Penn National Gaming

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At Penn National Gaming everyone is working towards creating the guest experience.
I’ve been able to make a career for myself at Penn National Gaming.
The good thing about Penn Gaming is I get to be me and that's creating a good time.
We are the most successful gaming company in America today.
It's a terrifically fun business with glitz and glamour.
This has to be one of the most exciting places to be.
We started as a Pennsylvania racetrack business.
Today we are based throughout the United States and Canada.
The gaming business is really about entertainment.
Our facilities offer, depending on where and what, all forms of gaming.
Thoroughbred racing, slots and table games.
Dealer has 6, 16, 21!
Also an array of outstanding restaurants, so it's the complete experience.
It’s an amazing corporation.
It's been very successful
and after 18 years I am excited to go in and do my job.
The people are very friendly.
Everybody makes you feel comfortable.
I've been with them for 14 years.
Working for a casino is a little different you get a little different feel of the clientele.
They are coming in to have fun, to game.
They want you to kind of treat them like a star.
We've got a lot of terrifically motivated people,
with just a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for what we do.
We are willing to make the investment in folks who bring that
kind of commitment and enthusiasm to our company.
We have structured training, whether it is red carpet training class,
talking about different ways to exceed the guests satisfaction.
They sent me to a couple of different properties,
you do a little training or whatever they have going on at the time.
I've got a whole different business feel now,
so I guess my next step will be moving into the
management side of the food and beverage.
It was an honor for me to be chosen as a shift manager .
It’s a good opportunity to move forward, fast.
I mean I’ve been here 9 years and I’ve already had four positions.
It’s been an incredible ride from going from table games
and moving up into a supervisorial role and then into training.
You can walk into this world in any role and really
get a bird’s eye view of a lot of different industries
and disciplines all wrapped into one and that has been very appealing to me.
Nobody has made smarter, better decisions than Penn.
If there is gaming happening anywhere in the United States
or even around the world, Penn is there and looking for opportunity.
It's been astounding, the growth.
The stability is great.
We are highly focused on being part of all the communities in which we operate.
And have a very aggressive program of outreach.
Giving back to someone else is a great opportunity.
It’s about living.
Anybody can work but if you can’t go to work and live
and have a good time then to me that is what it is about.
It's a good company to work for.
Looking forward to moving up and bettering yourself, come join the team.