A Faith that trancends religion

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bjbj 5V$" A Faith That Transcends Religion The goal of our church the establishment of
paradise on earth, a world free from disease, poverty and conflict probably sounds to most
people like a daydream, the idle fancy of fools. It is true that Jesus said, The kingdom
of heaven is at hand, but he did not say, I am going to establish the kingdom of heaven.
Shakyamuni Buddha said, The world of Maitreya (an ideal world) will be realized alter the
end of Buddhism, but he did not say that it was imminent. He said instead that it would
be 5 billion, 670 million years an astronomical figure that is virtually beyond imagination
before this would come to pass. Members of the Jewish faith are praying for the advent
of their Messiah, but they do not know when he may appear. There is an old legend in India
which prophesies the coming of a savior who will change the world into a better one. There
are a number of religious organizations in Japan whose founders prophesied the coming
of a world of everlasting peace, happiness and prosperity. We must give considerable
thought to the fact that none of these named the time of realization. While we know that
each prophecy served its particular purpose very well, not one of the religions involved
made any declaration about bringing the perfect world into realization, or offered plans for
its materialization. We must understand that this was because the time was premature. Many
of today s religions have been set up on the basis of the teachings and acts of the prophets
named. Each religion has its own doctrines, forms and methods, established and advocated
by its founder according to the characteristics of the race and country in which it started.
Every religion has always carried out its work under the Will of the Supreme God, adopting
the means necessary and suitable for the current age, region, race. traditions and customs.
We owe a great deal to these religions for the magnificent civilization of today s world.
Had there not been some kind of faith in each country, the world would have been badly ravaged
by the power of dark forces; it might well have been utterly destroyed by now. When we
consider these possible realities, we cannot esteem too highly the merits of the spiritual
leaders and saints who have appeared throughout the ages. It is true that the tremendous impact
of existent religions has thus far prevented the world from being destroyed. However, it
is questionable whether their power can continue to be effective in this way in the present
perilous age, or in the ages to come. Think of how much people are suffering in misery
and hell-like agony! In viewing the current situation, in which the power of these religions
is not strong enough to save them from their agony, we can easily understand that it must
be very difficult to help all the world to take any great strides toward a heaven-like
state. This is clearly seen when we consider the fact that only a limited number of nations
are able to enjoy the blessings of the brilliantly advanced material civilization of today. The
anguish and suffering mankind faces now stems from the fact that the world is lacking in
the spirit of harmony, that too many sacrifices are being made through conflicts. As people
observe the world in its present condition. I believe those who are thinking individuals
cannot but realize that a powerful Light must appear to dispel the utter darkness, and that
the time of its coming should be now; that is, the power of salvation of a faith which
transcends religion should be looked for now. In this sense, we are convinced that we have
the mission assigned by God to work as a spiritual group which transcends religion itself. Amazing
results are being experienced as we are putting our faith into action. July 20, 1949 PAGE
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