The Tofurkey Project - KALKONRULLEN

Uploaded by VegetarianBerlin on 22.01.2012

Hi, my name is Olga and today
I'm going to show you how to make a vegetarian tofurkey
that will serve as a centerpiece
for our delicious holiday meal.
I have personally never eaten a meat turkey but i wanted my tofurkey to taste
like the real thing
so that it would go with cranberry sauce and gravy and all those other
traditional trimmings.
So, we are going to start by making the base for the tofurkey
using this tofu.
I'm going to use five blocks off firm tofu
and one block of silken tofu.
I have chosen to flavor my tofurkey with
a lot of these fresh herbs
and other things that are traditionally used to flavor poultry.
I have cut the tofu into cubes and now i'm adding the
parsley and thyme,
the rosemary
and the sage.
I'm adding some miso and quite a lot of fresh pepper
adding some poultry flavoring and some onion powder
So, I'm going to blend all this together.
Now i have blended the tofu and all the herbs and flavorings and you can see its quite
finely blended.
I am transfering this tofu and herb blend
into a colander dressed with a clean towel.
Smoothing this down on top and then wrapping it up.
Now i'm placing a plate on top and i'm putting a heavy
can there to weigh it down.
Our tofu is draining in the fridge and in the mean
time I'm going to show you how to make a really nice stuffing
you can of course use your own recipe
or you can buy stuffing in the store
but this one is really good and I really recommend you try it
For our stuffing we have some dried cranberries,
ten olives with pimento inside,
roasted cashews,
one sour green apple,
a loaf of french bread or a baguette,
three onions,
some fresh celery
some sage
some parsley
some vegetable stock,
I've made my own but you can use a stock cube if you want
and we have some fresh black pepper and poultry seasoning
Now I'm not going to cut these ingredients into little cubes, about a quarter inch maybe,
and then I'll meet you in the kitchen and we can start cooking.
Now we are in the kitchen and I'm going to show you how to make the stuffing.
I've cut up all the ingredients and I'm going to start by toasting
these bread cubes in the oven with some vegan butter
and the oven I've preheated to two hundred degrees Celsius.
While the bread is toasting in the oven
I'm melting some butter here in a pan.
The butter is frying and I'm adding the onions
and celery
and I'm gonna let it fry for about five to ten minutes until it's
soft and see through.
So the onions and celery are frying and I'm going to
take the bread out and add it.
It's important to toast the bread because otherwise you'll end up with a mushy stuffing.
I'm adding all the bread
Your pan will probably be pretty full at this stage but it will
shrink down a little bit while cooking.
Now I'm going to add the rest of the ingredients.
So I'm adding the chopped green apple,
and the olives.
Cranberries. You can also use raisins but I think cranberries are really
beautiful and they give the stuffing a nicer colour.
I'll stir this a little bit.
Now I'm adding chopped up parsley and sage
and some black pepper, quite a lot.
And then I'm going to add about a cup of stock
I'll stir that around a bit
I'm adding some poultry seasoning here
and now I'm going to turn the stove down quite low,
put on a lid and let it fry for about one hour.
Every 15 minutes or so I'll check on it, stir it a little bit
make sure it doesn't stick to the bottom
and I can also add some stock if it seems too dry.
Ok, so the tofu has been draining over night
We are going to unwrap it and see what it looks like.
It looks great.
Now we have this firm base to work with
I'm hollowing this out from the middle
to make a cavity where we are going to put the stuffing
and I'm leaving about two cm around the edge,
almost an inch.
So now we have it hollowed out and we are going to add the stuffing
As you can see I've made far too much stuffing
but i think it's really great because then we can just have a
plate of it on the side.
So now I'm going to add about half of this back.
I'm smoothing it out, covering the whole thing.
So, I've buttered this oven proof pan
and I'm going to try to transfer my turkey into it.
It will be a little bit tricky so I'm doing it like this
and I'm going to flip it upside down.
Cross your fingers!
Ok, it's a little bit crooked but I can just fix that.
I'm really happy with the way that this turned out.
Now we are going to move on to the next step which is
super fun!
I want my tofu turkey to have drumsticks and wings
and I'm going to show you how to make them.
I've carved these little bones
from a parsnip.
I have a wet towel here and I'm putting this parsnip bone inside.
Then I'm adding some of this tofu mixture
By using this wet towel I shape that into the drumstick shape.
Then I add it to the turkey.
So here we have our little tofurkey
and I'm going to brush it with this marinade.
The marinade consists of light miso
and some honey, some mustard, some sesame oil, some herbs
and some pepper.
Ok, so now the tofurkey is completely covered with marinade
and it's ready to go into the oven.
I'm going to let it bake for about one and a half hour.
and during the baking time I'm going to take it out every 15 minutes
to brush it with this marinade and also to brush it with butter.
I'm taking out the tofurkey and it's really nice and brown.
These are the bean curd sheets that I'm going to use for the turkey's skin
and before use I've soaked them for 10 minutes
so now they look like this.
I have a smaller piece of this bean sheet and I'm just dressing
the turkey with it like this,
getting under the wings, like that, pressing it down there.
And I have some smaller pieces here that I'm going to use to cover the drumsticks.
I'm also wrapping the wings with some extra sheet.
Now I'm going to add one final layer of marinade
before baking it in the oven again.
This last time I'm only going to bake it for about 15 minutes.
and then our tofurkey is done!
Here we have it, our amazing tofurkey!
With crispy skin, nice tofu body
and great stuffing inside.