super adventure rockman ep 1 part 1(NOW WITH SUBTITLES!)

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Electrical communication, torn up imagination
In the future bound circuits are free
Lately it’s been cool to have a digital government
That says to the media, “Good morning, yeah!”
I have a short circuited thought; your voice is growing weak
Look outside! The signals are fading
Forgotten dreams roam
Time goes through an unknown entrance, am I in your heart?
I’m looking for a place to return to
Because those who are not born like us fall behind
That’s our cue to escape
Electrical communication, torn up imagination
No one can trick us
Sparking Rock Action
Crushing meditation
I want to purge this world gone mad
20XX, South America, in the Amazon Rain Forest
a forgotten temple rose, causing a massive earthquake.
The United Nations gathered scientists from all around the world
to find out what had caused it and where it had come from.
They found that a strong electromagnetic field had appeared around the temple and
it destroyed helicopters, investigation vehicles, and all tools used to get close to the temple.
“Science” could not get close to the temple.
One year later, the United Nations ceased the formal investigation,
claimed it was a temple from the ancient Mayan civilization
and named it “Lanfont Ruins”.
And so, the pyramid came to be called thusly…
“The Temple of the Moon”
The Temple of the Moon
3 years later
The ruin’s electromagnetic field comes all the way to out here.
Just as I thought, it’s the reasons machines can’t get near the ruins.
Many weeks later
Th…this is…
Did something happen, Dr. Light?
The magnetic field from Lanfont Ruins is getting stronger around the Temple of the Moon.
What’s that mean?
Possibly nothing right now,
but it’s gotten much larger over this past week.
Is that the place Dr. Wily went to?
Could there be some sort of connection?
One month earlier
Th..that’s for real?
Yes…we don’t know why but it’s expanding at an unprecedented rate and it also seems to have an exceptional amount of energy
Rock, contact the U.N.
Yes, sir!
This amount of energy destroyed everything the U.N. threw at it but if we try one more time…
Wait! This amount of energy destroyed everything the U.N. threw at it but if we try one more time…
Won’t you leave the investigation to me?
I’ll go as far as I can by car and
if I do this right, I’ll be able to look people in the eye again.
That is, if you and Rockman trust me enough to let me go, I can clear my name! I want to work for the future of the world!
I understand Wily. I leave the investigation to you.
Dr. Wily…
I'm sorry... If only I had noticed this earlier…
The electromagnetic field around the Lanfont Ruins has begun affecting the entire world.
That strong electromagnetic field is weakening robots around the world.
And because Roll is a girl robot, and among the first of her kind, she was affected first…but soon it will spread, destroying everything electronic!
Will Roll get better?
If the field continues getting stronger at it its current rate, after two weeks, it will short out her microchip.
According to the data, it won’t stop expanding, and I don’t know if I can repair the chip.
No, not only Roll… if this continues it will affect all the world’s robots!
And without them, humans willl die as well!
My real little sister… Roll…
Dr. Wily…
People and robots of the world, listen!
My name is Dr. Wily.
Throughout the world, all of you refused to acknowledge the genius of my work. I am now in the Temple of the Moon, harnessing its power.
I now require the surrender of all robots within two weeks. Two weeks!
All countries must surrender to me within two weeks!
Dr. Light!
Cutman, okay. Press the switch.
Yes, sir.
How do you feel, Rock?
I feel like I’ve been born again… It’s very refreshing!
Isn’t it? I gave you an electromagnetic field to keep out the interference caused by the ruins.
It should protect you from all the interference, no matter where you go.
However, it will only work for two weeks.