Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Multiplayer Pro Tips

Uploaded by ubisoft on 29.05.2012

Hey guys! This is Tommy Jacob, Creative Director on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer.
We've had a blast playing with you in the beta, we know
there is a lot of information out there.
Here is some tips!
Future Soldier is all about teamwork.
That's never more important than when you're taking objectives.
If you're working on an objective with teammates in proximity, you'll trigger the
confidence system.
The confidence system allows you to reduce interaction time on objective but this is
multiplied by how many teammates you have around you. You'll notice to the left of the
objective icon the bar fills up as teammates get close.

For those teammates providing confidence,
you'll know you are within range
when the objective icon pins to your HUD. And this is a great opportunity for you
to deploy some equipment inside that extra line of defense.
Teamwork actions are a great way to score extra XP.
Deploying equipment near an objective,
having a teammate spawn on you, or taking out an enemy that is already engaged with a
teammate are a few examples of teamwork actions.
All incendiary equipment does damage over time. If you're on fire, performing
a prone roll extinguishes the fire.
The coordination system is one of the most valuable tools
in Future Soldier.
By pressing RB on the Xbox 360 or R1 on the PS3,
you open up the coordination dial.
This allows you to select from a myriad of options.
Teammates. Objectives.
Nearest ammo depot.
And one of the more exciting features: the co-ordinated kill.
When your team has intel, by selecting the co-ordinated kill you'll path to your
nearest enemy.
Don't let your guard down, your enemy knows when he is data hacked.
He might be expecting you.
Everybody hates the spawn campers.
Finally there's a way to deal with it. The reinforcement system.

With reinforcement,
secondary deployment locations are opened up when the team
is being camped.
Too many kills within your spawn? This system opens up allowing you to come in from behind, and flank your attackers.
Weapon customization.
Everybody loves Gunsmith.
With Gunsmith, we reward the player one point to spend per faction every time
they level, regardless of what you're playing, Ghost or Bodark, you get a point for
each side. All of the items you unlock through Gunsmith are
available to you in your character load out. You can modify a weapon in-game on the