How to Make a 2x2x1 Rubik's Cube - Easy!!!

Uploaded by redkb on 01.02.2010

Hi. My name is Kenneth. I'm going to show you how to build a 1x2x2. Here we go!
Building a 1x2x2 is quite easy. Essentially a 1x2x2 is just a 2x2 with extensions glued
on to them. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how
to prep the pieces, build the extensions, and how to put the final touches on your 1x2x2,
so that it will look awesome! So what do we need?
You will need four mini 2x2s. Some super-glue or in this case Krazy Glue. And some 2x2 Eastsheen
size stickers. Optional, plastic baggie, Rubik's Cube, sandpaper, paper towels ,Goo Gone, plastic
razor, packing tape, and Apoxie Sculpt. You know what? If you don't have any of those
things, you really don't need them.
Here's a quick tip for picking up stickers like this. Get a little bit of packing tape. And. Tada!
Let it sit for a few minutes and then we'll wipe it off with a wet rag.
So the next step is to pop off the cubies that are going to be used as extensions. You
need to do this to three of the four 2x2s. To do it what were going to do is turn a layer
half way. Like this. We look into these pieces and see some of them are hollow. This one's
hollow, This one's hollow. If we look inside the hollow ones, sometime you'll see two dots.
Do you see those two dots down there? That's a good thing. If we can see two dots then
we know if we push this cubie out that direction it will pop out. So all we got to do is pop
it out. Now with one out the rest are a little easier. We can see a little better. We can
see... I can see in here there's two dots inside there. Do you see those two dots? One
here and one on that side? That means we can push this cubie off that way.
Keep on doing it until all the cubies are off this 2x2.
Here I'm lubricating the 2x2 that will be the core for our 1x2x2. Go ahead and lubricate it now while you still can.
The next step is we need to make cubie pairs. Grab two of the cubes, line them up next to
each other so that there is a piece of plastic in-between them. We're going to glue those together.
Here's a close up showing how I make the cubie pairs.
It's as easy as that. I like to roughen up the core a little bit
to make it a little easier to super-glue to. So just give it a very light sanding.
I also give a light sanding to the edge here on all of the cubie pairs. Extremely light
though. This is very soft plastic so you can take too much away from it if you sand it too much.
It's time to glue on the extensions. All we
need to do is put a little bit of glue along the edge here. And glue it right there. While
it's gluing, move the top so that the layer doesn't seize. Alright, let's try it.
Alright, almost done. All we have to do is glue in these caps!
Alright, after sanding it and cleaning it, here's what you have. A 2x2x1. This one works
great! Mainly because we already lubed it. If you were to sticker it now it would look
like this one. This is my old one. The only problem is you can see these little crosses.
That's not too bad. If you are trying to make one quickly and have one that works well then
you're done. Go ahead and sticker it and it'll be complete. But I'm trying to make this one
a little better. So what I'm going to mix together some Apoxie Sculpt. And fill in the
cracks here with Apoxie Sculpt. Then afterwards, after it dries. It takes a day to dry. Then
I'm going to have to sand down all the sides. Then hopefully when you look at it like this,
you won't see these lines here. There won't be holes and cracks in it. So I'm going to
get started with the Apoxie Sculpt.
Alright, we're done! Here's the finished product the 1x2x2!
For some reason, I had a video showing the sanding down the Apoxie Sculpt
because when it's done it will be a little lumpy, but that went missing. So basically
all you do is get some sandpaper and sand each side until it's nice and smooth and it'll
look great! Here's the difference between the two. This one I didn't use Apoxie Sculpt
on. You can see the bumps and these little cracks. This one I did use Apoxie Sculpt on.
You can see it is much better, much smother. It looks great! They both work great. So yeah,
that's about it! Thanks guys for watching! If you want a little bit more of a challenge,
be sure to check out my tutorial on how to build the 1x2x3. That's a great tutorial if
you want to try something a little more difficult. So that's it! Thanks guys for watching! If
you build a 1x2x2 make sure to take a video of it and post it as a reply to this video!
Alright! Have a great day!