Dark Horse Comics - Conan: Queen of The Black Coast pt. 1 of 6

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NARRATOR: Like a gilded pearl glittering against the cobalt
waters of the Western Ocean, a city of aristocracy, of
finance, of the rule of law, the justice system.
A city where great merchant villas adorning terraces high
in the hills looked down over grimy hovels [INAUDIBLE].
Crime-infested bazaars, where the abstract corruption of the
upper classes translates down to a knife lodged in the ribs
of a man dying in a dark alley.
Conan the Sumerian does not notice this divide.
The barbarian from the North is busy riding for his life.

TITO: What the--
for the love of Mitra!
Heave lads.
Get us moving now!
Now lads.
Get us out of here.
CONAN: Wait!
TITO: Who invited you aboard?
CONAN: Keep us moving.
Head for open water.
TITO: Ignore that order.
Stop rowing.
We're headed for Kush.
CONAN: Then so am I. Get moving.
TITO: Have you any silver to pay for passage, Barbarian?
CONAN: I pay with steel.
And I promise you, if you don't put distance between us
and those guardsmen on shore, I will drench this ship in
your blood, and that of your crew.
TITO: Heh.
You heard the swordsman, lads.
Get us clear of the harbor.
CONAN: You have my thanks, master stewardsman, I regret
to say, the fresh acquisition of new enemies--
the Messantia court guardsmen.
TITO: I must choose between your sword in defiance and
their crossbows for aiding in your escape.
I think instead that I'll simply choose the much
friendlier coasts of Kush, Barbarian.
CONAN: My name is Conan, and I am Sumerian.
TITO: I am Tito, master of the Argos.
And licensed trader on the Kush Argos sea road.
If I'm to be forced to abandon free access to the ports of
Argos, care to tell me just what your business was in
Messantia that inflamed the guardsmen so?
CONAN: I have nothing to conceal.
I came to Argos seeking employment, but with peace
currently in abundance, such work is scarce.
I admit I'm a man of humble upbringing.
So I'm prone to misunderstand the ways of the city dwellers.
And perhaps more than a few quarts of ale
have passed my lips.
You men must surely know the place--
The Bone in the Throat--
that inn down the old wharf road, with the twin redheads
working the ale taps.
CONAN: As I said, I am just a man.
So my head heavy with ale an my heart yearning for battle,
I had the misfortune to witness an officer in the
King's guard mistreating a young woman.
The sweetheart of a soldier, who had the greater misfortune
of being deeply in love with this girl, and who ran the
captain through, right in the middle of the tavern.
TITO: But Conan, surely you committed no crime in
witnessing this.
And surely you were not the only one
with eyes on the murder.
CONAN: No crime, but everyone else fled.
And I was the fool for staying to finish my drink.
More guardsmen appeared and I, as the sole remaining witness,
was hauled off to the clink, [VOMITING]
where I spent the night behind bars.
Come sunrise, I was furious.
Were I not sick as a dog, I would have cut a path out of
that hole of a prison.
Instead, I live in the hallway to the courts.
and perhaps this is just how city folk live-- but
apparently it's against the law to murder a
captain of the garden.
Where I come from in the North, you
avenge a woman's honor.
But I'm straying from the story.
They got it into their heads that I was friends with the
younger soldier.
And their repeated requests for information were starting
to edge my nerves.
The judge started in with a sermon on my duty to the state
and society.
I had just arrived in Argos the day before.
I was practically drooling at the sight of
my confiscated sword.
But I chocked my ire back and held my peace.
TITO: A stronger man than I.
CONAN: Until the judge ordered me sent back to the dungeons
for contempt of the court.
Clearly I was in a room of lunatics.
So I reacquired my sword, and split the judge's skull in two
like a melon.
CONAN: And that horse, stolen from the Chief Constable.
NARRATOR: The Sumerian, young in years though he may be,
possesses a rare quality of charisma.
And the crew of the Argos, having known him only minutes,
loved him like a comrade.

As a youth dreamed about Belit this Queen of the Black Coast
has gripped Conan's heart.