AVG Internet Security 2011 - Teste Preventivo (Preventive Test)

Uploaded by victorh2007 on 04.10.2010

Hello everybody!
Today we are going to test AVG Internet Security 2011
I've already done the previous installation of this security suite
I kept the default settings
That is the way it came from the factory
Nothing has been changed
I just updated database signatures
Update completed successfully
What is the main differences among this suite and antivirus free version?
AVG Protective Cloud Technology
It does a behavioral analysis and checks the Internet to identify new threats. This is New!
AVG Online Shield checks files before you download them and ensures online chat links are safe
This option is only available in paid versions of the product and not the free version. I am here correcting information that I had given in the previous test I did
Well, everything is enabled as you can see
Let's now check computer's resources usage
All of these 12 process running here are from AVG Internet Security
It uses about 65 - 70 MB of RAM memory
It is a very high memory usage even for security suite
Here I have many malicious links and let's start testing
This safety bar was installed by AVG
This first link was detected as a Trojan Horse
Second one was also detected
This was blocked and let's move it to the vault
AVG recommends that the computer has to be rebooted now, but I will restart later at the end of the test
This is the AVG's Firewall asking for permission
As I always do to test other functions
Oh, It was caught
Let's move it to the vault
In this situation I always allow access as this is the action recommended by AVG
Let's reboot later
See: "Allow" - "Recommended"
Let's go ahead
This was blocked
And it also was detected by the AVG Surf Shield
This was also blocked
It seems this "it doesn't work"
This is AVG's Firewall
As you can see the computer was infected with a Rogue software, a fake AV that has a message similar to the sound of Avast
I will have to kill some malicious services to be able to continue the test
This was detected and let's move it to the vault
This is a fake antivirus alert
This was detected and let's move it to the vault
This is a false security device from a Brazilian bank
And it was detect
No, I am wrong. That is a fake alert from one of the rogue softwares installed on this machine
That is the fake security device trying to communicate with the Internet
This is totally false
And let's go to the last link
That is the rogue software Intelinet
It seems was detected and removed to the vault
This fake security alert was also not detected by the AVG Antivirus Free version
Well, I will restart computer now following AVG recommendation
And I will return with the AVG's scanning process
Just after computer restarts
AVG reports that found a rogue software
Antivirus Studio 2010, a fake antivirus
Let's move it to the vault
Besides three processes were ended
One process terminated
Six files were removed
Three more here
More four files removed
And two registry keys deleted
Well, I will start now a full scan of this computer with AVG
I will return at the end with the results
At the end of the test one infected file was found
That was mode to the vault, a Trojan-Horse
And many alerts of corrupted files that were moved to the vault
I will now run CCleaner and I will return with Malwarebytes's analisys results
At the end of Malwarebytes scanning process
38 infected objects were found
That rogue software Intelinet
Rogue softwares Studio 2010 and Studio
Rogue SpyCleaner
And the Trojan DNS.Changer
Let's remove all of them
I will now restart the computer and I will return with results from Hitman's Pro and Norton Power Eraser
At the end of Hitman Pro analysis
Nothing was also found
And the Norton Power Eraser
It found this file at computer startup that has to do with this fake security device that is still installed on this machine
Well, my verdict about AVG Internet Security 2011
It has a high memory RAM usage combined with many active processes
12 processes
Low detection of rogue softwares, at least five of them got through AVG's barrier and were installed on this machine and also a Trojan
Well my friends, that is all for today
Let your comments, suggestions and visit my blog: seumicroseguro.com
I will see you!