Caring for Cyclamen

Uploaded by UIExtension on 04.12.2010

This holiday season you might be lucky enough to get, or perhaps give a cyclamen to one
of your family members or friends,
someone at the office. Cyclamen, like many other holiday gift plants that we have this time
of year are really cool season plants. They like to be kept cool at night, they grow best in
cooler temperatures.
Cyclamens are grown from what we might consider a bulb or perhaps called a corm.
It is a plant that takes many weeks, months to grow to the size you see here and be
in full bloom for the holiday season.
It really likes good even moisture and cool evening temperatures. If you can share
that in your home,
you'll be rewarded with blooms that will last for many many weeks. You can see there's
a variety of colors available, so matching it to someone's home decor isn't such a hard
task as it was in the past. So enjoy your cyclamen. Keep them cool; keep them evenly moist.