Daily Workout Plan - Daily Workout Plan to Lose Weight

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Daily Workout Plan - Daily Workout Plan to Lose Weight.
What is your daily workout plan? Don’t have one? Perhaps you should! Why you ask?
Well, if you are like most Americans you are probably a little overweight, or even very
overweight, resulting in possible health issues you may be facing or will be facing in the
near future! Having a daily workout plan is necessary to
stay fit and lean. Keep in mind, as I am sure you already now
this, but by not being lean, but overweight, your chances of acquiring diabetes, high blood
pressure and heart problems dramatically increase! Plan on doing something physical every day
to the point it becomes a habit! Pick up a sport or hobby that requires vigorous
movement and challenges your body. If you can stick with this daily activity
for at least 30 days there is a very high likelihood of you sticking with it for the
very long term! Here’s what I do for my daily workout plan
as an example: Every day, seven days a week I get up at 6
a.m.; drink a couple cups of coffee, than at 7 a.m. I hit the trail walking for one
hour at a fast pace. When I get home at 8 a.m. I shower and then
I am off to work. Two days of the week I hit the gym for my
quick 20 to 25 minute weight training workout; and I do this on the same two days of the
week, every week – thus it becomes a habit! I do this short workout at lunch time on Mondays
and Thursdays. By keeping to my daily workout plan I stay
in great shape, keep very lean and have the benefits only physical exercise can bring.
If you are not interested in walking and lifting weights perhaps you could play basketball
daily, or go swim laps, or better yet take a yoga class near your office.
Just get out there and move every day without fail for one hour... and it will become a
very healthy habit! Thanks for watching our video: Daily Workout
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