Making a Christmas Duck Recipe : Seasoning Tips for a Christmas Duck Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going to show you how
to roast a traditional Christmas duck with red currant jelly sauce. Now for my favorite
part of the game. It's the duck chapter. So we want to pull our duck open, assuming you
haven't already done this. And these are all the giblets, which are all the bits and pieces
they shove back inside the duck. It's the liver. It's the neck. It's a bunch of other
gooey stuff. We're going to kind of shake him out. Make sure there's nothing else inside
of him. This one actually has a little bit of blood still inside. Another reason I work
on a wooden cutting board is that the wooden cutting board helps soak up the blood. That's
another reason I tend to use a red towel a lot of the time. It's because it hides blood
stains. So, I use a green towel when I use vegetables. I use a red towel when I use meat.
So what we're going to do now is we're going to take our salt and our pepper, and we're
going to season our little ducky all over. And it would be really difficult to over-season
this duck, because so much of this is just going to fall right off either in the pan,
or in the oven, or during the next step when I actually dress him up. So once you get the
seasoning on there, just kind of pat it on. Kind of help make sure it sticks. We're going
to flip him over. And also, you want to check your duck for feathers just in case they missed
a couple at the butcher shop or wherever you procure your duck from. All right. So our
duck is seasoned up. Now comes the fun part. We're going flip him over, and we're going
to stuff onions inside of our duck. I'm sure the duck wouldn't enjoy this were he still
amongst the living. And we want to really, pretty much, pack these onions up inside of
him, as much as you can get in there, realistically. We don't want to have a whole bunch of onions
just hanging out the end. You know, I cut a whole onion, and I'll probably get about
90, 95 percent of it up in here. So there you go. And then we'll take this little piece
of tail right here and it will flip over like this. In a second, we're going to tie him
up. So, that's our duck.