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income protection insurance
really and truthfully is one of the most important insurance products available
the reason being is
if you're in the workforce and something happens to you through an accident or
and your income stops, how are you going to pay all your liabilities?
and this is where it's been designed and it'll play up to seventy five
percent of your salary
and what it does, it keeps the wolves away from the door
it'll never replace a hundred percent of your wages the simple reason that you have no excuse to
try get back to work if that was the case
but to give you an example with income protection
did you know that for every home lost through fire
four homes are lost through death
and forty eight homes are lost through disablement
dramatic dramatic figures
would you want to be one of them?
all for the sake of a few dollars a week you can cover yourself for this
As I say
this to me really is the most important thing because
if you haven't got incomes
you can't survive, you lose everything
the problem is todday
young couples when they buy a home, want the best
and most mortgages for young couples
are relying on two incomes
I say to them, what happen if one of you can't work for 3 or 4 months?
"oh it won't happen to us" - that's the general attitude to most
as an example one of my mate's sons
got married
and they wanted the best - their mortgage was three thousand dollars a
and had to be funded by
him and his wife
and I said to them, you need this income protection because if something happens then how're you
going to pay?
and they don't really think about it because as i said earlier
"it won't happen to me" is the general thing
well me down the aisle story
something did happen
and he was off work for six months he broke his leg
and at least
there was enough to coming to play the the mortgage because the wife was
still working
and the guy, he had enough to pay his share of the mortgage- they didn't
lose their home
because the problem is
with liabilities if you can't pay 'em with the mortgage
they'll come in and take it away from you.
got any questions you'd like to ask well, the simplest way is to contact me
and I will talk to you and
spend some time
look after you
and if you call today and you're already insured
and if we can't beat your premium I'll give you a hundred dollars cash
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