Syria - Homs : Student Initiative to Express Gratitude to the Syrian National Army

Uploaded by TruthSyria on 03.04.2012

The students arranged an event to thank the Syrian National Army
A bus carried the participants to the military post
The students of "Qutaiba Ibn Musallam Al-Bahili" high school in the city of Homs just wanted to greet the Syrian Army soldiers who defended the population of the city against the terrorist groups.
Thank you for your sacrifices. Your blood always defended the Syrian soil. Because of your sacrifices, the next generations will live in peace and build great Syria.
Thanks to the army for restoring normal life in the city of Homs. May the God protect the army.
The army is defending our freedom.
The army saved us from the terrorists. The army defended our freedom.
It was a spontaneous initiative of the students. Roses and small gifts that the students bought with their pocket money
It was a letter from the heart to the Syrian soldiers; it was a sign of gratitude to the Syrian soldiers for the sacrifices they made defending Syria.
We are here to express our gratitude to the Syrian army that defended us against the terrorist groups. Because of the Syrian soldiers were are now safe. God bless the army.
The teacher: We owe you a great debt. What we did today is not enough to express our gratitude. You sacrifice your lives to protect us, no gift in the world is worth that. The Syrians owe you. God bless your. The soldier: Thank you! It is our duty.
The students and the teaching staff met the Syrian soldiers in the neighborhoods of "Baba Amr" and "Al-Inshaat". Some of them got emotional.
We owe you a great debt of gratitude. Nothing we do is worth the sacrifices you made. God bless the army. We thank you. You protected our homes and defended our honor.
The soldier: We will always protect this land with our blood. For Syria and for every child in Syria. We are proud to defend people like you. A women: Thank you! You are our saviors.
The reporter: It is a message of gratitude from the Syrian people to the Syrian army.
A message of respect for the Syrian army that sacrificed a lot to defend their land and keep them safe.