Вельвет - Прости / Velvet - Forgive Me (English subs)

Uploaded by ser841 on 18.01.2010

Step by step in the stillness...
And afterwards,
When everything is over,
Fatigue and peace only linger in my soul
Dreams are shattered,
Ash is on the battle field
And smoke streams through the weary words.
Laceworks, interwining in a black shadow,
Quietly whisper their prayers.
And all the bridges burn in fire
There are no survivors in my war.
Forgive me for every moment
Of the meaningless victories
Forgive me that I'm alive,
That I still remember you
Forgive me for that short journey
Please, wait, I beg you, don't go away
Stay with me a little bit more
The night beside me fades away quietly
In the helpless lights.
Emptiness comes to me,
And I follow it.
Closer to the edge
My painful memories are being erased
With tamed flame.
What the death is?
I don't know,
I know nothing,
I just see the light
And I want to burn away in it.
Let all the bridges burn down in fire
There are no survivors in my war.