Digging in Egypt

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Berenike was a very cosmopolitan city. It was founded in fact by Ptolemy
the Second Philadelphus
It was named after his mother Berenike
It was one of a number of ports that he founded up and down the
African coast to the Red Sea. Initially it was involved in importing
elephants from points further south on the Red Sea coast of Africa
for use in ancient armies.
In the Roman period, it became a very international port, trading with as far west as Spain and France,
as far east as India. We even found a bead from Indonesia.
all kinds of remains you wouldn't normally find in an archaeological dig.
Because of the very dry climate we found lots of
textiles, cordage, basketry, matting. We even found this past season
remains of a locust
a first century A.D. locust and the larvae she had just produced.
It basically says sheds light on the global economy, not just the economic
exchanges but the cultural exchanges going on between the Mediterranean
Basin on one hand and the Red Sea areas on the other