Merdeka Part 1 of 8

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Tokyo Film Production Works
U.S is froze Japanese assets,
And oil embargo to Japan.
It economic sanctions was called ABCD siege.
(* America, Britain, China, Dutch)
Japan has declared war against America, Britain, Dutch, Australia.
March 1, 1942 - 12:00 a.m.
Dutch East Indies, Java Island
Don't stop!
Merdeka 17805
She said "I'm waited you"
Here, Java has a legend.
That is yellow people come from eastern,
And liberate people from distressed by white.
First Lt. Shimazaki, She is saying that is you!
Interpreter Yamada, Say.
We are same, asian race.
Western countries are oppressed colony about four century.
The purpose of war is liberate your.
We are brotherhood.
We will banish Dutch soldiers from here.
We will give freedom to you.
Landing operations are great success.
Our damage is slight.
Enemies are retreat to Fort Bandung.
Yesterday, suddenly dozens of tanks are challenged counterattack.
Our composite group with Air force are opposed this,
We give heavy damage to enemy tanks.
And, We pursuit enemy tanks, and approach Fort Bandung.
Our force is prepare for attack to Fort Bandung.
Now we have reached zero hour.
But, Fort Bandung is strong fortress.
And, ABDA is a force 50,000 strong.
(*ABDA is America, Britain, Dutch, Australia)
On the other hand, Our force 25,000 strong.
If decisive battle, we will have unavoidable heavy damage.
On this occasion, infiltrate into Fort Bandung,
And, call on commander to surrender.
Enemy forces are put to rout again and again.
So, They lose the will to fight.
We have advantage.
I think you can do it well.
I will go for it.
If succeed this, many soldiers aren't need die.
Takeo Shimazaki, Infiltrate to Fort Bandung,
Perform mission at the risk of one's life!
We can't necessarily get back alive.
I'm prepared for it. We will venture into the enemy's territory.
You don't feel terrible?
No, I feel terrible.
But, I'll go with hero on Java, it's honor to me.
Bandung likes my yard, Surely I'm useful for you.