Nail art tutorial : simple & quick foolproof pink nails

Uploaded by cutenails on 07.09.2012

Hi everybody, in this video I’ll show you how to make a foolproof nail art.
It’s really easy to do. You can of course change the colors and the patterns as you wish.
I have personally chosen to match it with my swimming suit for the summer.
Hope you'll like this tutorial and that it'll give you some creative ideas.
First, I've applied my white base as you see it here.
Then I took a variety of pink Essie nail polish.
And, I started to make the dots.
To do so, you’ll need different sized dotting tools like these.
If you really don’t have them, then you can use toothpicks
but the dots will not be as perfect as those done with the appropriate tools.
I took the light purple nail polish and started the dots in diagonal lines
starting from big dots and gradually reducing the size.
I make the line in one go.
You don’t need to wait for the nail polish to dry.
Just don’t press on the previously applied nail polish.
Then I use a midsized dotting tool
that I dip in my beige color to make small dots.
I've shifted the dots to the right of the previous dots.
You can change but I find it more beautiful than to place them at the center.
So, you shift all of them to the right in a way that you can see the previous dots.
Otherwise, they won’t have any importance.
Then I use the pink nail polish to make the same thing but with a smaller dotting tool.
Then, with the darker color, I use the smallest dotting tool to paint lines in the middle of the patterns.
Consider cleaning your dotting tool with a tissue as you can see here.
Then with the lightest color, I make lines in the opposite direction.
Here it is. That's all.
Now I will apply the top coat. That's very important.
Without top coat the finish wouldn't be so nice since there are some raised dots. It’s not so beautiful.
The top coat will merge everything and give a shiny touch as you see here.
Then to finish it off, you’re not compelled to, I’ve dipped my brush in acetone
to clean up the cuticles since with the dotting tool, it may overflow.
It’s not nice when there’s a dot the edge of the nail.
Here it is. that’s all. Hope that you’ve liked this nail art.
Feel free to change colors or the patterns as you like show me the result on my Facebook page.
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