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Yoon Ah that girl, just wait and see.
Hello good children! Hello.
Hey, turn your head over here.
Who is this again?
This is so embarassing! Where's the front?
Argh, this is so annoying!
Who are these people?
Let me catch them and let them see if I'm going to let him off.
So embarassing!
What to do?
You're dead.
Who was it?
Face looks like a dinosaur.
Is it really that funny?
If you were us, would you not laugh?
Wanna try throwing it one more time?
Are you happy?
What are you doing now?
What? Let go! Let go!
Is he really our father?
Yes. Recently when I see your dad, I'm wondering whether he is my husband too.
Looks like I have to run away from home!
Hey Yoon Jae Kwang!
Jung won, what's wrong with Jae Kwang?
I don't know, maybe he's love sick.
Love sick at High school 2nd Year?
Go up and take a look.
Nuna! [T/N: Nuna = older sister]
Is it really have self-resistance?.
Look, everyday throwing cigarette butts into my flower pots
What? You said it's the uncle living beside our house who threw it?
Since you're a pig, you should just eat your meals well, why come up here?
Whose willing to come up here?
Let go, let go of me.
I'm not not letting go you, stinky kid!
Let's go to Mom.
Nuna, I love you.
I don't accept your love, rascal.
Let go of me!
What's wrong with this pig?
How do you do.
First time meeting.
Yes,We just moved in yesterday, are you okay?
It's nothing, just normal.
Goodbye then.
Your head.
So this is how it is.
That kid is...
Wait, Nuna!
Nuna, wait!
Let go, you pig!
So I hang it above the clothesline.
This is already the 6th time.
At that time, he doesn't know you, right?
And saying he's not interested, right?
What I mean is that it's hurting my pride.
Don't tell me you caused it?
Want to die?
If it's not, then forget it.
Please don't be late for today's part time job!
I know, bad girl!
Jung Won!
Hey, Yoon Jung Won!
Send this over to our neighbour.
It's old fashioned to give rice cakes.
Can't you go on your own, Mom?
No one around?
(I) don't like amusement parks.
Do you want to die? I'm here to send a plate.
I know, come up here.
Forget it.
Wow, so many CDs.
Ah, those? Girls bought them for me.
You must be happy with so much fame.
[EG]I don't have much interest in anything, but music.
Just hitting on me and answering, giving gifts and accepting them.
Really? Not interested in those things?
That kind of person is the most arrogant.
You are often told by people that you have no manners, right?
Not too little of those people to get rid of.
I'm leaving.
Listen to the song that I've just composed.
I know nothing about music.
I'm not expecting anything either.
It's not water, it's not juice.
It's not a soft drink either.
That is a dinosaur with a torn tail acting crazy.
Spitting out Cola.
(I) Don't like amusement park.
(I) Don't like dragon's head.
(I) Don't like amusement...
What's the matter?
Nothing, you look quite cute when you're singing.
Looks like you have an inside story.
Oh...there's an idiot that poured Cola on me.
I don't want to meet her, even in my dreams.
Really? I'm leaving.
I don't intend to make you stay, its better if you go.
Just keep quiet. Do you want to die tonight?
Where are you going?
Is there a need to know?
I'm going to work part-time, enough?
So, you can't be late.
Of course.
Lately, my guitar has been a bit heavy...
Just get to the point, I'm busy.
Send me from school to the practice room, just for a week.
You must be kidding, find someone that you like to go with you.
They all like me.
I will let you hold my hand.
Hey! Why would I need to hold your hand?
Just go ahead and tell.
Do you think my dad will believe your words?
There's video of it, want to see?
This rascal.
Tomorrow onwards, wait for me at the front door at 5.
I'm Eun Gyu, Shin Eun Gyu.
See you tomorrow.
What? Shin Eun Gyu?
I heard that he's very special.
How do you want to die?
Even throwing you down from rooftop, still not dead.
Are you really going tomorrow?
Are there any other ways? In case dad finds out...
No way.
The dragon head should be me!
Damn it, you're dead.
If you're coming in, then we'll call the police.
Why are you still laughing?
Remove your hand.
Remove this hand.
Did you eat dragon's liver?
Hey, no point in talking nonsense to such a girl. She doesn't get it.
Let's go!
This girl, are you crazy?
What! Damn it!
Deok Pal!
Mi Ahn, what's wrong?
Why are you here only now, Deok Pal?
She hurt my arm.
Look at this girl.
Where is your school located?
How old are you this year?
This the target?
With you speaking with an accent (in a different dialect), who will be scared?
Shut up.
Looks like you won't be awake if you don't get beaten.
Hit her, Hit her!
Throw! Throw!
Step! Deok Pal, stomp her to death!
Who do you want to hit to death?
Let go of her.
Let go.
What? Where is this kid from?
Did you not get enough beatings the other time?
This bunch of hooligans are so annoying.
Hey, Shin Eun Gyu!
Didn't you say that you didn't have a girlfriend the other time?
She's not my girlfriend.
And don't you ever think of hitting on me.
This kind of person, even giving me 500 CDs won't make me interested.
How Unlucky.
Let's go porter.
Hey, why were they so afraid of you just now?
My temper isn't good all the time.
Let me have the guitar!
Isn't your neck hurt?
This kid, still trying to act cool.
Didn't you say besides music, you've no interest in anything? Why help me?
I'm just bored.
You want to hit on me, right?
Do you really see me that way?
What do you mean?
Do you know how high my expectations are?
Have you ever thought of lowering your expectations?
Do well, see you tomorrow.
Just go in for a bit, I'll sing a song for you.
I don't want to.
Hi, you're here.
Whose that?
Oh, my porter.
Come in.
Hello everyone.
Have you eaten?
I'm so hungry.
What's the matter?
Let's do it once.
Today's sunlight is so beautiful again.
Your smile fills my day of life.
Even making people in melancholy for a day.
Also because you make me feel lively.
All these.
Only for you, can make me forget a day of troubles.
My love, anytime by my side.
As long as you are by my side,
I can do anything.
Although sometimes making people feel tough
Might have hurt you
But I will never let go.
I will always be by your side.
Only for you, can make me forget a day of troubles
My love, anytime by my side.
With you, only you by my side.
Only for you, can make me forget a day of troubles.
I'll just ask you one question.
If you don't go out, something unexpected might happen to you.
I won't call you a pig if you tell me.
Hurry and ask me.
Girls with pretty eyes likes cats, is that true?
What nonsense is that?
So Yeon Nuna, who lives next door, said it.
Get out, get out, get out!
Just teach me one more thing, just one more.
Yoon Jung Won, long time no see.
Yeah, nice to...
You know Eun Gyu?
What's the relationship between you and I?
Don't care about Eun Gyu.
The times when I'm really low, he's a friend that has always been by my side.
You know that I'm really unlucky, right?
If you bully Eun Gyu, be prepared to die.
Kang Hee Won, you really are a jerk.
What do you think I will do?
Ten years as good friends, a guy that I trusted so much,
letting a bunch of brats attacking me...
I once treasured a lot in friendships, only using a few minutes.
Don't provoke me, I won't bear it anymore either.
I beg you, don't bear with it.
Don't ever appear in front of me.
Hey, what's up?
Are you worried that I'll get wet?
Why shoud I be worried?
Just couldn't sleep, and I felt a little bored, so I came out.
If you say it, will lose you a few pieces of meat?
Why don't you ask?
Practice room.
Ah, that.
Didn't you cry?
Wouldn't you be hurting?
If I asked, wouldn't it be even more hurtful?
Who cried, kid?
I definitely won't cry.
Maybe seeing a cockroach will make me cry easier.
Really? What if I made you cry?
What if you can't make me cry?
I'll fulfill a wish for you.
Alright, let's bet. You will keep your promise, right?
Don't cry, don't cry.
Santa Clause won't give presents to children who cry.
Why are you peeping into other's classrooms?
Ah, I'm here to see my brother.
Who is your brother?
Even if I tell you, you wouldn't know, the name is very incoherent.
You rascal, hand over your student ID.
I don't have...
Where are you touching?!
Teacher, how can you touch those areas?
What are you doing?
Because of you, my name tag got taken away.
Who took it?
Ah ha! Better give up, he won't return to you.
Damn it, don't move.
Why do I have to take this with you?
Because of my part-time job, I can't even go to the beach.
Hey, if you move backwards, your face size will have a difference, kid!
The pig carrying guitar, The pig sweating.
Go die.
Seeing you, makes me think of music.
Isn't that good?
Why do I keep having inspirations when I see animals?
Pig, Dragon's head...
Stop joking.
If you think it's annoying why follow me?
That's because you...
Brave and healthy.
Hyung! [T/N: Hyung = older brother]
Hyung, can you tell me your Nuna's number?
I don't know it.
What are you doing here?
Then your house number?
My sister likes surprises, just come straight to my house.
What time will be appropriate?
If I bump into you on the street, pretend you don't know me.
Who are you?
This kid really...
Cat! Cat, cat!
Catch it!
Let's go in.
It's Hee Won.
He's my best friend, let me introduce you to him.
No, it's not necessary.
You're here.
The other time, you've met once, right? She's Yoon Jung Won.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, nice to meet...
We have to listen to the combination song, lets go in.
Let's go in.
You said you wouldn't. Are my words that funny?
Where are you going?
Oh? Someone wants to see me for awhile.
Do you want me to get you a drink?
Let's go together.
No, I'll be back soon.
Really? Okay then.
Nuna, this cat's name is Pupu.
No, it's called this before Nuna gives it a name.
How is it? Pretty, right?
If Nuna likes it, I'll give it to you.
Really knows how to play.
Do you know how many fleas there are on a stolen cat?
Is it your first time seeing me like this? You must be worried, right?
Don't change the topic, you flea king.
Nuna, what do I do?
I'm really changing, I really love So Yeon Nuna to death.
Did you get bitten by fleas thoroughly?
Isn't that Nuna an elder?
Can't I fall in love with older people?
My legs hurt.
Nuna, your brother is hungry, can you make me something to eat?
Go in and get yourself food, rascal.
Jung Won!
Are you alright?
Why is my leg over there?
Hey, Judo girl.
Is there no new things to teach lately?
All of you!
Forget it Yoon Ah.
Handling these kids, making me dirty for no reason, lets go.
Why? Are you remembering the past things?
Hey! If you disregard Hee Won's warning one more time, be careful of getting burried alive.
Hey, lets go
What are you doing?
What is this?
This is a similar guitar to the one that Billy Sheehan used during his period.
Isn't it deadly?
I'll give you a warning, this thing doesn't look cheap.
Let's go, come again tomorrow.
What's there to look at?
Cat Thief.
What happened to your face?
Grew a ringworm.
Why are your lips broken?
Due to kissing.
How about your eyes?
Bitten by mosquito.
Hey, so your face...
Are you crying?
Just say it.
Don't cross over the roof top.
I'm really having a hard time now.
So, do you want to be my boyfriend?
Yes, I never expected it, rascal.
But, I have a condition.
Don't come in front of my school tomorrow.
Didn't your face have a ringworm? It's so embarassing.
Be honest, you didn't trip, right?
Don't let me talk today.
The atmosphere is great.
When will you live normally? Say it out, before I tell dad.
I told you to get out right? Get out, get out, get out!
Be honest and tell!
Is it Kang Hee Won?
It's that kid, right? It's him, right?
He's dead!
Hello, Eun Gyu.
Oh my God, who hit you unnie? [T/N: Unnie = older sister]
What to do with this face?
I got ringworm.
Eh...By the look of it, you got beaten right?
Eun Gyu, let's go to the beach.
Go to the beach.
Go to the beach and pick seashells, catch seahorses...
Eat seafood.
Did the ringworm grow to your brain?
Just two of us.
Should we take the train? Or should we take the bus?
No, that's not it.
Let's go by sitting on our love.
Others who date will go there for sure.
I don't want to say.
During this period of dating me, I should protect you, it's what I should do.
It's over now, after getting hit, my feelings got better.
Until now, I've been feeing really sorry in this position.
You really won't say it, right?
Alright, what if that person likes you, will you still take revenge?
Are you able to kick that person terribly in front of me?
What is there to be so confused about?
I know. Although I'm curious, but before you tell me on your own, I won't ask.
When we're at the beach, should we go there by sitting on our love?
Forget it, the train has left.
Just wait for awhile.
Isn't it good? Coming here when feeling troubled. Not bad, right?
This is made by my fans and given to me. They wanted me to give it to my girlfriend, when I have one.
Wow, really pretty.
And this is mine.
I want to teach Kang Hee Won, that rascal, a lesson. Just come and see if you want.
What are you? You dare bully my Nuna!
Answer me you jerk!
Yoon Jae gwang, I said stop!
What's wrong with you Nuna? This kid...
Just go, rascal!
Even this jerk were to die, it should be me to kill him.
Hurry, go!
Kang Hee Won, why have you changed?
Why have you become like this?
You were my friend, we were friends.
Yeah, we were friends.
If only you had sent them to the hospital at the scene, there might have been a chance to save them.
You knew it, why didn't you do that?
Thinking of it in a sweet way.
The bitch who destroys our house is called a friend.
If its you, would you not report it to the police?
Hit and run after knocking someone, if its you, will you not report it to police?
I.. I really didn't know he was your father.
Trying to deny it again?
Are you alright?
I said it once more, leave Eun Gyu.
I don't want to see you smiling.
It's all because of me.
What? The game is over so fast?
Too late, damn it.
Hey, you guys.
Who told you to do it?
Kang Hee Won, what's wrong with you?
Do it again and I won't let you off.
Messed up.
The phone number you dialed is unable to get through, please leave a message after the beep.
Let go.
How many steps are there?
Argh, so annoying.
The one got beaten is silly. Why me?
Be quiet and follow me.
Let go of me.
Looks like he's not in, just leave.
Kang Hee Won.
Jae Gwang is here to apologize, did you see the message?
No matter what, sorry about yesterday.
What's the point of saying sorry?
What? You think I wanted to come here by my own will?
This pig...
Don't misunderstand, Kang Hee Won.
I'm only here to apologize, that's all.
Really? I don't want to see both of you anymore.
Can you please disappear out of my sight?
Do you really want to die?
If you didn't bully my Nuna in the past...
So this is today's important meeting?
Looks like everyone knows each other well.
Kang Hee Won, you explain it.
What's the relationship between the two of you, and why is Jung Won's brother acting this way?
It's nothing. The two of them had a fight.
Let's go, let's go out and talk.
Why lie to me?
No, it's not that.
Yoon Jung Won.
You better learn how to treat your friends properly.
I know, let's go.
Also, although I don't know what's going on, but please teach your brother properly.
If this happens again, I won't let it go easily.
Let's go Jae Gwang.
This is really funny.
Yoon Jung Won, are you stupid?
Eun Gyu hyung, listen carefully.
Kang Hee Won, this rascal, is my sister's friend for more than ten years.
Yoon Jae Gwang, stop it.
Three years ago, he called his friends.
The one who made my sister become half crippled, it's this guy.
Didn't I say stop?
Can you understand the feeling of getting kicked terribly by your most trusted friend?
But, my sister has never scolded this kid once.
Saying that it's her own fault no matter what.
What has she done wrong?
The one who doesn't know what friendship is should be him!
I didn't know you're having such a hard time. I'm really sorry.
It's me who reported to the police about Hee Won's father.
I cruelly caused this to happen to my best friend's father.
His father was sent to jail and his mother was hospitalized.
During that time, it had been hard.
It's better that I leave.
Yoon Jung Won.
Take it.
I can't do this, I can't.
Hee Won must be feeling terrible now.
Hee Won only has you.
Don't break the friendship between Hee Won and you.
Initially, I really disliked it at first.
When Jung Won was beside you.
When Jung Won has you by her side, it makes me more upset.
I don't care if its now or in the future, I'll still like you.
But let me say I'm sorry for once.
Now, me too.
I don't want to lie to myself anymore.
Hee Won.
He said he wants to look for you.
Hee Won and I...
I know.
I also know that the guy has been suffering alot.
But just like that, can you continue to stay by my side?
I can still continue singing without Hee Won.
I sang too, before I met Hee Won.
But I feel that if I don't have you, I can't sing anymore.
I like Hee Won alot now, and in future too.
Let me think of a way to make the three of us feel happy.
Eun Gyu.
Won't you give me a hand?
My leg's numb, I can't stand up.
Your eyes, whether its the past,
Or now, they're still good looking.
How is your mother?
I'm really sorry for making her suffer.
Hee Won.
Kang Hee Won.
Sorry, I really want to go with you to the beach for once.
It's alright. We can still go after the competition.
But there's no bassist, what do we do?
He will be back.
Was Hee Won really originally like this?
Few days, few days and..
Hey, you will be extremely busy next time.
Yeah, for a short period I can't accompany you to play, try to understand.
You think I'm you, kid?
Ahjusshi, can I have a Cola? [Ahjusshi = Mister/Uncle]
How do you know its an ordinary cat? That's a black cat, black cat!
So Yeon Nuna says its pretty.
If I betray Nuna, will that do?
This kid, are you crazy? You really don't believe mom's words?
I don't believe it.
What is mom to you in your eyes?
A person who helps make meals.
I don't have a reason to continue living here in this house anymore.
I won't return until I found Pupu.
I really couldn't understand why you were behaving this way.
There's nothing else.
I just want to find back what I've lost.
Kang Hee Won, if you want to toss me, just use the ways that you did in past.
If you are true, and if we meet again,
that is because we were friends. Even though I'm sorry that I'm with Eun Gyu now...
If you still ignore me, I will die, Yoon Jung Won.
I really want to start all over again and start smiling.
Hee Won.
Do you remember?
When we were in grade six, the incident where you fell from the swing over there.
That time, I had to carry you to the hospital.
It's been so many years that I've want to sleep when I close my eyes.
I'm going to sleep.
Hey, you can't.
Should have let you leave me slowly
I stood at that place once again
Looking at you slowly leaving
Tears falling slowly
Such a cold season
Although once back, coming back to my side
So you mean between this part, we shouldn't add on any transition?
Yeah. Remove the middle part where it's not necessary.
That way will be better, right Nuna?
Yeah, that's right.
Wait, let's do it again.
It would be good if we had Hee Won oppa around. [Oppa = older brother]
It's a huge impact without having a bassist around.
You really can't contact oppa?
He should be back soon. He must be suffering now.
He's just having a hard time?
No matter how hard it is, he should think of others too.
Hey, can't he have times when he is having a hard time?
Everyday life is already frustrating enough, can he still be in mood?
What I mean is, we should think of other people's position.
Oh, it's Yoon Ah, forgot I had a date.
It's been hard on everyone.
Kang Hee Won.
What are you doing sitting there?
No, don't Kang Hee Won!
My mother...
Looks like even with me beside, its useless.
Initially, I feel like dying.
Why is it like this?
Why only me... Why only my family?
I'm sorry Hee Won, I'm really sorry.
It's all my fault.
Your mother will be fine, she will definitely be fine.
Go with me and visit her in the hospital, okay?
You don't understand, the terrible feeling of thinking that its better to die than to live.
Now, there's really no one by my side anymore.
There's still me, right? Let us go through it together this time.
Didn't you said you want to start smiling again? Let me make you smile again.
Kang Hee Won, if you die, I'll die too.
I'm the one who made you be in such state, you should give me a chance, you fool.
Hold my hand, Hee Won.
Grab hold of my hand.
Let's make a promise.
I will be by your side.
Let me grab hold of your hand.
Believe me.
Hee Won.
Give me a week.
Just give me a week of time, okay?
The only thing I can do is to wait
Nothing else
Hey, want to take a break?
Hey, at the front part, can you accelerate the beat by half?
Shouldn't you be in school at this time?
Teacher let me go home. He said there's nothing to teach.
Introduce yourself, this is our new bassist.
Young Ji .
Let's go out, Eun Gyu. The weather outside is good.
I can't, I have to practice. Just bear with it a little more.
Just go out, please?
Unnie, didn't oppa say he can't go? We only have 6 days left.
Na Ri, don't interfere.
Just go out, Eun Gyu. Looks like she left early because of you.
It's okay. It takes quite some time to practice for the bassist.
Why did you let me help you carry your guitar?
Don't you understand? I have interest in you.
Oh! It's cosplay!
There's Shalala princess and Adula!
Wow, this is awesome!
Wow, this is really exactly the same!
Hey, don't you think its cute?
There's no dinosaur's head mask here?
You'll look really good if you wear it
Do you want to die today?
You look like there's nothing wrong with you.
Just say that I'm having stomach pains Just for five days only.
Don't you like me?
Just tell the teacher. I'm leaving.
Hey, Yoon Jung Won.
Let's go out, Eun Gyu, please.
Where do you want to go? I'll treat today.
Yoon Jung Won, what's wrong with you?
Just go out, let's go, okay?
You're acting really weird lately, what's wrong?
I don't have time.
Shin Eun Gyu, I'm the one who has no time.
What are you talking about? Once our competition ends, can't we meet up?
It's not that you don't know, this competition means a lot to me.
If this happens again, don't come to our practice room anymore.
Fine, I won't come ever again.
Date with your prize and songs, bad guy!
Unnie, what's wrong with you?
Even if you can't help, you shouldn't cause trouble.
Because I'm selfish, so what?
Shin Eun Gyu, hurry and put down your guitar.
Why did you want to see me?
Help me pick out some clothes.
What? Is this the reason why you're in hurry to meet me?
I want to wear it to the hospital. Didn't mom like you a lot?
Although I'm not sure if she will recongize you.
I know, then treat me for dinner.
Alright, let's go
Let's go.
Hey, stay right there!
Kang Hee Won, don't move you rascal!
You're so dead.
Jung Won
I've need to help my mother run errands, I'll leave first.
Hyung, she's here.
Hyung, please teach this girl a lesson. Just hitting her to death won't do.
What's the matter, busy man?
Forget about holding hands, what else did you do?
None of your business.
If Hee Won has something, then we'll go together.
Don't you hate me?
Am I like you?
I don't even have enough time to like you, why do I have to dislike you?
I'm sorry.
Nothing, I said thank you.
Eun Gyu.
Do you believe me?
Even at the most terrible period of time, will you still believe me?
Answer me. Even if I have done a lot of bad things?
Are you home safely?
Erm, yes.
Let's have a party next wednesday.
If it's wednesday...
Hee Won, that day...
Is the date when we will start anew.
Come to my home at 8. If not, you will know what will happen, right?
This is to celebrate the juniors for making their debut.
Brian's performance, everyone applause!
This year's performing band is last year's champion band.
Shin Eun Gyu's composed lyrics and song, "Waiting time."
Gently closing two eyes/i>
Anytime thought appear/i>
Ever once thought of forgetting/i>
The song that summons you to me/i>
Do you remember? The times we spent together/i>
The times when there was happiness/i>
I only can wait for you/i>
I couldn't say anything/i>
Staring at your falling tears/i>
Only can love/i>
Comparing to forgetting, to me pain is so much easier/i>
Can you come back to my side?/i>
I can only let you leave me slowly/i>
I'm standing at that place again
You're late.
Hee Won, I like you too.
I will remove the memories of Eun Gyu in your mind one by one.
Kang Hee Won.
Today is the day that we will start anew, so you have to blow the candles.
That kid said he wants to find the kitten, so he ran away from home.
Hey, can you imagine that?
You've said that 7 times, did something happen to you?
Then listen again for the 8th time, baddie!
Did something happen between Eun Gyu and you?
Finally finished washing.
Heard that Unnie dumped Eun Gyu oppa.
You don't have to speak out his name, it's him.
This is too much.
Oppa looks like he doesn't seem to even know.
He even said that he wanted to get the bonus and bring Unnie to the beach.
Really? Then he should go with you, wouldn't that do?
I hope that in future you won't appear in front of Eun Gyu oppa again.
Sorry for making you suffer.
Not as much as what I've given you.
Smiling so happily in front of Eun Gyu, can't you do that in front of me too?
Did you hear about it?
Because of Eun Gyu's fans, there will be a last concert.
Dong Yoon Nuna called.
Join along for the sake of friendship.
I still like Eun Gyu until now.
In the past three years, he's always accompanied me.
I want to make up with Eun Gyu.
But, I won't give you up for sure.
Yoon Jung Won, come with me to meet Eun Gyu.
I want to perform for the last time for the doremi band.
Hurry, come in.
Yoon Jung Won.
How do you do?
Not that, just put it aside first.
Jung Won, please don't tell Jae Gwang about this.
I'm here, Shin Eun Gyu.
Jung Won is here too.
Hey, how many meals did you skip? Luckily, I've brought pizza.
There's no cups.
Are you happy?
Eun Gyu ah...
I'm thinking of what ways to send you off.
Thinking of a way to send you off without hurting you.
It shouldn't be easy.
I'm sorry, but I have to be by Hee Won's side.
He's having a hard time.
You, without me, can you live on?
Forget it.
Will you come to the gig?
Remember, you must come.
What's this?
Open and take a look.
Let's go, we still need to practice.
Oh, okay.
Oh yes, heard that you have taken recording albums from the audio and video society.
When are you going to do recording?
Maybe after the gig ends.
Maybe not.
Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do.
Shin Eun Gyu.. Shin Eun Gyu... Shin Eun Gyu..
Hey, it's still Shin Eun Gyu over here, he's the best.
Shin Eun Gyu... Shin Eun Gyu...
Today, let everyone here bring home tears.
Go travelling in such a cool summer night
Go travelling in such a cool summer night
I can see, I couldn't hide my feelings 844 01:15:34,380 --> 01:15:40,642 Meeting with the movement of the sea
Can temporarily hide our heartaches
Let that day only give me loving memories
Because of remembering that day of our future
Such a short summer night memories, leaving the sea
So cool night, I can hear my breathing
I should've let you leave me quietly
I stood at that place once again
Looking at you slowly a distance away
Tears start to fall lightly
Such a cold season
Come again once more
I can only wait for you
I can only tear silently
Staring at you tearing
Can only love
Compared to forgetting, pain is much easier for me
Can you come back to my side?
Today's sunlight is so beautiful
Your smile fills my days of life
Those troublesome days
Because of you letting me feel energetic and happy
All these
Only for you, making my life continue
My love, anytime, come to my side
With you, only if I have you
I can do anything
Sometimes I feel tired too
Maybe that might hurt you
But I won't ever let my hand go
I will always be by your side
Everyone, feeling happy?
Shin Eun Gyu... Shin Eun Gyu...
This is the last time.
I treasure my kitten so much
When I wasn't looking, it got lost
What to do? What should I do? Every night I've been searching crazily
I've been waiting all day for it to come home
vI'm waiting for you to come back

Memories are becoming blurry, it's time to make a decision
I pray that you will come back
Tears are going to stop, look at me
I'm waiting right here for you to come back
There's alot of things that I want to say
Slowly those memories
Please remember me
Ocassionally just one time will be good
I love you
Now and forever
Because of me
I want to go to that blue blue sea with you
Want to fulfill every promise that I've made to you
I swear to heaven that I will only protect you from today onwards
I'm sorry
My voice...
My voice won't come out...
Jung Won...
Answer me, that way then I can say it.
I'm sorry that I love you.
In the future...
Don't ever fall in love.
This is Jung Won, the one that you have is Eun Gyu.
The two of them should never be apart.
Let us be together.
Go to the beach together.
Eun Gyu wants to go to the seaside with Jung Won.
Yoon Jung Won.
Hee Won, I have to go to Eun Gyu.
No, you can't.
Hee Won.
Let Jung Won go.
You're doing it for yourself, tearing both of their hearts apart.
What do you know Nuna?
If I don't have her, I have nothing.
Didn't you say you will make me laugh?
Didn't you say you will be by my side?
Didn't you say you will grab hold of my hand?
Please don't go.
Our promise.
When there's a day when I feel like I can do without you, I will let you go.
Today again?
You are really something.
I gotta go.
Did you wait for a long time?
Thank you.
Doctor said Mom is getting better.
Really? That's good.
Then, let's go, we have a date.
Long time no see.
How's your mother?
Much better. How is your sister?
Not good.
Do you know how much I'm suffering?
I'm sorry, Nuna.
Is Jung Won doing okay?
Yeah. How about Eun Gyu with his album?
I wanted to go to the recording room to have a look, but the phone won't get through.
What are you talking about?
Should I let her go, mother?
I'm also having a hard time.
He had an accident right after he went to Kang Ryung.
Other parts of his body are doing well, but his brain seems to be damaged.
He was afraid that Hee Won and you might get hurt, so he left.
Do you know what is the most depressing thing about humans after death?
It's that they can never meet again.
So I can't die.
Because I can't think of you again.
Because I can't meet you again.
Catch him!
Catch that teapot thief!
Catch that teapot thief, catch that thief!
Don't move rascals.
Don't go? Who let you play in our territory?
We actually play in our area, but that Hyujng came.
Please lock that Hyung up, what's the matter with him?
This so ugly, want to die?
Is he a monkey? Why must he be locked up? Hurry, go! Not going?
Unreasonable... Unreasonable!
Eun Gyu, what are you doing?
Not that you care.
I am Yifter King.
Are you princess Shalala?
Yeah, I am princess.
Pass me the teapot.
You are not princess Shalala.
I am princess Shalala, that's right.
Princess Shalala has blue eyes and you don't.
You are adula.
It's been 3 weeks since Eun Gyu came back.
At first, they said that attacking therapy does help.
So we brought him to the amusement park.
Nuna, let's do this once more, okay?
Come look over here.
Slowly, concentrate on your mind.
You are now entering into the most relaxed condition.
Hello, I am Jung Won. I am Eun Gyu.
We are lovers.
We took pictures together, held hands together, and kissed.
We love each other very very much.
But, she left him.
Eun Gyu, can you remember? Did you remember something?
Eun Gyu?
Eun Gyu?
Are you alright?
It's okay, Eun Gyu.
Don't be nuisance.
You are not a child.
This building, this basement, you used to practice here.
Your favorite place. This is where you like to sing.
I don't like to sing. I don't want to go in. I don't really like it here.
Listen carefully, Shin Eun Gyu.
I don't care if you like it or not. I will never give up on you.
Even if I'm dead, I won't do it.
Few years, no, even over ten years. I must cure you.
And my name is Yoon Jung Won.
Obviously, he is a person, but he wants to split into two personalities.
To the things that he doesn't want to remember, he slowly shuts the door to his heart.
So those things that hurt...
I know about this, but are there any other ways?
There is something similar to this case.
Even if there are miracles, the possibility is still low.
Gig again?
On the Goodbye stage?
[Yeah, when Eun Gyu had his worst period of time, do that once again.
This is the tape recorded by Yoon Ah at the Goodbye gig.
Everyone can help, right?
Maybe Oppa is feeling happier now.
If the chances are slim, don't let oppa get upset again. Just forget it.
Unnie, you know too?
During the last gig, Eun Gyu oppa gave Unni a chance.
Na Ri ah..
Hey, the stage is rather big. How do we get so many people?
Can we do exactly the same?
We have to try our best.
Wait, Yoon Ah. Go forward a little.
Hello, it's all on you please.
After reading, remember to come on this date.
Please help us.
Will there really be alot of people coming?
You should know Eun Gyu oppa. His fame is really high.
Hurry up, pig
Na Ri ah..
Everyone, really, thank you very much.
Let us create a miracle together.
Now let me introduce, Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do
Eun Gyu.
Go traveling on a cool summer night
Go travelling on a cool summer night
I can see, I couldn't hide my feelings
Let that day only leave me loving memories
Because of letting us remember that day of our future
Eun Gyu.
Eun Gyu.
Eun Gyu, wake up.
Eun Gyu, wake up.
Jung Won.
I'm sorry that I love you.
Next time
Don't fall in love again
Jung Won.
I'm sorry that I love you.
Enough, enough please.
This is Jung Won.
The one you have is Eun Gyu.
The two of them should not be apart. So, let them stick to each other everyday.
You must go to the seaside.
Eun Gyu and Jung Won.
Because I want to go with Jung Won to the seaside.
Don't go!
Why don't you grab a hold of her. Why?
Didn't you say without Eun Gyu, you can't live?
Didn't you say when you feel that there's no Eun Gyu, you can't continue to live?
Eun Gyu ah.
Eun Gyu has left.
Eun Gyu is leaving far away.
I... I was once suffering so much.
I am so hurt.
Jung Won. Jung won will call my name, right?
One step, just walk one more step.
At that time, you will really call my name, right?
One person standing on the same spot, again on the same spot.
Eun Gyu.
Is it really you Eun Gyu?
Are you really back Eun Gyu?
Jung Won.
Eun Gyu...
That... Nuna.
I have something to ask you. Why did you kidnap Pupu?
I'm jealous. I feel that you only like Pupu.
Thank you for coming back, Eun Gyu.
Thank you for grabbing hold of me, Jung Won.
Let us love each other.
But... who are you?
Pig... where has my piggy bank gone to?
Eun Gyu ah?
In the future, she will live happily with Eun Gyu.
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