Instructional Design & Technology Graduate Program at WIU

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[Male Student]: Welcome to the Department of Instructional Design and Technology at Western Illinois University.
We are pleased you are considering our program for our graduate studies.
We are proud of our department
and we believe it is an excellent place for students
who are looking for a talented team of professors,
a diverse, flexible curriculum,
capable students, a nurturing University,
and a safe, supportive community.
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[Narrator]: The field of instructional design and technology is constantly changing.
The IDT department at Western Illinois University
recognizes this and has developed a graduate program
that is responsive to the needs of students
and is in tune with today's competitive labor market.
From the very first day of classes, our students will learn
concepts and practices that are relevant and proven.
Our program blends theory and practice in such a way
that students exit the program with the skills needed
to compete and thrive in today's instructional design environment.
[onscreen text]: Graduate Curriculm
[Narrator]: There is a wide variety of courses
available to graduate students in our department.
They include video development, graphics imaging,
multimedia development, visual literacy,
distance learning, and project management.
Students are also welcome to take courses
in other departments on campus, including:
curriculum and instruction; computer science;
sociology; and engineering technology.
[Narrator]: One of our department' strengths is our faculty.
Our faculty members are experienced instructional designers
and dedicated researchers.
They bring with them the expertise gained
through years of work experience in private industry
and the theoretical knowledge gained through study
at some our country's finest doctoral programs.
We believe you will find our faculty members to be helpful,
student centered, and current in their subfields.
[Male Student]: One of the things I really like about this program
is that the instructors are very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable.
[Female Student]: What is unique about this program is that the faculty members
work very closely with the graduate students.
[Male Student]: The thing I like best about this program is the faculty.
The faculty members are accessible.
It's easy to get in touch with them,
they're knowledgeable, they're helpful.
[Narrator]: The IDT department offers graduate students
two options for continuing their education.
The first is the traditional graduate program
leading to the master of science degree in IDT.
The second is a post baccalaureate certificate program.
Students pursuing a master's degree
are able to complete their studies three ways.
The first is as traditional residential students
on the Macomb campus.
The second: Students can complete the entire degree
online from anywhere in the world.
Finally, a combination of traditional on-campus
and online learning is also possible.
[Narrator]: Within the master's degree program
students can expect to develop their skills in the following content areas:
1: distance-learning applications in training and education;
2: multimedia applications in training and education;
3: instructional design evaluation;
4: Instructional software development;
and finally, 5: K-12 classroom technology integration.
[Narrator]: The second graduate-study option
is a 15-semester hour post baccalaureate certificate program.
This is ideal for students who are either are not able to commit
to a complete degree program
or simply need to take a few courses to pick up
an additional credential or to advance their careers.
Certificate students can focus their studies in the following areas:
1: Technology integration in education;
2: distance learning;
3: multimedia;
4: training development;
and 5: Graphic applications.
[onscreen text]: Graduate Curriculum
[Narrator]: We are proud to provide our students
some of the most advanced
instructional technologies of any university in the entire
Midwestern United States.
WIU has long been a national leader in distance learning,
and the department's two-way video
and satellite facilities link our department to the entire world.
Additional technological resources available to our students
include an advanced computer lab complex
with dual-boot Macintosh computers;
an interactive multimedia and CD-ROM production lab;
electronic classrooms;
video and audio production and editing facilities;
and fully equipped
photographic darkrooms and processing labs.
[onscreen text]: Exit Options
[Narrator]: Our graduate curriculum is unique
in that it offers students several exit options
at the end of the program.
A research tract is offered for students interested in conducting
original research and writing a traditional thesis.
This is especially attractive for students who may be interested
in pursuing their education further at the doctoral level.
A coursework option is also offered for students who are interested
in demonstrating their expertise via a project portfolio
completed as part of the coursework.
Finally, an applied project option is available to students
interested in completing a single, larger problem-based project.
[Narrator]: WIU's IDT graduates have gone on to assume exciting careers
in the United States and around the world.
They are found working as K-12 teachers;
community college and university professors;
instructional designers in schools and in private industry;
corporate trainers; webmasters, graphic artists;
and in countless other fields.
Our department provides students with the skills they need
to succeed and they are demonstrating it wherever they live and work.
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[Male Student]: We can talk all day about our dedicated,
knowledgeable faculty, our comprehensive curriculum,
our state-of-the-art facilities,
and the countless career opportunities available to our graduates.
But we think the best way to learn about our program
is to hear from some of our students,
as they tell about their experiences with our department
and their lives in Macomb. Here is what they have to say.
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[onscreen text]: Why did you choose this program?
[Male Student]: The reason I chose the IDT program is for the development tools.
I really wanted to learn tools like Dreamweaver,
Photoshop, and especially in the graduate program,
I wanted to learn things like Final Cut Pro.
They also have things like Lectora
CD-authoring programs, and things like that.
[Female Student]: I selected this program because it offers customized degree tracts.
When I study here in WIU,
I can focus on the area of interest.
And when I'm graduating, I can choose to do a portfolio,
applied project, or a thesis.
So no matter whichever instructional settings you would like to be
focused on, you will find your way.
[Female Student]: This program fit my academic need.
Before I came here, I had a close
look at course descriptions on their website.
And I found that the courses can prepare me
with conceptual and hands-on experience.
[Female Student]: I found out about the program from my adviser
in the art department.
I was interested in photography courses,
and so she suggested to me the IDT program.
[onscreen text]: What do you like best about the IDT program:
[Female Student]: What is unique about this program is that
the faculty members work very closely with the graduate students.
[Male Student]: I also really enjoy the program, for me, because
I use what I'm learning in the program directly into my job.
[Female Student]: I learned how to work on a real-world project and with real clients.
And also experience different learning-system deliveries,
from face-to-face to online classes.
[Female Student]: I just like that you're not limited
to just one area in a field that you can work
in K-12 or higher education
or the corporate setting, or even health care and military.
[Male Student]: The thing I like best about this program is the faculty.
The faculty members are accessible.
It's easy to get in touch with them,
they're knowledgeable, they're helpful.
[onscreen text]: What kind of support did you get from the Department?
[Female Student]: As an international student I feel like
I've got equal opportunity with the native students.
And our professors encourage us to present ourselves
and encourage us to go to participate a lot
on national and international conferences.
And those are really rewarding experiences for me, for my résumé.
[Female Student]: The faculty and staff at the department are very, very friendly.
So basically, I can give to them whatever questions I have.
Even before I came here,
they helped me a lot with my visa application.
After I arrived, they helped me to get adjusted to the American lifestyle
and to learn about American culture. It's a great experience.
[onscreen text]: How the undergraduate program prepares you for the graduate program
[Female Student]: All the web classes I took with Dr. Yoon,
I think, really prepared me in those areas of Flash animation
and the Dreamweaver web development.
[Male Student]: Going through the undergrad program
really prepared me for the graduate program.
I knew a lot about instructional design.
I was well equipped to start using the tools.
And it gave me a foundation
to take that next step forward in the graduate program.
[onscreen text]: Western Illinois University Presents
[Narrator]: Western Illinois University is located in the
west central Illinois town of Macomb.
Situated one hour east of the Mississippi River,
in the fertile agricultural lands of the Midwest,
Macomb is frequently described as a classic,
Midwestern college town.
Nearly 20,000 people live in the city of Macomb.
This figure, combined with the 11,000
students enrolled at WIU, creates a community large enough
to have the amenities of a city,
while still retaining its comfortable safe charm.
[Narrator]: It can take students who come from big cities
a little time to adjust
to the slower pace of life in Macomb,
but most students here come to appreciate
the quintessential collegiate experience
Macomb and WIU offers.
Western Illinois University enrolls over 11,000 students
on its main residential campus in Macomb
and 1,500 students on its commuter campus
75 miles north in Moline.
[Narrator]: WIU employs over 700 faculty members,
who are dedicated teachers and active researchers,
and who are eager to work closely with
graduate students on research projects.
[onscreen text]: Transportation
[Narrator]: Getting to and around Macomb is easy.
Twice daily Amtrak passenger rail service
links Macomb with Chicago and O'Hare International Airport.
Students find Amtrak a comfortable,
reliable, and affordable way to get to Chicago
and points beyond.
Transportation around Macomb is easy,
with the Go West bus system
that links the WIU campus
with the services offered in town.
Thirteen different bus routes criss-cross Macomb,
getting students to the grocery store,
post office, movie theater, or wherever they might need to go
Go West is so popular
that nearly 1.5 million rides were given in 2009.
The best part is: It's entirely free.
onscreen text]: Housing
[Narrator]: There are a wide variety of housing options available for graduate students.
International House, located near Horrabin Hall
and the IDT department,
welcomes students from around the world.
International House residents share a bathroom with three other students
and share a large kitchen and dining room
with the other 30 residents.
A very popular choice for international students
is the Lamoine Village, a university-owned apartment complex
located on the north edge of campus.
Lamoine Village apartments have their own kitchens and bathrooms
and come fully furnished,
so it is easy for international students to get settled quickly
and be independent
but live in a close-knit community near other graduate students,
both American and International.
Graduate students are also free to live
in a wide variety of privately-owned
apartment buildings and houses located off campus.
[onscreen text]: Free Time Activities
[Narrator]: Like at most American universities,
free-time activities for WIU students
revolve around school.
Students are encouraged to get involved in clubs,
professional organizations, and intramural sports.
Furthermore, all WIU students are admitted free of charge
to Western sporting events to cheer on the fighting Leathernecks
at every home game.
WIU's Center for International Studies
sponsors additional free-time activities
for students from other countries.
Whether you are interested in music,
theater, sports, or just meeting new people.
There's plenty to see and do around campus
and throughout the Macomb community.
[Narrator]: Thank you for watching this brief overview presentation
of the graduate program in IDT
and the Macomb community.
We hope you have found it informative and entertaining.
If you have any additional questions about our program,
please check out our website
at slash idt
or telephone us at 309-298-1952.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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