Star Trek Voyager : Endgame - Final Scene

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You're asking me to believe that the incorruptible Kathryn Janeway
would betray her own crew.
>> Not betray them. Save them from themselves.
>> I’ve brought technology to help Voyager get home,
but the Captain's arrogant, self-righteous,
and her officers are so blinded by loyalty that they're prepared
to sacrifice their lives just to deal a crippling
blow to the Borg.
>> But you'd never try to harm us.
>> I've become a pragmatist in my old age.
>> All I want is to get that crew back to their families.
>> You wish to ensure the well-being of your Collective.
I can appreciate that.
>> I'll help you
but it'll cost more than you're offering.
>> What do you want?
>> Your vessel and its database.
>> I told you, I'll show you how to adapt to their torpedoes.
>> Insufficient.
>> If I let you assimilate technology from the future,
there's no telling how events would be altered.
>> You're willing to alter the future by getting Voyager home now.
>> Oh yes, but there's a difference.
>> Do what all good pragmatists do, Admiral,
>> compromise.
>> All right.
I'll give you the shuttle
>> after Voyager arrives safely in the Alpha quadrant.
>> You've already lied to your younger self.
How do I know you're not lying to me?
>> I guess you'll just have to trust me.
>> That won't be necessary.
You underestimate me, Admiral.
While we've been talking, my drones have triangulated your signal.
>> Computer, deactivate the interface.
>> Deploy armour.
>> Very clever.
>> Hiding right on my doorstep.
>> Were you planning to attack us from inside the Unicomplex?
>> Not feeling talkative?
>> You and I don't need words to understand each other.
>> Take us in.
>> Aye, Captain.
>> Voyager has entered aperture eight two three,
access transwarp corridor zero nine.
Redirect vessels to intercept at subjunction
>> Must be something you assimilated.
>> What have you done?
>> I thought we didn't need words to understand each other.
>> You've infected us with an neurolytic pathogen.
>> Just enough
>> to bring chaos
>> to order.
>> The Admiral succeeded, Captain. The conduit's shielding
is destabilising.
>> Now, Mister Tuvok.
>> Voyager will be destroyed.
>> They're ahead of the shock wave. They'll survive.
Captain Janeway and I made sure of that.
>> It's you who underestimated us.
>> Sphere six three four.
>> They can still hear my thoughts.
>> I may have assimilated your Pathogen, but I also
assimilated your armour technology.
>> Captain Janeway is about to die.
>> If she has no future,
>> you will never exist
>> and nothing that you've done here today will happen.
>> What the hell is it?
>> A transwarp aperture.
It's less than a light year from Earth.
>> How many Borg vessels?
>> We can't get a clear reading,
but the graviton emissions are off the scale.
>> I want every ship in range to converge on those co-ordinates
>> Yes, sir.
>> Aft armour is down to six percent.
>> Hull breaches on decks six through twelve.
>> I can't stay ahead of them, Captain.
>> The armour is failing.
>> Where's the nearest aperture?
>> Approximately thirty seconds ahead,
but it leads back to the Delta quadrant.
>> Mister Paris, prepare to adjust your heading.
>> Yes, ma'am.
>> We've got eighteen ships in position,
Nine more on the way.
>> Open a channel.
>> Open, sir.
>> This is Admiral Paris.
Use all necessary force.
I repeat, all necessary force.
>> Sir, there's a vessel coming through.
>> Mister Paris,
what's our position?
>> Right where we expect it to be.
>> The transwarp network has been obliterated, Captain.
>> We'll celebrate later.
Mister Tuvok?
>> Cease fire!
>> We did it.
>> We're being hailed.
>> On screen.
Sorry to surprise you.
Next time, we'll call ahead.
>> Welcome back.
>> It's good to be here.
>> How did you?
>> It'll all be in my report, sir.
>> I look forward to it.
>> Thanks for your help, Admiral Janeway.
>> Sickbay to the Bridge.
Doctor to Lieutenant Paris. There's someone here
who'd like to say hello.
>> You'd better get down there, Tom.
>> Yes, ma'am.
>> Mister Chakotay, the helm.
>> Aye, Captain.
>> Set a course, for home.