VistoBueno #8 : Cómo vestirte según tu tipo de cuerpo

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Hello I am Maiah and this is called "Visto Bueno"
Not all bodies are equal
It would be foolish to think that everything suits us
Do you know what is the only thing you need to look always beautiful and elegant?
Do you know what do you need for making everyone says to you?
"Aw... how do you to be always so beautiful and perfect?"
To use the clothes according to your body type
Sounds easy, but how?
Let's simplify it:
Beauty is harmony and harmony is proportion
We all have different proportion
Then you have to divide the rules according to the proportions.
Do you know your body type?
This video will reveal the secret of style
Today we will learn to dress according to our body type
The first thing you need to do is to identify your body type.
Narrow shoulders, small bust, little waist and prominent hips
Do you know who has your body type?
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez... Not bad at all!!
Broad shoulders, large bust, undefined waist and narrow hips.
With this body accompanies you Demi Moore and Madonna.
Your bust and hips are proportionate and you have a wasp waist
You have the same body as Sofia Vergara and Salma Hayek
Your bust and hips are proportionate, but you don't have a defined waist
so your curves are not prominent at all
You have the same body type that Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham and well ... me
This is the most common body type among latinas.
You already have a wasp waist which makes you look very feminine
Your goal is to balance your hips with the top to make your shoulders look bigger
Use necklines and tailored shirts in bright colors
You need plunging necklines and bold necklaces to attract attention to the top
I'm not banning you light colors but if you combine dark above and light below
you are giving too much bulk to your bottom
The jackets with details on the shoulders are ideal for you.
Blouses and shirts must be either short or long
Never in the hip area because you will give too much volume
Since we're talking about the hips: prevents garments and accessories that emphasize them.
I mean, belts, pockets, ornaments, etc.
With the triangle body happens the same that with the "gorditas" girls
Forget puffer skirts
This is not negotiable
Unless you want to be...
The "burriquita"
It's better to use the boot pants straight and solid colors
Avoid skinny pants
Use sleeves to give volume to your top
Choose skirts that start at the waist and say "no" to the skirts that begins on the hip
This body type is common among athletes
You have a good bust and good legs
What we have to hide are prominent shoulders and give volume to your hips
Put in the trash all these tops with very thin straps and ruffles... You don't need them
Usually this body type has little butt
So avoid high-waisted pants and leaves the to the melted looking candles
You are one of the few that can use an overskirt without being disproportionate... that's cool!
Say NO to the pins on the top or details that add more volume to your top
Wear shirts with V-necklines instead of a shoulder neckline highlighting
The best for you are dress at the waist or under the bust to attract attention to this area
The jackets should be structured with two buttons below the bust and if no flaps, better
Do not combine coarse textured tops with cigarette pants
Your legs will look so skinny!!
The pockets in your pants and skirts help balance your shoulders
The ruffled skirts and fitted waist are your best friends‚ love them!
Enjoy fashion patterned pants!
You're one of the few who can use it and will give you volume to your legs
You can use light colors at the bottom. Let the dark colours to the top
Show off your legs with skirts above the knee
You will look thinner and high
The long necklaces give verticality to your body
The good news is that your body is already balanced
The bad news is that with a little mistake you can see vulgar or plump
If your bust is big must have a good support, anything that comes out of your clothes
Your breasts should be located right in the middle between your waist and shoulders
right here!
Your jackets should stay perfectly tailored if you don't want to look plum
Your clothes have to dial your waist!
Draw the eye to your waist with belts, necklines and double-breasted suits
If your bust and your hips are prominent
You're very close to make them look much bigger than they already are
Avoid skirts with lots of volume because they breaks with your symmetry
You already have a really sexy body so do not complain... So, be good!
This body is also provided but your job is to emphasize the waist to highlight your curves
All you need is a million waisted dresses.
This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this
Not hard cuts that makes you look "square"
Use for your chest, flyers
Dresses in layers increase your curves.
You're one of the few who can do this advantage!
The V-necks will help you to make this look longer, increase there and adjust here
You are lucky to be able to use light colors, horizontal stripes and patterns to give volume to your curves
Combine your clothes with belts in contrasting colors for you to mark well where is your waist
The ideal is to wear long jackets with short skirts or long skirts with short jackets
Anything that tie at the waist is for you: blouses, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, whatever
You can use any type of skirt
Obviously must be coherent with your body
It's not the same the skirt of Cameron Diaz and... my skirt
Those are different kind of legs, you know!
Use low waists to give emphasis to your hips
Diagonal lines accentuate your curves and are ideals to small, thin bodies
Each head is different and each silhouette are different too
If you're tall or short, thin or plump, if you know yourself well everything will be ok
That's all what you need to look always spotless, safe and stylish
There you go!
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