VRZO - นิทานเรื่อง "การันต์" [Byปลื้ม] (Ep.4)

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Hello guys, thi is "The fable" by Pleum
Which is a story with some point of view
But it's not a bedtime story for children
I've composed the story to suits teenagers or even adults
This story is called "Garan"
I've composed this story based on Thai society on the present days
Due to the society nowdays is pressuring on the good people to loose their place to stay
Therefore I've composed this story to sarcast the society
Whether nowdays we tend to let go of the goodness and join the darkside instead or not...
I hope that you guys would watch this story and think deeply
And try to understand the meaning of this story
Lets watch the story
Mom, we can't pronounce the garan and it's not even notable, What is it for anyway?
I don't understand
Oh silly, the garan is very important you know daeng
But how, mom?
Eventhough the garan doesn't have any sound for anyone to pronounce
And it also stay at the end of the word
But if the garan is not there, Thai language wouldn't be complete
The garan would stay on its duty quietly to make Thai language complete
Comparing to a person, it would be a good person
Who do good deeds for the society to make it perfect but didn't show off
Oh cool! mom, I would be like the garan
Daeng, its bedtime, go to bed.
20 years later...
I am garan yellow
I am garan green
I am garan blue
I am garan black
I am garan pink
And I am garan red
We are "The Garan Ranger"
Who protect the world by bringing peace and justice for the sakes of mankind
We have our enemy, those evil doers who ruin our world
They are called "The Shu Chok Organization"
But we are not afraid, As long as there are citizens who needs us
We will fight with the Shu Chok with all our might
Garan Ranger...Go!
Garan rangers who love peace and justice from the bottom of their heart
They fight with the Shu Chok and help the people with all they've got
And all they did is for the sake of justice and righteousness
Days gone by...
They remain firm, saving all the people from the Shu Chok
No matter how many Shu Chok there are the Garan Rangers are never afraid
With the only one support which is..
Thank you so much Garan Rangers
We really need you
Please be here to protect us forever
Please protect us
Ofcourse, as long as you all still need us we will be with you forever
But, one day something unexpected happened
Garan Yellow!!!!
Red and his friends grieved and are very sad about their best friend's death
But they did not loose hope
They still continue and fight with the Shu Chok
But then, another grievous event has occured
Red..Garan Red help me
Huh..No..No...Garan Green!!! No!!!!
I will eliminate all of you, Shu Chok!
And yet, their loss did not end just there
And another loss
Huhhh...Garan Pink!!!!!
Garan Black...I must apologize that I could only come with you this far
Garan Red..Garan Black, now that there are just the only two of you
I leave you two the duty of protecting the citizen who loves justice and righteousness...farewell
No..Garan Pink!!! No!!!!!
Garan black's cries echoes through the atmosphere
The sorrow of Garan Pink's death is too much to bare
Garan Red stand there in silence but his entire body wobbles
Don't worry Garan Pink, I will not leave those people behind
Lets go..Garan Black
Eventhough there are just the two of us, but we still have to save all those people
Hmmm...Red..I'm not going
Huhh..What did you just say Garan Black?
I said I'm not going! I've had enough!
Look around you, we've lost all of our comrades
And look at those Shu Chok! Did they even reduce?
Not a bit! It only increases and increases
It shows no sign of reduction!
So why are we fighting in a fight that we don't have any chance to win
We could only wait, wait for the day that they are coming out to destroy the city
So are we just have to wait for the day that we will die and rot away like our friends?
Why are you saying that Garan Black!
Our duty is to protect the world and bring justice
If we don't do it, who will?
I don't know, I don't care, I've had enough of it
Go ahead and fight on your own
And so Garan Black walks away from Garan Red
Huh! fine..I will carry on our friend's will
I will protect those people on my own!
Garan Red continues to go out to protect his people
Protect....still....and still...all on his own
At last, he started to feel tired fight all on his own
Garan red sits alone in silence in a dark alley and says to himself
Why..Why they're still here, and they even increase more and more
Until now, I didn't see any people out here
But I could only see those Shu Chok all over the city
Why...Where have all the people gone to?
The important thing is, why I am the one who got hunted down?
Shouldn't I be the one who hunts them down?
But now, I can only run and hide because they are all over the city
What had happened?
Then Garan Red saw those people who he had saved sneak into a building
Huh!...Why are you walking here all by yourself?!
Right now those Shu Chok are all over the city!
But it's okay, if anything happens, I'll protect him with all I've got left
Garan Red follows that man without letting him notice with worries
Hoping to protect him in time if anything happens
Garan Red follows him into a building and until he walks into a room
And when he peek into the room, what he saw is
That room is filled with those Shu Chok!
This is bad! That man is in danger! I've gotta save him now!
But Garan Red could only stop short after he saw the Shu Chok's reaction
Welcome to Shu Chok Organization
We gladly accept and compensate you, if you join us
Then that Shu Chok handed that man a bag of money, That man eyes' sparkle
And he started to wear an all black outfit
And yes..He has become one of those Shu Chok
Im..Impossible! Why those citizens who love justice and righteousness turns into a Shu Chok?!!
Hey!..Who is that dude?!!
The Shu Chok noticed that Garan Red is at the door
Oh crap!
Garan Red run away while those Shu Chok follow him with out fail
Run...run and run
Until Garan red came outside
He flees until he reached a dead end
You can't run anymore Garan Red
To Garan Red..that voice is very familiar
Y..you, Is it you, Black?! Is it Garan Black?
Yes!...I was Garan Black but now I am Black Shu Chok!
I've joined the Shu Chok Organization
How could you do this?!!
How could you abandoned righteousness and joined the Shu Chok?
You should have know now that where all the citizen have gone missing to
It's because everyone choose to join the Shu Chok
Everybody chooses to live in comfortness and wealth with the power of money
Chooses to destroy their own world
Chooses to destroy goodness
Chooses to abandon righteousness
And for what reason we should obstruct the social norms that everybody accepts
You're wrong! that's not righteousness
We all have to preserve the goodness in mankind
For the sake of a righteous and just world
And what is goodness and righteousness that you blabber on about?
The world is not the judge which judges what's right and wrong
Most people are the one who have the power to judge what's good or bad
No matter how evil it is, It will immediately be a good thing
In a war, only the ones who win can call themselves righteous
And the loosers are going to be the evil ones
And this....Red Is this world's truth
And now you should know that who is the winner
That holds the power to judges on which is good or bad thing
Perhaps...Red right now you might just be the evilness in this world
No! You are the evilness and there are still people who needs good person such as me
Eh..Garan Red, have anyone said that they needed you?
Hey, Are you mad dude?
How could you think that you are so noble?
Did you think that you are so heroic?
Doing good deeds gives you nothing at all Garan Red
Running errands for the Shu Chok are a lot better
Who wants your goodness Garan Red?
You're obsolete Garan Red
Garan Red, you are so damn stupid, Are you stuck in a beautiful ideal world?
Every voice that sounds, Garan Red can still remembers them clearly
Because those voices are from the people which Garan Rangers had saved
All that voices...that's everyone's voices
Those are the voices of the people I had saved
Yes Garan Red! Nobody thinks that your righteousness are necessary anymore
If most people think you are wrong
They will eventually find some reason to make you wrong
And if most people think that Shu Chok are good
Everyone will make some rules to say that...This is righteousness
He drops on his knees while saying in trembling voice to the Shu Chok who used to be his beloved citizens
Y...You all really don't need me anymore ?
Everyone answer out loud together with a mocking voice
All Garan Red can do is stay quiet and tolerate the pain inside of him
But in his head, he can only think about one thing
Why it turns out this way?
Why our world stop having faith in goodness?
Why our world stop having faith in righteousness?
But...What is righteousness? and What is goodness?
Or was it me who is wrong and evil?
Garan Red can only sit in confusion, mow he don't know what's good or evil anymore
And what's the purpose for all what he had done
Hey..everyone just leave Garan Red alone right here
Eventhough we didn't do anything, he's still going to rot away right here
Just leave him as a tiny Garan that no one cares about
The Shu Chok left Garan Red with satisfaction
Leaving Garan Red to sit there in his miserable
Then suddenly a little girl walks towards Garan Red
She look at him and says
Nobody needs your righteousness
The end
What if we choose to preserve the real justice and righteousness?
I still believed in justice and righteousness
I'll cheer for you
The end
This story teaches that
Do not let evil men to rise up in power and let them persuade others into the wrong path
Do not leave good people in forlorn that they disappeared into thin air because of the pressure from the wicked
If you know a good person, cheer and support them
Because if we do not praise the righteous to remains and help our society
Soon there will be no good person left in our society