Bob Larson vs. Mayhem's Necrobutcher ! (30min Exorcism Documentary w/Eng Sub !)

Uploaded by 90norseman on 01.11.2011

Satan. Beelzebub. Lucifer.
The Devil has many names .
And never before, has there been as many exorcist as there is now.
The biggest of them all is Norwegian, living in America.
His name is Bob Larson.
I believe this whole tv station will agree, that this will be a devilish experience.
Come on.
I'm going to find him now.
Now I'll have to be polite.
I've always been polite, tho. I'll just have to remember to call him reverend.
There he is.
Rev. Bob Larson's grandfather lived in the capital when he got his permit to leave for America.
There's a bear !
There's a bear !
There is a bear on the side of the road! Bring the camera.
I saw a big bear.
You scary bear! Although, we didn't travel all this way to look at bears.
We're on the lookout for the beast itself.
We'll just have to travel trough the great outdoors to get there.
Fortunatly I'm a good christian, so I have a good releationship with the devil.
The devil should keep his distanse.
He knows not to fuck with my confidence.
We'll see... There might be a devil inside me aswell.
We arrive. This place is know for 3 things.
Wayne Gretzky. Maybe the worlds best hockey player ever.
Small, fast and fucking awfull getting smashed into your kidneys.
North Americas biggest mall.
Whick includes a pirate ship, swimming pools and rollercoasters.
Aswell as their very own dinosaur.
We're here. This is where Bob has an exorcism seminar.
This is the first time I'll join an exorcism. Lets go.
This looks like a paper hat conference.
That's a bargain!
This is quite the business.
I hear there has never been as many exorcist as there is now.
Maybe that's becouse there's so much bad happening in the world just now.
Few can claim to more bad behavior than Satan.
Johannes Paul started using the Ritual of Roman once again.
A ritual used to excise demons, lastly used during the inquisition.
And people say that sermons are boring...
Ive been to the North Pole and Graceland, but I've never seen anything like this.
We're crossing the continent. From Canada to Arizona.
Going to see Bob Larson.
We have seen what he's capable of.
But we'll set him up to meet a Norwegian he might see as a challange.
Maybe you'll recognize the worlds biggest Black Metal band. Mayhem.
This is the bass, Jørn Stubberud aka. Necrobutcher.
This might end up being the most spectacular exorcism, ever!
Clash of the titans. And they're both Norwegians! I can't wait!
As expected, Pheonix is hot as hell.
I arrive a few hours before Jørn, whose flying in from Germany a little later.
Jørn will be arriving shortly.
Then we'll get the devil out of him, and it's going to be great!
We arrive at Bob's office. There is another TV crew present.
Another crew arrives! This time from a big TV station.
They're planning a reality show about Bob.
I will find out what their up to. But now I have to go pick up Jørn.
Necrobutcher. Maybe the coolest stage name in the world.
Jørn is ready to face Bob.
He knows very little of what awaits him.
He'll try to find the devil inside you.
You have some symbols he might not agree with.
That may be.
He's pretty brutal.
I think he'll be embarrassed when he realizes who he's up against. He's met his match.
He'll try to find your evil powers. You might start puking. You might even be puking knifes and forkes!
You think I might shit myself aswell?
Maybe you'll get violent. How do you think you'll react to this?
If this has another turnout than I'm expecting...
I'll go home and send in the lottery ticket, to put it like that.
First thing we'll do is to head out to the desert. We have alot of papers to fill out.
It looks like it's closed today...
Maybe they are having lunch...
To bad it's closed... Now we'll have to go and fill out the forms. It's a little hot aswell...
That's better!
Maybe you're mother were suffering from trauma during the pregnancy...
This is the exorcism papers... Bob need to know as much as possible about Jørn's psych.
Are you struggling to recieving love?

I'll just take a quick little swin.
After a couple of hours of questions, the meeting is coming up.
New people have arrived when I bring the freshly bathed Necrobutcher inside.
Just wait here and I'll go and get Bob.
There's tv crews... Bodyguards... I wonder what they all think of this...
That was intense. There were no physical reaction, was there Jørn? You promised me I would start puking knifes and forkes!
One last thing... There's a big announcement in the conferance hall.
On stage is Bob's doughter and her friends.
I guess they'll do their thing and me and Jørn will do our thing.
I'm outta here!