[Real 2PM] Hands Up M/V making video in Singapore part 2

Uploaded by 2pm on 03.07.2011

It is fresh.
I only feel this freshness.
I have not been in the water.
You can find very nice boats and yacht.
That is not mine.
I am discharged now.
There are two cases which make me discharged.
When I shed a lot of sweat And when I go climbing
I go climbing in the winter.
I don’t do it in the summer.
It will kill me in the summer.
찬성, how do you feel?
Not that good.
찬성, you shouldn’t.
Today is so wonderful day.
We are making a music video.
Please look forward to it.
Today, everyone should put your hands up.
Sleep. Just sleep.
Yes, I will.
옥택연, show your belly.
우영, come here and take a picture.
우영 is a star.
Take a picture for sponsorship.
Prince from Daegu said he would buy it.
It is 20billion won.
우영, it is 38billion won with additional premium.
It is 40bililon won.
우영, are you doing to buy it?
우영 gives a hand here.
I am hungry.
Have you had a meal yet?
I have.
But it was too light.
This one
took 14 days.
It took two weeks.
One by one
Thank you for giving yourself trouble.
You are the best.
Thank you.
찬성, open the door and get off.
Don’t be drunk.
I don’t drink.
I myself drink it.
I really want to drink it.
Get it off. It doesn’t match with you.
You have a big body.
I am better than you.
You look so ugly.
You look like being in 30s.
What are you doing?
진영, don’t copy.
Don’t you practice?
Have a seat.
Let’s shoot music video.
Shoot it now.
Solo music video
Be quiet.
Baby gives it to me
Give me thrill. I will be with you.
Come closer to me. Now, at the moment
Don’t get distracted.
You are the only one that I want.
Take a photo.
I want to.
But I can’t since you look so funny.
You knew it.
Okay. Good.
Shouldn’t drink.
택연, What? What do you drink?
Water…I said water.
I am on a diet now.
Final shoot of Hadns Up music video.
I should wrap it up.
But, I am sleepy.
I woke up at 4:30 a.m. in local time.
It is 5: 30 a.m. in Korean time.
We rented the biggest plane here.
First class
It is something that I can’t easily get a chance to get on in life.
I am in the first class.
Where are other members?
Other members are sleeping now.
Only I woke up.
I am not in a good mood.
Make-up designer didn’t
draw eyelines since his eyes
get big due to weight loss.
It is risky.
I can’t open my eyes.
Where gone your big eyes?
It looked big in the morning.
I can’t open my eyes.
우영 is deep in sleep.
I can’t open my eyes.
Dawn is breaking.
But 우영 can’t open his eyes.