Head Massage & Face Massage Therapy Techniques, How to

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>> ATHENA: My name is Athena Jezic. I'm here again to show you a face massage.
We're starting by putting a little bit of lotion on
so that we have a little bit of a slip underneath the fingers
so the skin doesn't get too much friction.
We will apply that to the neck and to the face.
It doesn't have to be very much lotion.
You want to be sure that the lotion that you use isn't going to irritate the skin.
Sometimes people's faces are very sensitive
so you want to be careful about that.
I begin by doing a little bit of work at the neck
giving a little bit of a stretch as I go down along the side of the neck
And then changing sides
This gives the client a chance to relax a little bit more
when their neck is worked.
Under the chin, and I'm right along the jaw line,
And I work with not a whole lot of pressure
but enough pressure to feel the attachments
of the various muscles
and to be sure that they're feeling soft,
going over it a few times to soften it up.
One thing about doing this is
you can tell if there's people who are holding their jaw tightly
and biting down on the top of their teeth
and holding their jaw in that position
because the muscles get to feeling a little tighter
and a little more tense
and a little more difficult to relax.
She's doing real well.
She's not too tight in the chin.
But there's a few areas.
And then I move up the chin
and work the muscle, following pretty much the bone line
and feeling for the muscle attachments as well,
working along the chin and always working upward
so that you always have more of an upward motion with the hands.
The eyebrows.
Why would we do this?
Well we would just do it primarily for relaxation
or we would do it to combine the lymph work
and to keep the muscle supple.
You can go down alongside of the ears
I grab a hold of the eyeballs with just a
very light touch, and just rotate the eyeballs slightly.
That's really more of a lymphatic technique
but it's a very nice technique to relax the orbit,
the muscles of the orbit
and some of that musculature there.
Often times we get to where we are squinting a little bit
That kind of thing
It tends to relax the face muscles up near the eyes
and it actually does help to relax the whole face
when that begins to relax.
Along the cheek, coming up,
the top of the cheek and around the eye socket.
then I move up to the forehead and do some work
along the frontal bone, up and down motion.
There's not a whole lot of muscles in this area
So it's basically, you're on a bone,
you don't want to go too deeply with it.
Just enough to relax, just enough to have the
blood flow coming into it.
Then after we do the forehead
Then I go and gently make circular motions on the skull
moving across the entire skull, in different areas,
which just relaxes things out.
It will relax any tension that may be along the ears,
up behind the ears or around the eyes.
It will help to relax the jaw because it's
a very relaxing thing to have your head worked.
And then I pick up the head and rock it a little bit
just to see that the neck muscles are nice and relaxed
and the person on the table is just yielding,
letting go of it all and trusting
to let somebody else move their body, move their neck.
Sometimes the volunteer muscles are
not too willing to allow movement without being in control,
so it's nice to test it and just see how relaxed
they are.
It's just a nice relaxing thing to do.
Face massage is a nice relaxing thing to do.
It works well with the work for the entire body,
although if someone has just a short few minutes
to do something, it's a nice way to get the neck
and the face in and just relax it out
so that the face does not feel all askewed
as you go back to sit in front of the computer.
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