decision is not taken by we humans..
..but by God, who has given us this life.'
Sir, she has gone away! - Where?
God knows where she went by the Janata Express!
'The passengers are requested to keep their luggage..
..in their custody and not on the platform.
You are great! I left the house and went away.
That does not mean that you too have the leave house?
You should at least have thought about grandpa?
Now what are you looking? The train is moving, get down fast.
Where should I come? - Home, where else?
Why should I come?
Leave me! What? What is this you are doing?
Kammo! Please Kammo, at least listen to me!
Kammo, come on, we will go home! - Leave my hand!
Kammo, where are you going here?
Where I wish to go!
Come we will go home! - Why should I come?
Grandpa and everyone else are waiting for you.
What do you think I am? Am I a toy?
As and when you want you can make me dance?
What are you doing? Leave me!
What have you done?
The thing that I should have done long back.
But I am not capable for you.
Kammo, the truth is that I am not capable for you.
Kammo, the love that I had for Rita, that was just lust!
And the respect that I had for you, that was actually love..
..which I never understood!
Please, forgive me!
For God's sake don't say this.
For God's sake don't ever say like this!
Never say like this!