Dixit - Gag Reel - TableTop ep. 12

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 13, 2012


WIL: Hi everybody.
There's no new Table Top this week, but we have our Gag
Reel, from Dixit.
I hope you enjoy it, and come back next week for an all new
episode of Table Top.
It is the family party game, Wits and Wagers.
Until next time, play more games.
They use a scoring system that keeps, no, no, no, no, no, no,
that's not right.
Communicate emotion, communicate emotion.
They use a scoring metric that keeps everyone in the game,
until the last round.
It's important to have in our--

Oh, I held it bad.
WIL: I felt like I had a hook for a hand.
Where a sense of artistic
communication, that's not right.
Votes are revealed, oh, I am stupid.
And then the votes are revealed.
[BLEEP], no.
And I cannot wait to hear what my--
I was doing so good, too.
Welcome to Loserville, USA.
CASEY: Population, Will.

WIL: The freeway's winning.

BETH: Honk, honk.
WIL: Jump, jump.

BETH: I think-- did my mic just fall?
It's down here now.
CASEY: Third nipple.
BETH: Does it matter?
Stop looking at my cards, Casey.
CASEY: I'm not looking at them.
BETH: Me and bunny.

My plan.
FEMALE SPEAKER [OFFSCREEN]: You're a professional.
You can rock this [INAUDIBLE].
BETH: I slipped.
WIL: What're we having for dinner?
I don't know, it's just so Dixit.
BETH: God, stop being such a Dixit.
WIL: Vote reveals.
CASEY: Suck my Dixit.
BETH: Holy Dixit.
No one left the cello in a car, and what did they do?

I don't know.
CASEY [OFFSCREEN]: Is there a time limit?
WIL: Shut up.
You can't call the clock on this.
It's not poker.
BETH: When they brought that Macbeth quote
out, I don't know.
The moment Will lays his card down, I know.
Oh, [BLEEP], what is it?
WIL: Beth, you receive--
BETH: Can we start over?
I was going to try to do a curtsy--
WIL: And you fell?
BETH: And then I was like, it needs to be up here.
But then my dress would be over my head.
WIL: I'm really glad you stopped that.
BETH: OK, good.
WIL: Before it became-- because it's not
that kind of show.
BETH: OK, great The Table Top trophy of awesome.
WIL: Yay.