Vizio & Microsoft signature- (Apple of the PCs)

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Hey guys, what's up? Today I'm going to be talking about Microsoft
signature. Now you may have heard of it, you may have
not, but if you haven't heard of it basically it's something Microsoft is doing
and it's to do with windows and it's really about bringing the best windows
experience to the user. So what does this mean? Well, this means that
they're ditching trial software so they're PCs that don't have trial software
or bloatware and they're just meant to be you know how windows is meant to be and straight
of the box experience.
Now an example of this is Vizio, now I'm going to be going back to Vizio
a lot because these I think are the first to be doing Microsoft signature.
Stop right there Vizio aren't actually the first to do Microsoft signature.
And there computers look amazing. Anyway I'll talk about Vizio later, but
what Vizio are doing with Microsoft is creating this amazing
experience. People are calling the Apple of the PC becuase it's really like
Apple how they're working the hardware and the software just work together
and they work how they're meant to.
Another great thing about Microsoft Signature is there is no annoying ugly
stickers that tell you this computer has a Intel core i5. You already know
that, you bought the computer. I don't need an ugly sticker telling me that. Also, the
Windows sticker as well. I know it has Windows 7 or Windows 8 I don't want
a ugly sticker showing that.
So, it means just a much nicer experience. Now it does come at a cost because the
reason a lot of manufacturers like Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell the reason they have trial software,
they don't do this Microsoft signature deal is because they can sell the computers for
less because they'll get money from Intel and the
people that do trial software for adding that in.
So, the computers are more expensive if they're Microsoft Signature. So, the Vizio computers
are more expensive than normal PCs. They're around the same price as Macs, but I really
think this is worth it because we're considering the Vizio PCs are a really nice design,
made of aluminium.
There really high quality like the Macs, but they really don't look the same so people
can't really say it's a copy. They're really unique
in design they're actually a darker colour aluminium than the Macs, but they look really
nice. So, what Vizio is trying to do is really reboot in a way the PC market because the
PCs have gone stale with all this horrible stuff
and we really want Windows how it's meant to be.
Vizio with their PCs are just really good. They're really taking their knowledge from
the TV market which they've done really well in and
they're involving it into the PC market. So, they're adding high resolution displays and
their great audio.
So, it's just really a nice experience, all in one. They do a all in one, they do a thin
and light and they do a notebook. If we're comparing
that to the Apple range:
they have the iMac which their all in one is.
they have their macbook air their thin+light.
they have the macbook pro their notebook.
So, that's really Vizio and Microsoft Signature and it's just a great package together. I'm
really excited for it. If I had the money I would definitely get a Vizio PC, but what
do you think? If they're the same price as Macs.
Would you prefer it over a Mac? What do you think?
Comment below because I am really interested. What do you think of Vizio? If you haven't
checked them out there will be a link below as always to see some of their products. No,
I didn't get sponsored by Vizio (I wish) but
I'm just really excited about Vizio and their products
because I've never seen anything like this in the PC market.
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